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i will do SEO for your website

Posted by frank louis

Required skills

welcome to my gig I am a professional digital marketer and a social media marketer with many years of experience if you are looking for an expert that can help you with your channel video website then you have got to the right place 
my features
on page 
off page 
high engagement
hashtag research 
page SEO


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Required skills

We are developing a new solution and are in search of a Marketing / Branding Expert - impress us with your portfolio, tell us about successful campaigns you have worked on. Begin your bid with the word "Impress." We are looking for a MARKETING CONSULTANT for large-scale SaaS implementations. Prove that you understand workflow and SDLC, and can write up a design plan. Prove to us that you are a leader and can implement and deliver what is stated. If you are a website developer DO NOT APPLY - this is a job for a consultant specializing in proposal documentation and SRS for SaaS, not development work. A marketing background is a must. Send in your resume/CV and copies of your credentials Marketing/Psychology degree. Only shortlisted applicants will be asked for their portfolios. This is a FULL-TIME PERMANENT ROLE, NOT A TEMPORARY POSITION. The budget in this posting is the hourly rate. Your bid is what you will work for full-time. If you ask to increase your bid price during the interview, you will no longer be eligible to apply. 


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