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CUDA code bagfix in visual studio 2022 c++ project

bugfix ed25519 algo. now code can`t calculate correct pubkey from privatekey. oridginal repo my visual studio project included in files details in

Dapp update with bug fix and completion

We are new company which want to make our own cryto project as first ranking in the crypto world. We will launch our own appasap but it still has got some bugs and also needs...

Fork indexer and onepage frontend using react, tailwind

In direct. Using react, ethers, axios, tailwind, wagmi ( and rainbowkit (

create an nft mining website

i need a developer who can help me with my project send me your offers and i will get back to for moreinfo about my project!!!

Create a Beefy fork

I need a dev web3 front end developer to create a beefy fork. Work will be to add new network on the fork and implement the pool.

Blockchain Developer

need blockchain engineer who can work with me for several months. you can receive the payment after finish work. because I am a developer as well.

Fullstack developers for a solidity-based protocol

For an upcoming dApp, we are looking for contract-based developers to assist with accelerating our roadmap. This includes: React web3.js integrations subgraphs smart contract auditing If you have previously worked on a dApp in production...

Development of Dex like Pancakeswap

Looking for full stack Web3 & DeFi developer who has experience in forking a clone of Pancakeswap V2 and Uniswap V3. The project is to create a typical clone of Pancakeswap with all functions including...

looking for Sr. Blockchain Developer

We want to allow the users can buy our token with fiat.  so users can buy our token with visa and mastercard...  if you can do it, plz apply this.

automated crypto triangular arbitrage

Hello coder , I have one automated script crypto triangular arbitrage bot has some issues can you please chek it for me. Many many Thanks

I am looking to find a person who can collaborate with me.

Kindly have a look at the detailed doc and let me know your decision. Thanks.

Forking BUSD Machine

Want to forking BUSD machine Add couple of functions 1. Lend accumulated BUSD to 3rd party 2. Earn interest 0.5% daily for BUSD 3. Users who stakes will earn additional native token Want to know...