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Design a unique brand logo (+Long-Term Cooperation possible)

Posted by Robin Michel

Required skills

You are a great artist and designer? (There is possibility of long term for good work)
If you are thinking of using some premade logo templates or logo creators, you are on the wrong job and not gonna get paid.
I am looking for a talented artist, who can design a unique catchy logo for my clothing merchandise. "CryptoSwag" a clothing merchandise store.
We can talk more details after.


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Make my NFT art

Required skills

Make me some NFT art. 

I like classical paintings like Wanderer over a Sea of Fog and Imants Tillers. 
You could weave in some sentences from the constitution of America (just for some fun easter eggs. )
I have some video content of Story waves that can be used also. 
Please send through some ideas, and your previous portfolio of work. I'd love to see it :). 


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