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Discord mass DM bot

Posted by Josh Andre

Required skills

Hello great buyers, I am a professional in handling any aspect in Discord, I can build you a Discord mass DM bot to dm your members. I can get you real and active invites into your server and I can also moderate your Discord server to get it more lively.
Message me now if you need my service andlet get this done as soon as possible


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Full-time twitter expert for crypto/DeFi project

Posted by Sarah Kwon

Required skills

We're looking for a full-time twitter manager for our crypto/DeFi project.
If you are a Twitter expert, crypto enthusiast, social media manager with creative ideas for engagements, you are the one!
You will be managing our Twitter account with 30K + followers, creating content that could engage our existing community, plan creative Twitter events, interact with other Twitter influencers.
Looking forward to hearing from you!


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