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I am an activist that works against Government corruption,I am continually censored and have been blocked from Reddit,Discord and everywhere where I post.I am working to explain truth related to the fake pandemia and what the globalists are actually trying to do with their plandemia, their graphene oxide injections labeled as vaccines and the great global reset.I have multile projects if I could just find the right person to do the work. I have been looking for this person for 2 years and have lost alot of money with liars and frauds. Lets help humanity and teach the highly censored truth to the masses!
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Polygon Smart Contract implementation and Website Repair

Need to repair a website that has been partially completed by another web design provider who has scammed me.The project has been underway for over a year and the project is not complete.I need someone who actually has talent and can complete the repair of the work in an efficient manner with true ability. Need to:
1.Create a smart contract using polygon and connect that to the website, the smart contract will be sent to my wallet after testing.The smart contract functionality is designed to eliminate the cripto wallet on the site.We have an advertising package and tip function where the user will buy banner ads or send tips to the users and our 5% is taken out from this polygon payment.Everything is run on polygon.Our website charges 5% and the other 95% goes to the user. The person sends the payment and the smart contract fractures the amount sending the correct amount to the user. For example someone sends .1 polygon as a tip, the smart contract need to receive that .1 and send two payments after, the .095 goes to the client and the.005 goes tour the owners of the website. The same for when a banner ad package is purchased and the payment is sent, it is fractured by the smart contract. 
2. Do multiple changes to the websites text and usability functions that do not work now like the reset password by email will not work. 
3. edit and make working the banner ad and tip functionality and test it to show it is actually working! 
Please contact me to learn more about the project and the domain name
Thank you