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Simple crypto task: Read whitepaper on your Youtube channel

I am marketing for a new project and we have a very simple task for some quick cash.
Read entire whitepaper on Youtube. it's not long at all. You can read the whole thing in 15 minutes.
Mention to follow specific telegram group
Mention to follow on specific twitter account
Must have at least 500 followers on Youtube
Must have catchy title mentioning the white paper and token
This opportunity is available for the first 5 people who qualify. Send us your Youtube to apply.

Hiring Female Actora

Hey, we are hiring female actors for our upcoming project. The job can be done in your home with a good camera/mobile phone. Must be fluent in English and glamorous. 

Hiring Female Video Creators

Hey fam,
We are hiring a few female content creators for our upcoming project.
Criteria- Must be fluent in English
Message me for proposals.

Affiliate Marketers

I am planning to launch an affiliate marketing program for my service and looking for someone who could be interested to join as an early bird.
For early birds who join in the next 30 days, I am looking to pay something like this:
Number of sales: 
1-10: 20% of the order value 
11-20: 25% of the order value 
20-100: 35% of the order value 
Note: The minimum order value is $600 so you could earn a minimum of $120 per sale. 
I am setting an automated tracking system so you can monitor all your performance on a dashboard.
I am looking to pay affiliates every week or every month, it's up to you.
At the moment, I am looking for no more than 5 people and then looking to expand it.
Contact me if you are interested.

Video Review

I am looking for someone who can try my software and record a video review.
English language is required.
Contact me for info.

fill survey

get 100 unique responses from different geographical zones
 for a survey

Youtube Setup

I want to setup a youtube channel.
I have a few ideas for the content but I would like some suggestions and direction on which ideas to use.

influencer marketer needed

Hello, We are in need of Influencers to help us market our Brands product.
We want to get a list of 20-30 Influencers. Your task is to help us get the list of Influencers meeting up with the below details below.
1. Influencersl research.
2. Search in more than 5 niches
3. Niches of mine: dancing, models, traveling (do some research if fit), artists, drawing artist/paint. Go outside recommendation.
4. Countries: Belgium, Netherland, France, Germany, United Kingdom, United States, Australia, New Zealand, 3 countries by some research of yours that have good influencers and audience has money.
5. Include their social media (Snapchat, YouTube, FB page, Instagram). Research starts with Tiktok Influencers
6. Search 3 Micro Influencer, 3 Nano, 4 Macro Influencers.
Please Note; You must be able to provide list of Influencers based only on our above requirements.
To test your skills if you could really provide us our need, we want you to provide us 3-5 list of Influencers meeting with the above mentioned requirements as research trial in the Next few Hours. After that we can hire you straight away to give us the full list of Influencers we needed. But you before you start to work on this, please let us know what will be your Budget for this, our max deadline is on Monday 20th of June. i.e you must have get all the list of Influencers we are in need of.
Let me know if you understand all our not hesitate to ask if you have any questions and respond as soon as possible to fix agreement if you can work with our Terms. Only if you can deliver 100% results. Awaiting your response,Thanks.


Looking for promoter to shill our campaigns. Message for more info