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Head of Professional Services Engineering

Pune, India
Pune, India
Full time

Engineering Manager at R3 Professional Services

About R3 Professional Services

R3's Professional Services team specializes in Corda technology, providing expertise, guidance, and support to help our customers successfully adopt and implement Corda in their businesses. We work closely with our customers to design, build, deploy, and advise them on their Corda journey, ensuring long-term capabilities for their digital currency and digital asset needs.

Through business consulting, technical solutions, and end-to-end implementation, our goal is to help our customers achieve their business objectives effectively. We take a customer-centric and innovative approach to tailor our services and solutions to meet their evolving needs, collaborating with our Sales, Engineering, and Product organizations.


As an Engineering Manager at R3 Professional Services, you will lead the Engineering function within the organization. Reporting to the Head of Professional Services, you will be responsible for managing a global team of multidisciplinary engineers dedicated to providing engineering services and technical solutions for end-to-end implementation projects leveraging R3's Corda Distributed Ledger Technology and Digital Currency solutions. You will also be part of the wider PS leadership team, aligning with the organization's goals and strategy to drive growth.


Develop and maintain the PS delivery Engineering strategy, ensuring precise and concise working methods for the team.

Collaborate with the PS leadership team to define and communicate a detailed delivery plan, ensuring consistent project delivery aligned with the agreed strategy.

Balance billable utilization of the PS engineering team, delivering revenue while creating repeatable toolkits and templates for future projects' operational efficiency.

Foster the overall well-being of the PS engineering team, creating opportunities for knowledge sharing, collaboration, and inspiration.

Establish software development processes and ensure their adherence across all projects, focusing on quality, scope, and budgets.

Aid in the creation of a framework for estimating build projects, ensuring accurate estimates for components of complex projects.

Provide high-level guidance to senior technology and business stakeholders, representing R3 in strategic conversations regarding the benefits and attributes of R3's technology suite.

Participate in interviews for expanding the team, maintaining the highest standards for engineer quality.

Synthesize customer feedback and communicate learnings internally to Engineering, Product, and Sales to enhance R3's product and service offerings according to customer needs.


Demonstrated experience in mentoring, supporting, and improving engineering teams.

Proven experience in building and growing customer-facing engineering teams.

Strong experience in building production-grade systems and releasing code with distributed systems or n-tier architecture.

Ability to effectively communicate architecture needs to both technical and business audiences.

Previous hands-on experience with a JVM-based programming language.

Proficient in articulating technical solutions and translating them into customer solutions.

Excellent communication skills for technical and non-technical audiences.

Successful track record in managing multiple projects and initiatives in a fast-paced and dynamic environment.

Full software delivery experience of complete end-to-end projects, preferably leveraging AWS and Azure cloud technologies.

Experience collaborating with cross-department leads to deliver large-scale projects.

R3 is at the forefront of digital finance, empowering regulated businesses with multi-party solutions that deliver trust in the digital realm. Our flagship DLT platform, Corda, is trusted by leading financial market infrastructures, exchanges, central banks, and commercial banks.

Corda is an open and permissioned distributed application platform that enables regulated institutions to harness the power of direct digital collaboration and solve complex multi-party workflows.

At R3, we pride ourselves on being an equal opportunity workplace that embraces diversity and inclusion. We support individuals of all ethnicities, races, genders, sexual orientations, origins, disabilities, veteran statuses, and cultures. We believe that our collective differences make us stronger as a team. If you feel you would be a great addition to R3 but do not meet all the criteria, please still consider applying. We are always excited to meet collaborative and innovative individuals eager to work with us.

Crypto Engineering Manager (Singapore-Remote)

Full time

We are searching for a dependable and proactive individual with extensive engineering background and proven leadership abilities to fill the role of Engineering Manager. The ideal candidate will have a strong track record in engineering and will be responsible for overseeing diverse teams consisting of data engineers, software engineers, data scientists, and QA testers. This role involves managing multiple projects concurrently, establishing and executing strategies, and collaborating with key stakeholders within the organization. The Engineering Manager will be responsible for conducting research and development of innovative designs and products, proposing project budgets, and overseeing all project-related activities.

