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Posted by Project Recess

Required skills

I am one of the three founders of Project Recess. This is an NFT project starting it's life as 2D generative art on the Solana blockchain. There will be a total number of 5,555 pieces and each piece will be completely unique, some rarer than others. They will act as a pass into a 3D game. 
The 3D aspect of the project will commence after the mint of the first phase (i.e. 2D passes)- the project will be developed into the metaverse.
For this project to be a success, I need someone to promote it by writing up Medium blog posts to help bring awarenes and to make this a blue chip NFT project. I will need these posts pit on to the some of the biggest spaces on the Solana blockchain. (More info available if you are interested).
Can you help me with this- As in be there from the start to the end?
Will you treat this project like it's your own?
Can I trust you to be active in the community?
If you believe you can fulfill this task, please do get in touch and we can discuss things further.
Kind regards,


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Full-time writer, wearer of many hats

Posted by Marketcolor

Required skills

POV: You're a starving writer sifting through jobs that are obviously scams. NGMI. 
We'd hiring a writer that can support three upcoming projects produced by Marketcolor, a content studio in London. We are looking for writers that can help support the creation of a bot, an NFT-linked game, and a glossary of useful crypto terms. It's more Decrypt than Crypyto Twitter. 
There are a few things you probably have to know to get this job: Irene Zhao's favourite colour, Gene Simons' role in Dogecoin lore and how to describe a flash loan in 150 words or less. 
Have you ever written a whitepaper? Well, you might be able to help us. 


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