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Digital Marketing Specialist

Job Description:
We are looking for a passionate digital marketing specialist to join our dynamic team and work on an innovative project in the cryptocurrency industry. As a digital marketing specialist, you will be responsible for designing and executing innovative marketing strategies that will help drive the growth of our project. We are confident that our project has enormous potential to change the way people interact with our industry and we need a talented digital marketing specialist to help us achieve our ambitious goals.
⦁ Design and execute digital marketing campaigns to drive the growth of our project.
⦁ Work closely with team members to understand user needs and offer innovative solutions.
⦁ Analyze market and user data to develop effective lead generation strategies.
⦁ Create and manage content for social media, emails, blogs, and other digital marketing channels.
⦁ Work experience in the field of digital marketing.
⦁ Excellent written and oral communication skills.
⦁ In-depth knowledge of digital marketing tools such as Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, etc.
⦁ Passion for new technologies and innovation.
⦁ The remuneration for this position will be in tokens of our company.
⦁ You will have the opportunity to work on a revolutionary project with enormous potential for growth and success.
If you are ready to take on the challenge of changing the world of cryptocurrency, please send your CV to [contact email address].
Note: Our company is about to launch the pre-seed sale and we will offer token-based compensation for employees who believe in our project and are willing to take risks for a potentially high return on your time's investment. We are aware that this job offer is not for everyone, but if you are a passionate and ambitious Digital Marketing Specialist, we would love to hear from you.


Marketing on social networks and sending emails
Our customers are those who operate in cryptocurrency.
Please send your plans in detail.
Thank you.

Influencer marketing specialist.

I am looking for marketers willing to promote my online course "How to compose your pitch deck". You may read about it and watch a video for evaluation at the urls I provide below.
The business proposal is a shared revenue agreement, where the marketer receives 20€ out of 65€ for each sale, past a 30 days period to account for potential refunds. It is possible to arrange web portal access for the marketer so as (s)he may verify registrations to the course himself or herself.
If you are interested into this proposal or you know someone else who may do, please schedule a video call using the url below or forward this opportunity.
Course info on external platform:
Course web portal:

Looking for Social Media Specialist

Social Media Specialist Responsibilities
Develop and execute social media campaigns for various platforms, including Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and explore other channels for expansion
Create and share engaging daily content, including text, images, and videos that promote the company’s brand
Ensure current social media strategy aligns with company goals and values
Measure the success of social media campaigns using pertinent KPIs
Stay on top of current social media trends and evaluate how the company can best participate. 
Monitor client engagement and interact with clients on social media posts
Moderate user-generated content for appropriateness
Collaborate with other departments to ensure content is informative and appealing
Create editorial calendars and syndication schedules
Social Media Specialist Requirements
Proven at least 2 years of work experience as a Social Media Specialist, including experience with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and others
Knowledge of Google Analytics or other measurement tools
Experience with HubSpot, HootSuite, or similar social media management tools
Strong creative mindset
Superb organizational and multitasking skills.
Excellent written communication and copywriting skills.
Knowledge of multiple online marketing channels
Previous crypto or Web 3 experience is a bonus. 
Monthly payment of $2000. 

Looking for a crypto marketer and promoter as partner

Hi, everyone.
- should know about profit of crypto feature.
- should attract ticketed visitors to website.
- should act as manager and should do marketing and promotion on social platforms.
The profits will decided contribution rate of project.
only person with experience on it should place bid.
otherwise it will be ignored.

Discord mass DM bot

Hello great buyers, I am a professional in handling any aspect in Discord, I can build you a Discord mass DM bot to dm your members. I can get you real and active invites into your server and I can also moderate your Discord server to get it more lively.
Message me now if you need my service andlet get this done as soon as possible