To excel in this position, the Engineering Manager should possess exceptional foresight and effective communication skills. A working knowledge of various engineering disciplines and their interconnectedness, as well as the ability to assess and manage risk, are essential. Ideally, candidates will demonstrate evidence of both supervisory and technical skills, and a deep understanding of the intricacies of the industry.


Take ownership of the product roadmap

Propose and manage project budgets

Supervise the work of multiple teams

Plan and execute strategies to ensure timely project completion

Conduct research and development for designs and products

Identify the need for training and talent development

Ensure projects receive support from upper management

Provide clear and concise instructions to engineering teams


Possess AWS Certified Solutions Architect or Google Cloud Architect certification

Proficient in Scrum Master and Agile methodologies

Strong knowledge of React Native, Node JS, Javascript, and Python

Familiarity with Design Thinking and Product Management

Experience with Sonarqube or similar code review software

Collaborated with feature management platforms such as launchdarkly, split, or similar tools

Hold a master's degree in engineering management, technical management, or business administration

Possess a bachelor's degree in an engineering field

Demonstrated experience in the engineering field for numerous years

Proven ability to supervise and apply technical skills

Excellent recommendations are required

About Token Metrics

Token Metrics is an AI-powered platform that assists cryptocurrency investors in constructing profitable portfolios. Our services include crypto indices, rankings, and price predictions. With customers spanning from individual retail investors and traders to crypto fund managers, our reach extends to over 50 countries.

Middleware Research and Development

Full time
We’re hiring full-time researchers and developers who are interested in working on the smart contract execution engine that operates on top of Fantom’s Lachesis consensus engine.
Working with our Chief Research Officer Professor Bernhard Scholz, you will be working on various components of the middleware stack including compilers, interpreters, virtual machine performance and analysis, static program analysis, and databases.
The aim of this work is to significantly improve the performance and security of smart contract transactions on Fantom.
This is a remote job, where working hours and vacation time are flexible.
This is a full-time role.
You will:
Work on data structures to improve read and writes for smart contract and/or
Design, develop, and test a new register-based virtual machine and/or
Design, develop, and test a new compiler (compiling Solidity) and interpreter
Work on a new client alternative to geth
We’re looking for someone who has:
Good knowledge of Golang
Familiarity with EVM and smart contracts
Work experience with Geth and EVM
Work experience with other blockchains or smart contract platforms is a plus
Other experience (DBs, parallel computing, compilers, interpreters etc)

Cryptography Engineer

Full time
[Role: Cryptography Engineer]
We are actively seeking a highly skilled and specialized Confidential Computing Engineer to pioneer the development of privacy-preserving solutions within our identity systems. The role mandates the creation and management of complex pipelines utilizing advanced cryptographic primitives such as multi-party computation, trusted execution environments, zero-knowledge proofs, and homomorphic encryption.
Engineer infrastructure founded on confidential pipelines and frameworks, utilizing multi-party computation (MPC), trusted execution environments (TEE), and zero-knowledge proofs (ZKP), while carrying out pertinent optimizations to enhance efficiency.
Analyze and implement cutting-edge academic research, identifying and exploring opportunities for productization to drive innovation within the industry.
Construct application-layer software that seamlessly integrates with the aforementioned pipelines, designed to function in a modular and composable manner, thereby ensuring flexibility and scalability.
[Skills & Qualifications]
Possesses profound expertise in advanced cryptographic systems, including multi-party computation (MPC), trusted execution environments (TEE), zero-knowledge proofs (ZKP), threshold encryption, and fully homomorphic encryption (FHE).
A minimum of 2-3 years of professional experience utilizing systems programming languages such as C++, Rust, Golang, and others relevant to the field.
Demonstrates a robust understanding of Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocols, reflecting a comprehensive knowledge of secure communication within computer networks.
[Bonus Points]
Acquaintance with prevalent privacy development frameworks, such as MP-SPDZ, Rosetta, libsnarks, arkworks-rs, Halo2, Plonky2, and others pertinent to the field.
Prior professional experience in the implementation of TLS protocols, reflecting an in-depth understanding of secure communication practices.
Extensive experience in developing applications with trusted enclaves, including, but not limited to, Intel Software Guard Extensions (SGX), ARM TrustZone, and AMD SEV, showcasing specialized skills in secure computing environments.
Possession of a graduate degree in a field directly relevant to cryptography and systems, underscoring a strong theoretical and practical foundation in these critical areas.
Telegram: @kvnyu24

