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Professional Studio Recording Artistt

Posted by reaasri

Required skills

Experience in singging for 20 years. Able to work with musician from all level like albums,singles,sound tracks to film scores. Versatile vocal ability to sing in all genre from classic, Orchestral,opera, tribal, Arabic,mid Eastern, RnB,Indian classic, Gazal,Meditative,in any languages as desired by the Composer.Had won awards in Spain MIN AWARDS 2021 and USA IPA international 2020.


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Youtube Educational Video Series

Posted by dogshowpockets

Required skills

I’m making educational youtube videos on blockchain and I need to voice-over some texts. I make new videos every week. So this may be a long term project for you if we agree on terms.


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Video Cut + Basic Color Correct

Posted by Sam Dam

Required skills

We need you to cut 2 videos that will each be 1 minute long. The video is a customer testimonial and you will cut, add b-roll, add music, basic color correction.
Please send an example of a previous video you cut, edited and released.


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Crazy tiktok commercial

Posted by Tim Zinin

Required skills

Hi, LaborX. 
That's gonna be fun. 
For promo we want you to come out with 5 crazy tiktok videos. 
What you may use: 
Here are some animation we made previously. You may do any crazy things with it
Insane is great. More surreal and abstract things should happen there. Check our Japanese and Korean ads before you start.
You may use videos of any quality. More animation is better.
Video shouldn't be longer then 13 sec
Video should have final packshot with TimeX logo
Final impression of TimeX as a product and all company in general should be positive.
Ideas for your future videos: 
Crypto market situation. BTC, ETH, XRT rates.
TimeX product features
Sergei Sergienko, and TimeX CEO speaking to the public


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