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Fix the problem of day/night mode on my website

Posted by HilAno Faucet

Required skills

Firstly you need to know that this is a really easy work while my all things are already ready. 
Day/Night mode in my website is not working properly. When i try to change it to night mode, it is working normally and turning to dark mode. But in the dark mode if i try to turn back to day mode(light), it is not really working properly. Just it is getting fixed when i refreshed the page. You can see in the video about my problem (you can see the problem at the end of the video which i will send) = This is the problem of home page in my website 
There is Same problem in my website’s dashboard after logged in too. But this time, the problem is: you can’t turn back to day mode after u took it to night mode in the dashboard. Just it is getting fixed after u refreshed the page. Shortly: My files are ready but it has just a small problem. You will need some css and js knowledge and also i want my website smooth after you have done it, please don’t do anything which can slow down my website. 


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