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Upgraded DEX platform

We currently have a basic DEX ( we would like a new dex built which is more like dextools, easy token searching, multichain, rankings but very clean looking and to the style of the existing platform.
Ideally we would also like the completed code so the person creating this can work to continue development with our existing team.

Chat GPT bot

We would like someone to build an AI bot model for everything about Shiba Inu and the Shibareum blockchain. 
It must:
Answer basic questions with sentiment of someone invested
Be able to retrieve token information about the price, supply and general info from dexscreener and cmc
must be able to answer complex questions about shiba inu

Crypto Buy Bot for Telegram to compete with Buy Tech bot

Buy bot for Crypto multichain
same features
Must support all major chains (eth, bsc, etc)
Emoji selection (bonus if you can use custom stickers)
Price, token, eth address, holders, market cap, volume and other options with setting to select which ones you want to present and not present.
Option around adding chart (dextools, dexscreener etc)
Option around buying (uniswap, 1inch, flooz etc)
option to add website, telegram link, twitter
Change the Ranking channel like Eth trending which shows which tokens are hot, but split in 3 ways.
- One on trending from buy counts or whats hot
- One on volume
- Watchlist which is paid top 10
- Gifs and videos included in bot section
Bot payments
Must have trending slot available where they can select amount of time to trend and send the tx confirming payment.
system much look the tx up for payment, once payment confirmed add to the trending slot.

dApp Development for predictions game

We're looking for a developer who can build a predictions games for our ERC20 token, its to be used with our All In token.