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graphic designer

Required skills

I am Ramin from Iran, I have a master's degree in architecture and with 20 years of experience in the field of printing, advertising, graphic design,logo design and make builboard. I also have the most complete collection of printing in Iran and I am completely fluent in Photoshop, corel draw, autocad, illustrator software.


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Graphics design with knowledge of occultism

Posted by Karol Kucharsky

Required skills

Operate a number of brand, from clothing to music labels. Chosen client should be familiar with secret societies, occult teachings and symbolism, and able to integrate in a semi-subtle way. The initiated should be able recognize symbolism immediately, while the profane should appear crazy if they point this symbolism out to other profane. 
Let me know your occult background and show prior work please.
Our requirements range from design of motives for clothing&apparel, logos, websites, SMM-optimized ads, banners, tattoos and more. 
The ideal candidate can demonstrate/signal that they are on the same team, is not afraid to start work on paper and then digitalize it, and will offer prices and quality with the goal of a long-term win-win relationship.


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