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I am looking for Graphic designer.

I am building my own website.
I need someone who can do figma or xd design.
If you can start working immediately, please DM me.

Create receipts in PDF

I want to create a receipt pdf from a template file. I attached the template file.
This is a very easy job for a design expert.
Please contact me if you are interested in this work.

looking for a business partner

I am looking for a honest business partner.
Please bid only honest man.
My project need some skills, Design, WEb developments, cryptocurrency business.
Thanks and regards

I need a graphic expert who can edit many photos

Hi everyone, I have 20 photographs and want to edit professionally like changing background, improve quality, etc.
Feel free to contact me.

Looking for a designer who can start to work immediately

I need a UI/UX designer who can design my landing page and 2 logo images.
Actually finding a well-experienced designer who can start working immediately.
If you don't have previous works, please don't try to contact

I am looking for a designer.

I am looking for an experienced dev who are well experience in designing logos and UI/UX.
I have built the site and need small updates in my UI.
I will explain more if you are interested and feel confident helping.

Design and Develpment

I need a design and development of a car rental app (Note: Include your proposal before you start the project)

Creating a magazine cover

A person is required who is able to create a cover for a magazine about finance.
For details, write in private messages.

Design for dApp

Looking for a dApp designers for web3 project. Project is about social network in blockchain.
Base design has been created, now we're looking for someone who can design all other pages corresponds to what we have right now.
Price is negotiable. Apply for this job with your portfolio.

background removal

remove background
change background
photo editing

Graphics design with knowledge of occultism

Operate a number of brand, from clothing to music labels. Chosen client should be familiar with secret societies, occult teachings and symbolism, and able to integrate in a semi-subtle way. The initiated should be able recognize symbolism immediately, while the profane should appear crazy if they point this symbolism out to other profane. 
Let me know your occult background and show prior work please.
Our requirements range from design of motives for clothing&apparel, logos, websites, SMM-optimized ads, banners, tattoos and more. 
The ideal candidate can demonstrate/signal that they are on the same team, is not afraid to start work on paper and then digitalize it, and will offer prices and quality with the goal of a long-term win-win relationship.