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Full stack developer

Posted by daniel

Required skills

Looking for a full stack developer to join our team. You'll work on the projects we're developing in the iGaming/Entertainment area, where the features you work on will be used by thousands of users.
You should know very well:
- JavaScript
- NodeJS
- Vue.js
- Express
- MongoDB
- PostreSQL
- git
Knowing these is a plus:
- command line
- Linux
- Steam
We're looking for someone that is able to work full time (no part time or other commitments) and is close to the GMT timezone. Must be willing to sign an NDA.


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Opensea autobidder bot

Posted by Kujo

Required skills

Skills required:

Project is to create a NodeJS bot to axutomatically make offers on a provided list of NFTs using an ethereum wallet (admin wallet)
The bot should check the current top offer price of each of the NFTs in the list every 6 hours
If the current top offer is not in ethereum no action should be taken
If the current top offer of an NFT is the admin wallet then no new offer should be made
If the current top offer of an NFT is under the maxOfferPrice for the NFT then the bot should make an offer on the NFT
The offer made should be the current top offer price + 0.02 ETH
The bot will be deployed to Heroku and repository will be hosted on Github.
The list of NFTs to watch will be provided as a CSV with 4 columns: tokenId, tokenContract, minOffer, maxOffer
The admin wallet details will be provided as an address and private key


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Web app developer for ICO fundraising platform

Posted by Rohan Vij

Required skills

Hi all,
I am looking for a web app developer to produce an ICO fundraising platform (featuring pre, crowd, general sales)
ICO founders can list tokens on the decentralised multi-tiered staking/fundraising platform for investors to browse in an e-commerce style platform and therefore purchase tokens in ETH
I would like a referral, pooling and messaging system/community system too 
Please message me for further details
UK based


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Dashboard Web - FrontEnd - Landing Page

Posted by Manana Samuseva

Required skills

Looking for: FrontEnd, Full-stack developer skilled at creating business applications and API Intergrations. Commercial cloud, AI development experience on AWS, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2)
Dashboard Web Developer for handling our video+audio interference for Al.
What does this Solutions Implementation do?
Product: ML sevice to extract meaningful insights and customer sentiment from multimedia (video-audio)
Dashboard: services necessary to ingest, store, analyze, and visualize AI for content ctreators
Visualization: Building insightful dashboardfrom the analyzed data


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Build a crypto website on wordpress

Posted by Peter Deward

Required skills

We are seeking a Developer to build a dynamic and responsive website for a crypto project.
We'll provide the design files as well as icons and images.
The website doesn't require no payment features nor sign up.
For more informations please contact us.


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Proxy of the decentralized exchange Pancakeswap

Posted by Minato Kitagawa

Required skills

Introduction and basic information:
This task is about development of a “proxy of the decentralized exchange Pancakeswap”. See example websites.
A BEP20 token already exists and can be traded normally on Pancakeswap.
The goal of this task is to give the customer easier access to buy and sell their tokens, as well as to provide and remove liquidity to the trading pair and view charts.
Here you can see that, you can connect your wallet through the browser, buy and sell tokens, add and remove liquidity, and see the chart of safemars.
We would like to have exactly the same as Exactly the same functions, the same design, layouts, etc.
Only the colors, the trading pair, i.e. the token should not be SafeMars but another token and some links have to be changed.
You can find everything here:
The token must appear in the search results. This should make it easier for the customer to buy and sell, as the contract address no longer has to be entered manually.
The logo of the token must of course be implemented.
The color of the page must match with the main website.
When buying and selling, the trades should be made as usual though pancake swap engine / router.
We do not want to develop our own DEX engine, it should only serve as a proxy to simplify buying and selling for the customer for that specific token only.


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Create a Faucet!

Posted by Manan Sharma

Required skills

I want you to combine 2 faucets in one, (everything in this you will have to code, the points system, manual Faucet, games, staking etc, I will tell you token name later)
This also has auto Faucet but I don't want auto Faucet like that, I want auto Faucet like this (i can provide script of this site) I would like some extra features to be added here and this should work with the tokens I mentioned above, also there should be option to pay from auto Faucet directly to expresscrypto or Faucetpay, or to balance where balance provides bonus etc.


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Web developer with experience in Cryptocurrencies

Posted by Joker Art

Required skills

I need to build a block explorer for different coins (altcoins), This can be a long-term project with 1 coin initially and growing out later. I need someone who is experienced in building good-looking websites (As I have no design in mind) and someone who knows how to communicate with crypto nodes and getting data out of them.
I can also hire 2 developers, in case you can only do backend or frontend work.
I will provide you with the node, so you're job will mainly be developing the backend/frontend of the website.
Let me know what's the cost you have in mind considering the simple block/tx/address pages as well as staking and such as well as any experience you have in doing something similar to this.


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