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build nft mint engine and dex on solana, fantom, algorand

Posted by paul james

Required skills

is a team of blockchain developers offering our services on fiver with passion to offer best blockchain development services available in the market.
What we offer with this gig:
Frontend development with metamask integration in react js.
Backend development in node js
Smart contract erc721
Pausing / Unpausing
Supply Management
Pricing Management
Receive payments from customer in ETH/BNB or ERC20 tokens.
On chain / Off Chain Metadata management
Support Blockchains:
Binance Smart Chain
We will deploy your contract on testnet, If you need help in deploying on mainnet let us know.


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CiMPLE.cc (React + Meteor Devs)

Posted by CiMPLE

Required skills

The CiMPLE DAO is looking for contributors.
You can learn about what CiMPLE is here: http://CiMPLE.cc
In short, CiMPLE is a set ofstrategies and calculations that generally results in acquiring more tokens. This is done by borrowing against the tokens (when the price dips) to buy more and selling some when the price goes back up to pay down the debt and allow you to do it again on the next dip. There are also yield strategies made possible by flash loans, and insurance against liquidations from too much leverage. Finally, there are graphs to show the user how well these strategies have worked for them compared to just HODLing the tokens.
The application is built on Meteor with React as the MVC and D3.js for all the graphs.
The user's smart account is built on top of InstaDapp, so to complete any transaction, we're using their SDK.
In addition to the web application developers, we're looking for someone to make tweaks to the react code to make it compatible with react native & build an application that more/less functions as the metamask wallet on browser mode viewing the web app, including a wallet to sign transactions and a link between their mobile and web app so they can sign transactions from both devices while retaining separate wallets to sign.
LaborX requires us to put a budget, this is for on-going contributions, please submit your competitive monthly salary request and hours of availability in your application.


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Paid Survey with basenode.io for Freelancers!

Posted by basenode.io

Required skills

We are basenode.io - a young startup developing an accounting solution for digital assets. Our mission is to further drive blockchain adoption among freelancers and businesses. 
As we are currently developing the product’s features, we would love to get your honest feedback to further tailor our solution to your individual needs in a 15-30 minutes call. You will receive $20 USD in ETH as well as free access at launch of our software. 
It is crucial that you have experience in holding multiple crypto-currencies and getting paid in crypto-currencies.
We would love to hear back from you!


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I need flashloan arbitrage bot

Posted by Lazar Plavsic

Required skills

My previous dev was passed away because of COVID. he was developing the flashloan arbitrage bot. It is completed almost, but i need to add interface to the bot. Please send me message if you have experienced. Thank you
here you can check the project. and it is completed 90%.


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Dapps and solidity guidance

Posted by Joop Jo

Required skills

Hello everyone!
I'm looking for experienced dev with solidity and Dapp that can provide guidance walkthrough
The contracts, hardhat config, deploy scripts for. 
Claimable airdrop
Airdrop token
Reward tokens
Configure above in the interface
If I get any error with deployment those you provide me the solutions to fix it.
once all are operators smoothly I'll pay you the half amount and I'll submit them to the audit after I get a good score from the auditor you'll get the other half amount and we'll continue building the next stages. as you know that the audit is very important for any defi users.
I'll pay you on polygon,FTM and/or bsc, plus bounce as long as you provide me with tech guidance.
P.S. Please
- I don't need agents of developers and/or companies.
-I mentioned all the above details including the budget


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forking tomoscan + tomomaster

Required skills

We need one blockchain Developer who knows golang, solidity,...
We need one blockchain Developer who knows tomo blockchain complete and had experience with that before.
Task: we have forked tomo blockchain for our chain and working well, now we need one Developer who forking tomoscan & tomomaster for us & connect it to our blockchain with no issue & complete features.


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