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Solidity Smartcontract for a web3 page + telegram bots

hello  base blockchain of the smart contract and web3 app should be: ETH, BNB CHAIN, FANTOM, AVALANCHE, ARBITRUM AND ALL EVM BLOCKHAINS our company needs a smartcontract using web3 , solidity to do this: a...

Create public API and SDK to fetch projects tasks

Create public API and SDK to fetch projects and then show on a dashboard. When users complete the listed tasks, they get rewards. This will be deployed on optimism and Base.

Web3 Marketing

I want merchants, social media content creators, nft launchers or anyone who wants to accept crypto payments registered to our website with my referral code. Project: A payment link for merchants to create and receive...

Presale Dapp

I want a dapp on my site for presale own token . Customers can to buy presale by eth/bsc via it and after paying successful via Eth/BSC it shows them how many tokens they bought...

Repeater of Transactions in Ethereum Network

We are looking for a freelancer to help us create a program that will monitor a specific address in real time and replicate transactions containing a specific "event" on the Ethereum network. The main goal...

I need a senior Blockchain & React Developer

We are currently seeking a highly skilled and experienced Senior Blockchain & React Developer to join our team. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in Blockchain, Crypto, web3.js, Javascript, and Dapps development. As...

deploy this telegram bot on Eth mainnet and some l2

The bot will be deployed on etherum but the product will be available on L2s like scroll, linear and base.

Creations of Web3 TDL (top level domain)

Looking for expert to create and launch smart contract for creations of Web3 TDLs (top level domains).

Web3 Job Hunt

Hey there! Are you on the lookout for a gig in the Web3 realm? If you are, we're actively on the hunt for: Community Managers, Communication Gurus, Social Media Wizards, Chat Enthusiasts, Ticket Support Heroes,...

Need Senior Solana Developer

I have a p2p trade project. A user create offer to buy token and other create order to sell token. But cancelling offer doesn't work. You can check with this link: If you can...

Dapp update with bug fix and completion

We are new company which want to make our own cryto project as first ranking in the crypto world. We will launch our own appasap but it still has got some bugs and also needs...

Fork indexer and onepage frontend using react, tailwind

In direct. Using react, ethers, axios, tailwind, wagmi ( and rainbowkit (