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Intercept request of an android app

Hello, can you intercept request of an android application which have root detection and ssl pinning? This is the app:

Building VPN based on V2 Ray for Android and IOS Client

I'm seeking an experienced developer to create a robust VPN application featuring the V2Ray protocol for both iOS and Android platforms.You can use similar programs like Foxray iOS app or V2RayNg android app. The app must...

Flutter Persian (Jalali) Calendar Conversion for a Project

I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out to request your assistance with a project called "Cashew," which is hosted on GitHub: Cashew is a fantastic project, but it currently uses...

App publishers

Hello, i have anapp to publish, and i need an app publishers to publishmy app if you have an account to publishmyapp sendme your console link and message me in the request