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build uniswap sniper bot on ethereum

I have been worry about to have my ownuniswap bot on ethereum only since many years now but not yet seen a expert and trustworthy blockchain expert that can [provide me this actual bot... I will like to let you know that this is very important to me and no matter how it cost am ready to fund if you can get this done.. Thanks.............

DeFi 2.0

Fantomgrowhouse team is looking for a web3 expert who can fix wallet conenct issue of current version and can update it for next version.
This is the current version.
If you are good at DeFi then place a bid with your experience.

Smart Contract Program for Ethereum BlockChain

Need a smart contract that pays reflections on the ethereum blockchain. This contract doesn't need written from scratch. You can use an MIT open source contract and add code to it. I'll run the solidity compiler and deploy the contract myself when its ready at remix.ethereum.org. From you I need the smart contract ready to compile & deploy.
Smart Contract Requirements:
1) total supply 100,000,000
2) buy tax for all transactions 3%.
3) sell tax for all transactions 3%.
4) 2% of buy & sell tax is distributed to holders.
5) 1% of buy & sell tax is sent to devs wallet.
6) reflections paid in eth.
7) user must hold minimum 1,000 coins to receive eth reflection.
8) eth reflections are paid based on the % of coins in holders wallet. (more coins held larger the reward)
You can decide what threshold eth distribution happens. The contract must pass audit checks from these websites:
Code must pass solidproof.io audit. 

Smart contract for coin that's on it's own chain

There's a cryptocurrency called tao on the bittensor network (docs.bittensor.com), it is allows other people to delagate stake to your validator, which then gives you a percentage of rewards from their stake that they delagated to you. I want to make a smart contract that automatically gives back half of the rewards that should be going to me from their stake so that more people are incentivized to delagate to me. I also want you to create a website with a good UI that makes this process and explanation very easy. 

Looking for a Skilled QA Tester for crypto project

Our team is currently developing a cutting-edge play-to-earn (P2E) project that utilizes the power of crypto and NFTs. We're looking for a skilled and experienced freelance QA tester to help us ensure that our platform is fully functional and user-friendly.
As our QA tester, you'll be responsible for testing all buttons and input field validations on our platform and creating detailed reports on any issues you encounter.
Skills Required:
Strong experience in quality assurance testing, with a focus on web applications
Excellent attention to detail and problem-solving skills
Familiarity with agile development methodologies
Strong communication skills and ability to work collaboratively with a team
Solid understanding of cryptocurrency and NFTs
Experience with Crypto/NFT Projects:
Previous experience testing crypto or NFT projects is highly preferred
Familiarity with Ethereum and other blockchain technologies is a plus
Understanding of how NFTs are created, traded, and used in various applications
If you're passionate about crypto and NFTs and have a strong background in QA testing, we'd love to hear from you!

Tech Lead Frontend

Looking for Tech Lead Frontend (React + web3) to work on projects such as DEX, Bridge 
About us:
Hawex Group Ltd is a fintech company based in the UK. We are building a dynamically developing ecosystem of financial and blockchain products. We are free from bureaucracy and separate business from the tedious routine.
We specialize in mobile banking and wallets, consulting of fintech and blockchain projects, CeFI and DeFi payment solutions, creating smart contracts, exchange and p2p solutions, etc.
What we expect:
— Experience with web3 projects
— Understanding the essence of system analysis
— The ability to explain the architecture of the project in the language of non—technical specialists and consistently describe the operation of the application at the code level
— Strong knowledge of ReactJS, TypeScript
— Ability to understand legacy code
— Development, maintenance, optimization of architecture and technical documentation of products
— Conducting Code Review
— Team management during the development of the front part of blockchain projects: DEX, Bridge, Collateral tokens, DAO
— Break down complex technical tasks into simple steps
— Understand other developers' code, make refactoring decisions and justify them
— Solve complex technical problems independently
— Confident knowledge of the Russian language 
What we offer:
— Remote work format 
— 36 paid days off per year
— Corporate training — courses, trainings, meetups and conferences
— Developed corporate culture — we go in for sports together, skydive, arrange the best corporate parties, sort waste for recycling, read books, watch good movies, solve complex problems and strive to make this world a better place
— A team of experienced, motivated, passionate colleagues
— Career growth — the team is constantly growing. Depending on the contribution, each employee can qualify for an increase in income, new functionality and additional tasks. We take care of our employees
— Cool web3 projects with clients all over the world

