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$20 paid freelancer survey with

Posted by

Required skills

We are - a young startup developing an accounting solution for digital assets. Our mission is to further drive blockchain adoption among freelancers and businesses. 
As we are currently developing the product’s features, we would love to get your honest feedback to further tailor our solution to your individual needs in a 15-30 minutes call. You will receive $20 USD in ETH as well as free access at launch of our software. 
It is crucial that you have experience in holding multiple crypto-currencies and getting paid in crypto-currencies.
We would love to hear back from you!


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I need flashloan arbitrage bot

Posted by Lazar Plavsic

Required skills

My previous dev was passed away because of COVID. he was developing the flashloan arbitrage bot. It is completed almost, but i need to add interface to the bot. Please send me message if you have experienced. Thank you
here you can check the project. and it is completed 90%.


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Developer, Team crypto monney-

Posted by ORION

Required skills

ORION is the first underwater botanic garden combining biology, art and the development of the local economy. By fitting in the ocean structures produced thanks to the 3D printer, this project will allow the development of a new life unit, constituting the first scientific laboratory devoted to the marine fauna and flora development for link this project to the digital.
i would likeDevelop a CRYPTO MONNEY to finance et preserve the Ocean, and to finance the project.
Develop aCRYPTO MONNEY to people
Develop the NFT link with the Art and manage to allocate small nft to replant corail .


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