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I am looking for a freelancer to design a minimalist logo for my real estate business. The ideal candidate should have experience in creating sleek and clean designs.
- The desired style for the logo is minimalist.
Color Scheme:
- The preferred color scheme for the logo is monochrome, specifically black, white, and grays.
Symbols or Images:
- The client has specific symbols or images that they would like to incorporate into the logo.
Overall, the freelancer should have a strong portfolio showcasing their ability to create minimalist logos and should be able to incorporate the client's desired symbols or images into the design.
Use the attached "B" as an example of the the "roof" and the letter "H" to be the walls of the building. You can rotate both the B and H to achieve the look
Message on telegram so you can start on the project immediately @Shaunhoward


Logo Branding - Modern Style - Brand Name: ___________ (client can manually input the name) - Desired Colors: Green, Black, White We are looking for a skilled logo designer to create a modern and visually appealing logo for our brand. The ideal candidate should have experience in logo design and a strong portfolio showcasing their ability to create modern and sleek designs. Requirements: - Ability to create a logo that reflects our brand identity and values - Proficiency in using design software and tools - Understanding of color theory and ability to incorporate the desired colors (Green, Black, White) effectively - Attention to detail and ability to create a clean and professional design - Strong communication skills to understand and incorporate client's vision If you have a creative flair and can bring our brand to life with a modern logo, we would love to hear from you. Please submit your portfolio and relevant experience for consideration.

I need a Roblox vfx artist asap

I need a professional vfx artist who can script and make abilities to characters
Note I don't do upfront 

Molder needed

Molder needed asap Dm with you discord username you must be a pro with past works and vast years of experience 

To apply for team

Hello we building up a team of Roblox 
If you're a pro in designing characters
Molding and more about Roblox 
Drop your discord username 

Roblox designs

go ahead and start the valkyrie helm and send me updates when you have a base or the mesh is finished
if i like what you’re doing i’ll tell u to texture it, but if not, i will make sure not to waste ur time

Creation and Integration of NFT Rewards in Game

Creation and Integration of NFT Rewards in Game
Project Description: We welcome talented game developers and blockchain technology specialists! I am the owner of a gaming project. As part of the development of our game, we want to implement NFT rewards for players. Our goal is to enhance the engagement of our players and provide them with unique, valuable, and collectible rewards that they can earn or purchase.
Your main responsibilities include creating aspects of NFTs (graphic design and attributes), setting up mechanics for receiving these rewards in-game, as well as fully functional blockchain integration.
It would be great if you have prior experience with the integration of NFTs into games and could provide examples of your work. We also value your adherence to deadlines and your readiness for productive discussion and cooperation.
If you are ready to take up this challenge and help us make changes that increase the value of our game for players, we look forward to discussing details with you.

Looking for 3d/2d artist for game design

You'll need to remake some things in p2e game Low Borns. Props, loading screens, assets etc.
Looking only for people with experience in crypto and nft

Graphic DESIGN HTML PHP Website design WordPress

Graphic Design HTML PHP Website Design WordPress
Website for Advanced Fitness Equip 6 days left I need a existing website for Advanced Fitness Equip. The project is something very simple built on WordPress. I do not need the graphic design. It should have the following feature(s): - Customization & plugins - Installation & theme setup - Social media integration I HAVE A WEBSITE BUT NEED HELP WITH DESIGN AND SOME ERRORS
Skills required
Graphic Design, HTML, PHP, Website Design, WordPress.

I am looking for Graphic designer.

I am building my own website.
I need someone who can do figma or xd design.
If you can start working immediately, please DM me.

Game designer

The game is developing and we need more good masters of their craft. At the moment we are looking for a game designer to create a few cases. A small example of a task.We have a ready location,it is necessary to create a landscape and environment,the location is small.Ready to discuss the entire location at your discretion.


Hi there, I need a vrm rigged model for VTUBER (to be used on VSeeFace, WebCamMotionCapture, etc.) The character is a bear in a suit. I send you the reference image: Please send me a Preview to see if you can make it as similar as possible Thank you very much !
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