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I need a go ethereum expert

Posted by blue host

Required skills

Hello every one.
I need a go ethereum expert.
I need to know how the transactions in the mempool will affect the state when mined.
Does anyone know of any tools to help with this? Is is possible by chaing go ethereum source code? or should I use another tool? I want to get simulation result as tenderly. 
please insert following text.
" I am a tenderly expert"


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Copy-trading bot for BSC(Pancakeswap)

Posted by starsbloc

Required skills

Hi, I need a "copy trading" bot for bsc (pancakeswap).
wallet1 - copy trading source
wallet2- my wallet
- Enter the wallet address and the robot will copy all the transactions made by the owner of the wallet (wallet1) from the moment the robot is started.
- The possibility to sell the purchased token immediately after wallet1 sells it or to sell it manually when I want.
- auto approve token immediately after purchase
- settings such as purchase amount, slippage and gas.
- the working currency of the robot should be BNB
- the robot should be in .exe format easy to run on windows.


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Crypto wallet Clone app

Posted by Baaharz Company

Required skills

We are company enterprises and we are in need of expert and trustworthy developer to create creating applications with a multi-currency wallet similar to Trust wallet by clone the trust wallet for both Android and iOS version and we need this project 7 days max happy to hear from you and note out budget is fixed but after done we can give you tips. Thanks


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Fork Uniswap OR Pancake OR Sushiswap

Posted by Man Omann

Required skills

Hi all,
I would like a fork of Uniswap OR Pancake OR Sushiswap with some changes and dex token. This will be a permissionless AMM with farms where users can earn yield. I can provide required assets, token name, symbol and other information.
If this project works well we'll have many more collaboations soon after.
Looking forward to hearing from you


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Develop BEP-20 token and smart contract

Posted by John Laverence

Required skills

I am looking for a specialist to develop a token, which also need to develop a White Paper, for a fee if possible - the website.
After that, it is necessary to develop a smart contract and test it all in testnet.
And also, to bring the case to the main network, so that all work without any problems.
Details and requirements will be sent personally.


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Build NFT Marketplace and Community Connection via Bubble.IO

Posted by Parabolic Admin

Required skills

We are seeking a skilled blockchain/solidity developer who is familiar with the, "no code", platform to help us create an NFT marketplace that acts as a token gating mechanism into our existing social community application. This job has the following requirements:
General web development skills.
Ability to write and deploy Solidity contracts for both NFT (721 and 1155) and fungible tokens on the Ethereum Mainnet.
Knowledge of the platform and how to quickly structure and build workflows within the framework.
Knowledge of Zapier. (Required for integrating marketplace with our current community iOS and Android app.)
Familiarity with the Charged Particles NFT protocol preferred.
Begin work immediately.
Details of this opportunity will be shared individually with the right applicant.


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Blockchain Development

Posted by _khwv

Required skills

Am a senior developer with several years of experience in web & blockchain full stack development.
I am familiar with PHP/Laravel/Cl/Node.js/React.js/Angular.js/Solidity/Truffle/Hardhat/Web3.js/Ether.js/Rust, Open Zeppelin, GraphQL, Several Blockchain APIs
And had experiences with smart contract, several types of token (ERC20, ERC721,ERC1155) deployment, building new crypto wallet, Auto trading Bot / Spinning Bot( Front-run, Arbitrage), DEX Fork, Defi platform for Staking/Yield farm/Lending and borrowing system/ NFT Marketplace/ Crypto Game (play to earn) in several blockchain like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Matic, Polygon, Cardano, Fantom and Solana.
So many interests in website design and development


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