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logo need

Posted Feb 28, 2023
1. Create a Dynamic menu with Main sub-Items taken from categories and the secondary sub-items coming from pages under the relevant category. 2. Try creating domain mapping, so few domains will run on same wordpress installation with the option the select which pages will be shown on each domain

I am looking for Graphic designer.

I am building my own website.
I need someone who can do figma or xd design.
If you can start working immediately, please DM me.

Game designer

The game is developing and we need more good masters of their craft. At the moment we are looking for a game designer to create a few cases. A small example of a task.We have a ready location,it is necessary to create a landscape and environment,the location is small.Ready to discuss the entire location at your discretion.


Our team need a logo designer or someone who have experience in design website 

I need a graphic expert who can edit many photos

Hi everyone, I have 20 photographs and want to edit professionally like changing background, improve quality, etc.
Feel free to contact me.

I am looking for a designer.

I am looking for an experienced dev who are well experience in designing logos and UI/UX.
I have built the site and need small updates in my UI.
I will explain more if you are interested and feel confident helping.

Looking for talent photoshop expert

I am looking for talent photoshop expert.
I have some photographs and I need to edit them with several appearances.
And I give a simple test which makes me you are really expert in photo edit.
Once pass my test, and I am sure that you are the fittest editor, I will give you much more projects.

Photography Improving

Hi, I have many photos to be edited.
Photos need to be looked beautifully and professionally.
Who can?

Creating a magazine cover

A person is required who is able to create a cover for a magazine about finance.
For details, write in private messages.

Design for dApp

Looking for a dApp designers for web3 project. Project is about social network in blockchain.
Base design has been created, now we're looking for someone who can design all other pages corresponds to what we have right now.
Price is negotiable. Apply for this job with your portfolio.

Interior Design

i will do interior designing per area.
example room, kitchen, work space, balcony, powder room etc

NFT Landing page

Hi. I am looking for a good designer who can build landing page of my NFT project.
I need real skilled graphic designer.
Graphic Assets are ready.
please contact me if you have good experience in this part.