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Online Community manager / Brand ambassador

Posted by thomas fisher

Required skills

A unique opportunity has arisen to be a part of a new Dex exchange project. The token for the project MNWD has already been released and listed on Pancakeswap.

We are seeking individuals who can help the projectgain more exposure through social media and there own personal networks.
So far the project has been a great success, as more exposure is gained in the crypto space.
Now the project is beginning to gain traction, with the token MNWD increasing in value 75% today alone, the developers are seeking online community managers to help increase online presence and exposure.
Due to the technology behind the project,the potential is far greater than recent success stories such as Shibu Inu, and SafeMoon. All that is now needed is for the projected to be put in the publics eye to gain more traction.
Those involved in the early stages will see the highest rewards as the Token is going through a period of rapd growth as more and more of the crypto world are made aware of its long term potential.

Motivated individuals are required to introduce the project and the token to individuals through various channels such as social media and word of mouth.

There is opportunity for progression for the right individuals.
For further details please feel free to reach out.


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Social Media Executive

Required skills

We have a requirement for a Social Media Executive
Candidates should possess the following;
· A Bachelor’s Degree in Social Media or its equivalent from a recognized university
· Fluency with using Instagram (posts, stories, highlights, etc.)
· Experience in creating campaigns on Facebook, Instagram is an added benefit.
· Love for everything social, posting pictures, creating content, and engaging with users.
· A social, bubbly personality.
· Presentable
· Fluent in English with good verbal and written communication skills,
· Available to join immediately as well as having a strong desire to learn along with a professional drive.
· Required experience in Cryptocurrency/Blockchain.
***Salary will be based on the experiences and skills


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Advertising for a crypto project

Posted by Minato Kitagawa

Required skills

We are looking for talented advertisers for our newly launched crypto token. It doesn't matter if you are expert in Google Ads, Tik Tok Ads, Facebook Ads, Reddit, Social Media Management etc. We are looking for anyone who can shoot our project to the top!
We are not a finance product, but a smart contract token based on price appreciation. Our development team is working on the further development every day.
Please share your experience with us as well on which projects you have been involved.


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Marketing/Partnerships Outreach

Posted by Jake Forsyth

Required skills

Hi there,
I run a marketing and PR agency, and we need someone to contact potential publishing partners and convince them to work with us.
The job will involve finding potential targets (searching Google, LinkedIn, and other sources), and then contacting them with well-written and convincing copy.
We will pay you per conversion, at generous rates depending on the particular partnerships you're able to build.
For more information, please contact


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Sales Agent

Required skills

We are hiring a talented Sales Agent professional to join our team. If you're excited to be part of a winning team. You'll be glad you applied to Sugestión Studio.
Qualifications for Sales Agent
Excellent oral and written communication skills
Superior interpersonal skills
Ability to take initiative and work independently
Exceptional organizational skills
Good familiarity with word processing and spreadsheet
1+ years of experience in sales
1+ years of experience in the industry
Strong knowledge of industry standards
Confident and charismatic approach to people
Scrum Methodology is a plus


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Telegram user reach (Promotion for Group and Channel Admins)

Posted by Flo B

Required skills

We are looking for owners and admins of finance-related Telegram groups or channels open for partnership with a cryptocurrency exchange.
0% fee trading for personal account.
free gift codes provided to share with your followers, redeemable for crypto, e.g 100x $10.


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