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Online Marketing and Community Manager - Full Time, Remote

Posted by Max Zab

Required skills

WhalesHeaven — is a young Estonian startup in cryptocurrency space. Our main product is a noncustodial exchange platform where users swap their cryptocurrency between different blockchains. We are looking to expand our team with people passionate about marketing and community buildings. This position is responsible for identifying product fit opportunities by researching online demands, acquiring new users and communicating with existing project supporters.
Key Accountabilities:
Establish and maintain relationship with project’s community through social media channels
Meet established marketing targets
Identify prospective market fit opportunities
Provide regular status updates to team members
Prepare reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing information
Skills and Qualifications:
High energy level and creativity
Passionate and positive, can-do attitude
Strong verbal and written communication skills
Hungry for marketing
If you are excited by the challenge and fast paced work, send us your resume at Please provide a brief analyses of our current marketing channels and your plan to improve our customer exposure. 


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Social Media Manager

Posted by Jachym K.

Required skills

We are a boutique, digital marketing agency focused on clients situated in the cryptocurrency/blockchain landscape. We serve clients from all around the world and currently the whole team works remote only. We are looking for open-minded, knowledgeable individuals that are seeking remote-first work and can think independently.
Create brief, engaging graphic content and copy across major social channels (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) for our clients
Create on-brand, visually appealing graphics that complement social copy and broader strategy 
Work closely with the team to ensure that the organic social strategy aligns with active paid campaigns as well as other channels’ campaigns 
Report on social insights and media analytics to internal teams on a regular basis to inform business decisions to maximize growth and user acquisition 
Manage and run multiple social campaigns within broader co-marketing efforts, while staying within schedule and budget and achieving high-quality output Implement leading social martech solutions to maximize the impact of campaigns 
Use social media publishing & analytics tools to publish content (e.g. Later)
Proven track record managing social media pages for high-growth brands 
Understanding and knowledge of current social media trends
Social media experimentation and strategy background 
Existing blockchain and DeFi knowledge 
Strong writing skills 
Content calendar development experience


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Affiliate Marketer

Posted by Alan Hu

Required skills

We are looking for serious affiliate marketer to help us promote our product.
You can review and our product here ( 
Our product genuine product aimed for the benfit of our customers and to help them achieve their goals.
As an affiliate you will be earning 430$ per customer, or you can enroll in our program where will guide you and provide you with the informations to make it a full time job and earn even more.


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Growth Marketer

Posted by PECULIUM

Required skills

This role will be the key player in driving the growth of our new products' userbase, utilizing a variety of digital marketing strategies available to achieve this goal.
This might include planning and executing creative marketing campaigns, customer segmentation for tailor-made outreach, developing customer reward strategies, tweaking the value proposition/go-to-market strategy, partnering with other internal products and external parties to offer exciting incentives to use our platforms.
You will also work closely with the Product and Operations teams to offer suggestions for improving the product to ensure its rapid growth.


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Online Community manager / Brand ambassador

Posted by thomas fisher

Required skills

A unique opportunity has arisen to be a part of a new Dex exchange project. The token for the project MNWD has already been released and listed on Pancakeswap.
We are seeking individuals who can help the projectgain more exposure through social media and there own personal networks.
So far the project has been a great success, as more exposure is gained in the crypto space.
Now the project is beginning to gain traction, with the token MNWD increasing in value 75% today alone, the developers are seeking online community managers to help increase online presence and exposure.
Due to the technology behind the project,the potential is far greater than recent success stories such as Shibu Inu, and SafeMoon. All that is now needed is for the projected to be put in the publics eye to gain more traction.
Those involved in the early stages will see the highest rewards as the Token is going through a period of rapd growth as more and more of the crypto world are made aware of its long term potential.
Motivated individuals are required to introduce the project and the token to individuals through various channels such as social media and word of mouth.
There is opportunity for progression for the right individuals.
For further details please feel free to reach out.


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Advertising for a crypto project

Posted by Minato Kitagawa

Required skills

We are looking for talented advertisers for our newly launched crypto token. It doesn't matter if you are expert in Google Ads, Tik Tok Ads, Facebook Ads, Reddit, Social Media Management etc. We are looking for anyone who can shoot our project to the top!
We are not a finance product, but a smart contract token based on price appreciation. Our development team is working on the further development every day.
Please share your experience with us as well on which projects you have been involved.


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Telegram user reach (Promotion for Group and Channel Admins)

Posted by Flo B

Required skills

We are looking for owners and admins of finance-related Telegram groups or channels open for partnership with a cryptocurrency exchange.
0% fee trading for personal account.
free gift codes provided to share with your followers, redeemable for crypto, e.g 100x $10.


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