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Web3 Marketing

I want merchants, social media content creators, nft launchers or anyone who wants to accept crypto payments registered to our website with my referral code. Project: A payment link for merchants to create and receive...

Repeater of Transactions in Ethereum Network

We are looking for a freelancer to help us create a program that will monitor a specific address in real time and replicate transactions containing a specific "event" on the Ethereum network. The main goal...

Dapp update with bug fix and completion

We are new company which want to make our own cryto project as first ranking in the crypto world. We will launch our own appasap but it still has got some bugs and also needs...

Trading Bot

Your primary focus will be to identify and capture profitable arbitrage opportunity by monitoring blockchain transactions and executing trades in real-time

Fork indexer and onepage frontend using react, tailwind

In direct. Using react, ethers, axios, tailwind, wagmi ( and rainbowkit (

Building a Custodial crypto wallet

We are building a non custodial crypto wallet using account abstraction. Since AA allows for transaction batching we are also building a complementary marketplace for devs to deploy their strategies (1click automations) so that a...

create an nft mining website

i need a developer who can help me with my project send me your offers and i will get back to for moreinfo about my project!!!

Create a Beefy fork

I need a dev web3 front end developer to create a beefy fork. Work will be to add new network on the fork and implement the pool.

Smart Contract Update (Solidity)

The budget for this is $180. If it is not acceptable to you,do not proceed further. I want to make changes to the attached experimental smart contract I am creating. Here are my proposed updates:...

Create a web platform for voting with blockchain recording

Creation of a web platform for managing online elections with blockchain recording. Characteristics: Service presentation frontend with explanation pages and graphics. Area reserved for voting. Reserved area for administrators with candidacy management. Attributes and features...

Smart Contract Program for Ethereum BlockChain

Need a smart contract that pays reflections on the ethereum blockchain. This contract doesn't need written from scratch. You can use an MIT open source contract and add code to it. I'll run the solidity...

ERC721,1155 Smart contract developer is needed

We need a smart contract developer to develop a contract - Contract should be Upgradeable - Allows multiple NFT's (ERC1155) to be locked against another NFT (ERC721). - When locking the ERC1155 it should have...