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Blockchain nft game

Hey, can you help me with development on my game to add API/SDK from Hyperledger to;
- develop back end dashboard for user/wallet management
- create wallets for users
- create NFTs linked to smart contracts
- connect to Unity database and refer the back end data into front end panels for Unity
- associate Unity objects with user wallet and NFTs
- define smart contract rules so dynamics of the Unity display are based on NFT status

Fullstack developers for a solidity-based protocol

For an upcoming dApp, we are looking for contract-based developers to assist with accelerating our roadmap.
This includes:
web3.js integrations
smart contract auditing
If you have previously worked on a dApp in production (on-chain) - feel free to apply.
Please share your github when DMing.

Development of Dex like Pancakeswap

Looking for full stack Web3 & DeFi developer who has experience in forking a clone of Pancakeswap V2 and Uniswap V3.
The project is to create a typical clone of Pancakeswap with all functions including the lottery and betting games.
The right candidate must have successfully done similar projects and has all the codes and smart contracts ready for customization.
The job includes everything in the frontend and backend and admin panel.
You are kindly requested to to answer the following questions when submitting your proposal:
Do you have successful competed DeFi projects like Uniswap or Pancakeswap? Kindly provide working links.
Do you have any web3, blockchain and DeFi projects of your own? Kindly provide working links.
How long do you need to complete the job?
Do you have all the resources and skills to complete the project successfully?

Solidity unit tests to reach 100% coverage

Complete the smart contracts unit tests to reach 100% coverage and 95%+ branch coverage. (requires on erc20 are not required to cover)
Current coverage is around 85% and 60% respectively
Experience required:
solidity, hardhat, waffle, evm
1. 5 days deadline from hiring date
2. reach 100% coverage and 95%+ branch coverage
3. create a PR with your code
4. daily progress reports via telegram or laborx chat
5. daily commits to the PR 

Community Technical Support Engineer

Job description
1. Study and comprehend the architecture of internal software system, information of peripheral products, and master the entire TRC ecosystem.
2. Maintain communityand provide technical support; assist developers to carry out technology integration; facilitate partners to launch products in a timely manner.
3. Handle technical issues occurred during and after technology integrationto ensure the normal flow of operation. 
4. Assist the internal team to collect and organize requests, and convey the sorted feedback to technical and product teams; thereby promoting product optimization and update.
Job requirements
- In-depth knowledge of Tron, Ethereum and its protocols.
- Well familiar with blockchain structure, the use of APIs, and the analysis and locating of error messages in transactions. 
- Skilled in using mainstream Defi (Dex, Lending, Stable coin, Swap, etc.); familiar with mainstream architectures, principles, advantages and disadvantages; capable of analyzing and spotting the cause of common transaction failures in Defi.
Nice-to-have qualifications
- Previous experience in community management such as Discord, Telegram or Discourse forum is preferred.
- Experience in drafting documents or technical blogs is preferred.
- Computer Science or IT related graduates preferred.
- 5+ years of experience in in an information engineering related field with at least 1 year of development or technical support experience preferred.
- Good command of English in terms of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills are required, preferably with overseas study experience or TOEIC score of 800 or above.
- Open-minded, strong sense of responsibility, good presentation and communication skills, learning ability and logic ability.
- Familiar with developer community operation mechanism and actively participate in various developer community activities.
- Highly enthusiastic about the blockchain industry.

Staking website

I would like to develop a staking website where user can connect with Metamask, have a dashboard where he can see daily rewards .
I want do individualy change the % of the rewards per client depending on the profit I make.
So basacaly I invest the BNB in my project and reward the client with a percentage I make. The client can choose staking time (1 month, 3 Month and 6 Month)
how much would a project like this cost about? nothing fancy...the only individual programming is, that I as an admin can chnage daily the % of the reward. kind regards Mario

dexcentralize project base on smart contract UI design

Feature Requirements A decentralized exchange on any one of Ethereum Testnets (i.e., Goerli, Ropsten, Rinkby, or Kovan) that supports the following features: • For Asset Issuer: ▫ issue new asset tokens (Only use ERC20 token standard) • For Users: ▫ Submit buy and sell orders (there are many types of order in finance world, for simplicity, try to support limit order first. If time permits, adding supports for other types of order will be bonus points) ▫ Matched orders in the order marketplace will be executed, please noted that an order can be partially fulfilled (e.g., Alice want to sell 10 TokenA for 5 TokenB, whereas Bob only wants to sell 1 TokenB for 2 TokenA, then 20% of Alice’s order will be fulfilled, 100% of Bob’s order will be fully fulfilled.... The smart contract is already built and we just want to add a buying and selling function only 

Experienced Smart Contract Developer

I need a seasoned developer, who has experience with NFT minting and staking, they also need to be able to work with Chainlink VRF. If your only experience is forking other contracts then I will not be interested, this will be need to be built from the ground up, tested audited and fine touched before launch. I will give more details once I have narrowed down the canidates. 

Need idea for developing smart contract

Hello. All.
Here is the idea.
We have Algo-bots make profit for sure.
It is well constructed, very safe to operate, generate steady income.
We actually have several bots and all of them generate profit over years.
Now, we want to have a project that raised the fund from users and invest it into trading and pay back interest.
Most of developers that I met suggested me building staking pool, mining pool etc.
Actually, there is too many exists already and most of them ends up with rug-pool.
We want to develop smart contract that can raised the fund from holders at the same time pay interest or reward to holders as they hold the tokens.
We prefer to have no staking involving way.
Buy idea or develop smart contract with idea provider.
Prefer to have BSC based contracts.
Pls reply me cost of work and idea if you have.

Unlocked locked liquidity on pancakeswap

I have access to a token on the BSC network where the liquidity is locked on DXsale until 2090.
If you can guide me on how to get it unlocked I will pay you 5K.
This is not a upfront gig as two people have tried and failed.
If you are a genious let me know, it's a good deal.

EOSIO Antelope Code Review

We are looking for an experience developer, familiar with EOSIO/Antelope to conductan open-ended CODE REVIEW for the following repo:
We are looking for a code review of these files in the repo:
The focus is centred around if you find anything of concern, whether a logic error, inefficiency, security-related, architecturally, etc, 
Anything that departs from best practice.
An important aspect is not to concentrate too much on whether the logic is correct - we are QA-ing the code to ensure that. It's best to concentrate on coding practices generally.
NOTE: This is NOT a full, smart contract audit that goes into deeper details (i.e. fuzzing, overflow, DoS attacks etc.).We are looking for an independent 3rd party to review the code as to our focus illustrated above.
The contract documentation can be found here:
We require some indication of the type of quality we'd like to see and are looking for a small sample review.
Please see the attached points.hpp
Please provide a sample code review—apologies for asking this. We have had very mixed quality when asking for a code review.
Candidates that wish to take this job need to provide a small sample code review of the attached "points.hpp" file to:
1) find 1 issue and identify the location of the issue, 
2) provide the severity of the issue, and 
3) provide a proposed fix, improvement or best practice for the identified issue
This ONLY needs to be 1 issue in points.hpp for the sample.We don't want to waste anyone's time.
Please provide the sample code review via private message.We will engage with quality candidates that have provided a solid, good sample code review.

Developer needed for Yield Farming Staking

We are going to add yield farming feature to our website.
We have two Tokens A,B
Farming BNB/A and BNB/B , Staking A token and B token need to be made.
Your previous experience is very important because this is not for novices and this should be finished in few days if you start work.
Thank you.