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New Business Logo Design

Logo design for a new business, the business is a machinery refuelling business called "onsite fuel solutions".The logo will need to incorporate something resembling liquid so fuel drops or something similar as well as incorporate a fuel pump bowser and be a blue colour scheme.Message the project manager on telegram to get project details

logo need

Posted Feb 28, 2023
1. Create a Dynamic menu with Main sub-Items taken from categories and the secondary sub-items coming from pages under the relevant category. 2. Try creating domain mapping, so few domains will run on same wordpress installation with the option the select which pages will be shown on each domain

I need landing page for our crypto project

We are building new dapp and need landing page for it.
You can use your own contents so we will change them later.
There are no other unique requirements means you can use your own creative concepts.
We only expect looks awesome design.

Industrial designer

Industrial designer
Industrial designer of all industrial and construction parts in the construction gas and petrochemical industry, including car parts, gas meters, and gas regulators.

Landing page for a Web3 product

Hi, I need a short landing page with a catchy modern design for a Web3 project. I'll provide you with text (it's half-page long) and structure.
Example of design:
Please bid with examples of your designs.
Style reference attached

Weconomy NBM

Human countered new business model aimed at reducing, the high level of unemployment/ underemployment obscene poverty leading to extreme levels of youth participations in violence and crime 

I am looking for Graphic designer.

I am building my own website.
I need someone who can do figma or xd design.
If you can start working immediately, please DM me.

Create receipts in PDF

I want to create a receipt pdf from a template file. I attached the template file.
This is a very easy job for a design expert.
Please contact me if you are interested in this work.




ــــــــــــــــــــــLOGO TYPE ــــــــــــــــــــــ
Designing the logo and brand of Tahir pistachio harvesting and exploitation factory

Game designer

The game is developing and we need more good masters of their craft. At the moment we are looking for a game designer to create a few cases. A small example of a task.We have a ready location,it is necessary to create a landscape and environment,the location is small.Ready to discuss the entire location at your discretion.