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Web Developer

Job Description:
We are looking for a talented web developer to join our dynamic team and work on an exciting project. As a full-stack web developer, you will be responsible for designing and developing modern and intuitive web applications that meet the needs of our users. We believe that our project has enormous potential to change the way people interact with our industry, and we need a talented web developer to help us achieve our ambitious goals.
⦁ Design and develop modern and intuitive web applications.
⦁ Work closely with team members to understand user needs and provide innovative solutions.
⦁ Evaluate application security and ensure that solutions are resistant to potential attacks.
⦁ Perform testing and quality checks to ensure that applications are reliable and performant.
⦁ In-depth knowledge of several programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, etc.
⦁ Work experience with frameworks such as React, Angular, Django, Rails, etc.
⦁ Understanding of fundamental principles of web security.
⦁ Passion for modern web technologies and innovation.
⦁ Compensation for this position will be in tokens of our company.
⦁ You will have the opportunity to work on a revolutionary project with enormous potential for growth and success.
If you are ready to take on the challenge of changing the world of cryptocurrency, please send your CV to [contact email address].
Note: Our company is about to launch the pre-seed sale and we will offer token-based compensation for employees who believe in our project and are willing to take risks for a potentially high return on your time's investment. We are aware that this job offer is not for everyone, but if you are a passionate and ambitious Web Developer, we would love to hear from you.

Migrating an existing Web3 game APK to be Web-based

We are looking for a web game developer to help us create a web version of an existing Android game that we have made. 
Zero Sum Gambit is a hyper casual game platform, and we aim to bring the essence and the fun of arcade to the world of Web3.
All UI/UX, graphics and related visual material are ready-made, including the architecture of the game as well as the interaction system.
We just need a developer to "migrate" the existing game APK to web.
Game prototype APK upon request 

C++ coding Hello. I have a base project and I need to everything required in the document. I can give you my pre made engine on VISUAL STUDIOS 2022. It is in C++. You need to add everything required in the document

Mobile app development

I'm a professional Mobile app developer with many years of experience.
I can handle any kind of mobile app, web app, and blockchain.
I'm ready to handle your project for you and make sure I deliver before deadline.
Kindly contact me for proper discussion.

P2E utility game

Hello, we are the team behind a cryptocurrency coin that has been out for a while now. We are looking to add a basic P2E Unity game that can be played in the browser. You basically have complete creative freedom in terms of what type of game you want to build. We just need to make sure it is in line with our brand/theme. For example, it could be something as simple as a Temple Run clone, where we airdrop tokens to the weekly high scorer, a Flappy Bird clone, or something more complex. Please let me know in your application what your idea is for the game you'd like to develop for our ecosystem. Just so that we know you read through the entire application, please mention your favorite cryptocurrency in your application. Please also attach any examples of relevant work. 

Website Developer

I need a junior full stack developer or a full stack developer.
I want to build new website.
I think we can discuss in more details.
I want your help.
Thank you.