Development of Dex like Pancakeswap

Looking for full stack Web3 & DeFi developer who has experience in forking a clone of Pancakeswap V2 and Uniswap V3.
The project is to create a typical clone of Pancakeswap with all functions including the lottery and betting games.
The right candidate must have successfully done similar projects and has all the codes and smart contracts ready for customization.
The job includes everything in the frontend and backend and admin panel.
You are kindly requested to to answer the following questions when submitting your proposal:
Do you have successful competed DeFi projects like Uniswap or Pancakeswap? Kindly provide working links.
Do you have any web3, blockchain and DeFi projects of your own? Kindly provide working links.
How long do you need to complete the job?
Do you have all the resources and skills to complete the project successfully?

dexcentralize project base on smart contract UI design

Feature Requirements A decentralized exchange on any one of Ethereum Testnets (i.e., Goerli, Ropsten, Rinkby, or Kovan) that supports the following features: • For Asset Issuer: ▫ issue new asset tokens (Only use ERC20 token standard) • For Users: ▫ Submit buy and sell orders (there are many types of order in finance world, for simplicity, try to support limit order first. If time permits, adding supports for other types of order will be bonus points) ▫ Matched orders in the order marketplace will be executed, please noted that an order can be partially fulfilled (e.g., Alice want to sell 10 TokenA for 5 TokenB, whereas Bob only wants to sell 1 TokenB for 2 TokenA, then 20% of Alice’s order will be fulfilled, 100% of Bob’s order will be fully fulfilled.... The smart contract is already built and we just want to add a buying and selling function only 

StableCoins Cryptocurrency Escrow Service

What is a Crypto Escrow Service? An escrow service is a mediator service that keeps the money for a transaction in safekeeping until the Bitcoins are handed over. Escrow protects buyers from fraudulent sellers by requiring the Stablecoins to be deposited up front, before any money changes hands. In the event of a dispute, the escrow service will act as the arbitrator and determine who should ultimately receive the Stablecoins.

Need a Crypto Wallets Tracker bot like etherdrops

Hi Dev,
I am looking for a developer who can create a crypto wallet tracker bot like “EtherDROPS_bot”.
The telegram bot (Channel/Group) should track both sent and received live transactions for a list of wallet addresses (100+) in Polygon network (data to be fetch only using web3) and post it in telegram channel or group. I/Admim should able to add/delete/edit the wallet address using this bot. Admin should able to add a nickname to the wallet. It should be unique name per wallet address. Please let me know if you have any questions!

Unlocked locked liquidity on pancakeswap

I have access to a token on the BSC network where the liquidity is locked on DXsale until 2090.
If you can guide me on how to get it unlocked I will pay you 5K.
This is not a upfront gig as two people have tried and failed.
If you are a genious let me know, it's a good deal.


Gala Games aims to take the gaming industry in a different direction by giving players back control over their games. Gala Games mission is to make “blockchain games you’ll actually want to play.” The project wants to change the fact that players can spend hundreds of dollars on in-game assets, and countless hours spent playing the game, which could be taken away from them with the click of a button. It plans to reintroduce creative thinking into games by giving players control of the games and in-game assets with the help of blockchain technology.
Players can own non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and influence the governance of games within the Gala Games ecosystem. The Founder’s Nodes voting mechanism allows players to influence what games Gala Games Coin should develop and what games should get funding. Besides buying NFTs for specific games, Gala Games also utilizes GALA – its own utility token. So far, Gala Games has released one playable game – Town Star and an NFT collectible series – VOX. It plans to release more games in the future, such as a fantasy RPG game, a sci-fi strategy game and a tower defense game. Since launching in 2019, Gala Games has grown to 1.3 million monthly active users, and 26,000 NFTs have been sold, with the most expensive piece valued at $3 million.
To calculate the profit of a miner/group of miners at the current rate, taking into account the commission of the pools and the cost of electricity
Calculate profits for the previous period based on the current rate and the exchange rate of cryptocurrency and the cost of electricity
Select the most profitable coin for the algorithm, the most profitable mining pool and ways to withdraw it into Fiat, based on the cryptocurrency exchange rate and the cost of electricity
Set tasks for developers to automate processes
Experience in mining, or experience in successful cryptocurrency investing;
Understanding of major mining pools (types of commissions, Smart pool, API, etc.);
Understanding of ASIC miners (algorithms, hash rate, power efficiency, consumption)
English proficiency, enough for work with primary sources and reporting
Technical background
We offer:
Work with a young and energetic team of enthusiastic new economy
Competitive salary
Part or full time schedule