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Web app developer for ICO fundraising platform

Posted by Rohan Vij

Required skills

Hi all,
I am looking for a web app developer to produce an ICO fundraising platform (featuring pre, crowd, general sales)
ICO founders can list tokens on the decentralised multi-tiered staking/fundraising platform for investors to browse in an e-commerce style platform and therefore purchase tokens in ETH
I would like a referral, pooling and messaging system/community system too 
Please message me for further details
UK based


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Help Building my subscription site : On LearnWorlds

Posted by Anonymous

Required skills

HI Talented Freelancers,
I am looking to build a strong relationship with a driven person who can work with me to grow my site to a level that it is helping the people learn just the basics about the importance things in the world. Which I think are Meditation , Health and CryptocurrencyOur Economy.
The site is currently up and running and has a FB group with nearly 100 members the site in which we will be working on uses Learnworlds ( check the site https://www.learnworlds.com ) My site is mindbodycrypto.com check it out and send me your idea and vision. If you think that this is a company worth getting in touch with please contact me. 
Looking forward to speaking to you!
Value of budget has room to move and looking for good people to join and grow a profit sharing organisation 
Best Wishes 


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Robust 4 page eComerce Site with Back-end

Posted by CryptoTEX

Required skills

Job -Create a unique no template eCommerce site that will have listings sold on front page.With sales going to a shopping cart and then connect it to an api for a crypto shopping cart where people can pay with crypto. A receipt and order number listed for each order and these orders are searchable in the back-end to find status.Must be optimized to be seen and used on cell phone also! There needs to be a captcha on first page before entering to protect against hackers also
Also every user will have a profile area so when they login they can check messages from admin or other users. The back-end area must be very attractive and nicely done so it looks professional. In the profile area of user you will see a feedback system on every transaction the person has done
A back-end where we can 
- control the listings(add delete), the fotos and descriptions of each listings. 
- Where we can send and receive messages on the platform from users
the back-end also must have a way for us to search order by their order number and mark when sent and this sends a messages to the user
Security Capthcha front page to reduce attacks and hackers
1-Front page with listings
2-Contact page to send messages
3-Fotos Page
4-Questions Page
It is not a big site but the quality and beauty is important.We have someone now making the logo
We need someone who is very good and honest at their work, there is no patience for people who can not complete the task.
Thank you for your consideration


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