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Posted by Matchpool

Required skills

We are seeking a qualified QA tester with experience in the crypto realms. This person needs 3+ years of experience.
Skills and Experience Required:
•Blockchain and crypto experience
•Proven experience as a QA Tester
•Understanding of user personas
•Ability to execute thorough front-end functionality testing
•Back-end and web API testing capabilities
•Ability to document and troubleshoot errors
•Self-motivated with strong team and interpersonal skills to work with developers, designers and product managers
• Develop test cases and execute manual testing
•Create logs to document testing phases and defects
•Define, record and report bugs and other site errors
•Assist in troubleshooting
•Work with team members to ensure quality throughout the development lifecycle, including pre-release and post-release
•Help drive testing at all stages of the project, including functional testing, integration testing, and production release validation.


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