Senior Operations Security Expert

Full time
About the Ethereum Foundation
The Ethereum Foundation (EF) is a global non-profit organization dedicated to supporting Ethereum and related technologies. Our mission is to do what is best for Ethereum’s long-term success. Our role is to allocate resources to critical projects, to be a valued voice within the Ethereum ecosystem, and to advocate for Ethereum to the outside world.
Your mission:
Your mission is to help the EF accomplish its mission by keeping our operations safe. You will maintain and improve our security measures on individual, team and organizational levels. You will be a resource for security expertise, an evangelist for its importance, and the primary resource for implementing organizational security measures.
Core responsibilities:
Identify strategic risks to our organization
You will be responsible for thinking proactively about the EF’s risk profile, identifying threats to our operations or mission, working with internal stakeholders to balance risks against the costs of mitigating those risks, and ideating security solutions for our organization.
Collaborate to implement security measures
Risks to the EF are spread across many different internal teams that operate relatively independently. Implementing security solutions will mean working with colleagues from different parts of our organization, with differing priorities and day-to-day realities. You will be responsible for figuring out how to make security solutions for work them, and then also implementing those solutions in practice.
Advocate for security priorities in EF internal decision-making
Security is critical for many of our core operations. However, like any organization, the EF has conflicting priorities that need to be balanced in order to accomplish our mission. You will be responsible for advocating for security considerations when balancing priorities to ensure that our organization remains secure.
About you:
You are security-minded. You are cautious, thoughtful, deeply technical, and have an intuitive feeling for the inherent risks in any endeavor backed by up-to-date knowledge of emerging cybersecurity trends and threats.
You’re good with people. You’re good at building trust in relationships, you understand other perspectives, you like to collaborate, and you’re comfortable talking through priorities in impromptu verbal conversations.
You appreciate people all around the world. You can effectively communicate with colleagues of different cultures in different countries and time zones, who are in full remote positions worldwide.
You understand trade-offs between security and other priorities. Security is a bedrock consideration for the EF, but it is not the only consideration for accomplishing our aims. You have an appreciation for the many goals every organization pursues, and you’re eager to find inventive ways to make them work together.
You want to work at a mission-aligned organization, with people pursuing a shared vision for a better future.
You can zoom in and out. While meticulously fulfilling recurring and ad hoc tasks and needs, you are able to take a higher vantage point, finding patterns to improve and strategize.
You're comfortable providing flexible solutions. One size doesn't always fit all at EF and its independent teams. You respect and empower each team with nuances and what works best for them.
You're eager to take on larger responsibilities over time. You want a role that gives you many opportunities to grow your professional knowledge and skill set at a rapid pace.
You understand that Ethereum is more than the tech. You're passionate about open source collaboration, decentralization, and playing positive-sum games, and truly want to see Ethereum succeed - not just for your professional or financial benefit, but because you believe it's good for the world.
Required skills and experience:
Experience in a senior/lead operations security position of increasing responsibilities
Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English
Experience managing relationships with internal stakeholders who specialize in non-technical or non-security domains
Experience implementing changes to security and operational processes in remote organizations, developing and adopting security policies and procedures
Hands-on experience with incident response and handling security breaches
Familiarity with Ethereum or the general blockchain ecosystem is a plus
CISSP or CISM certification is a plus
Contract details:
Full-time position
Fully remote
Flexible work hours
Competitive compensation
To apply to this position, please include a brief (less than one page) cover letter explaining your qualifications, along with a resume or CV. Cover letters will be evaluated for their authenticity and inventiveness. 
Please only apply via the Ethereum Foundation's official job board by following this link
Payment in Crypto

