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(slovenian) 30-second selfie video shot

We’re looking for Native Slovenian speakers to create short advertising video as a selfie video, according to the script.

Russian TikTok Manager

I have an English TikTok page with content but I also want to start posting in Russian. I need someone who is based in Russia to start taking my English, add Russian audio using AI, and post on a page that's targeted to Russian speakers. 
You need to have some good experience with TikTok or Instagram reels. 

I need an editor

We need a person who can mount something like this: 

3d metehuman

i need a pro for this

Selfie short video review for my channel

I'm looking for actor who can make short video selfie with my script. 

Video Editor

I want to have premier league lineup template as davinci resolve template file which I can replace images.
Something like this.
If you can make something better, please let me know.
Delivery would be source file. but for the result you can show me video with your edit.

I need to process my photo

If you process my photo perfectly , clearly and beautiful, I will provide you token.
As you see, my photo is not clear and not perfect.
I hope to make it perfectly.
So in addition, I am a Senior Web and blockchain developer and so you'd better to make it like good software developer.
Thank you

PHOTO expert!!!

Hi, I have many photos to be edited.
Photos need to be looked beautifully and professionally.
Who can?

Voice Over professional with proof

We are looking for a professional voice-over narrator for our video campaign.
The videos are short tutorials (Around 20 and 30 seconds) and We are planning to make a bunch (around 5 videos for starting).
We want to pay 50 USDT through the Remitano Platform for each video recording. We would prefer to have a Female voice with a neutral or British accent, but this is not mandatory. So if You're a man with an American accent, for example, will also be accepted for submission. 
Feel free to write us with your SoundCloud demonstration, Portfolio, or YouTube video. 

Voice Over

I provide voice over or voice recording in both English and Chinese. For audio books, ads, short clips, videos etc. 


I can give you a warm deep voice over.