Senior Solutions Architect

Full time
At Matter Labs, we believe freedom drives progress and prosperity. We don’t see ourselves as a company, but as a team aligned around a single mission: to advance personal freedom for all (see ZK Credo).
To achieve this goal, we’re building zkSync — a credibly neutral, fully open source technology stack and network on top of Ethereum, which is owned and governed by its community. We use advanced cryptography called zero-knowledge proofs to scale Ethereum infinitely without compromising on security or decentralization. With a world-class team, a community of over 1M supporters across Twitter + Discord, and hundreds of millions $ in funding, we have abundant resources to accomplish the mission.
The Role
We're looking for a Senior Solutions Architect to help grow our ecosystem of third-party developers, projects, and companies that leverage zkSync infrastructure for their businesses. This role plays a key part in our business development strategy and will own the decision of the best approach to tackle our top partners’ needs, including developing proofs of concept or outsourcing some of the work.
If you are passionate about building innovative and scalable web3 applications, and have experience in designing world-class systems, we would love to hear from you!
What You'll Be Doing
Develop a strong understanding and the value proposition zkSync can bring to large projects and Enterprise companies
Work closely with the Business Development team to help partners understand how zkSync can help solve their business needs
Lead the Partner's success squad, including internal developers as well as outsourced teams
Define the best architecture to enable integrations and new use cases with partners
Hands-on development to ensure we deliver integrations and proof of concepts
Actively participate in common team meetings: daily standups, demo, retrospective, planning, grooming, estimation etc
Actively participate in code reviews

Build me a crypto exchange website

Egypte, Netherlands
Egypte, Netherlands
Full time
I need a certified team to build a centralized exchange website for me, if available inbox me with demo and full cost and timeframe
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DevOps Engineer

Miami, USA
Miami, USA
Full time
At Avana Wallet, you will join a growing team from around the world with a vision to build Web3 blockchain solutions for the next billion crypto users. Avana Wallet is a Solana blockchain non-custodial wallet with several integrated in-app features: liquid staking, NFTs, Solana Pay, swaps, Solana SPL tokens, charts, and more. Our team is fun, and you will have the freedom and independence to work on various initiatives across the board.
Uptime & Monitoring: Ensure uptime and monitor dashboard metrics across Avana Wallet’s applications in AWS, Google and Vercel. Assist in expanding our issue monitoring and alerting stack. 
Security: Participate in regular security reviews of our application and infrastructure. 
CI/CD: Help us integrate internal systems to implement continuous integration / deployment. 
Ideas Leadership: We are a growing startup. Your ideas and contribution help form the future of Avana Wallet. Every team member is important.
Technical Resource: Be a technical resource within our team and offer feedback and support to other team members. 
3+ years full-time software engineering experience. 
1+ years full-time experience in Web3 / blockchain.
Strong knowledge of and interest in Solana and crypto.
Able to work with a global team. 
Motivated, team player, and positive attitude.
Work With Us
We are a passionate team of experienced developers and finance professionals. Our team is laser-focused on delivering a high-quality experience to the growing global community of Solana users.
We see crypto adoption accelerating through 2030 to over one billion global users. Similar to the adoption cycle of smartphones, most people will soon integrate blockchain technology into their daily lives - the same technology they first perceived as too complicated to use. 
Avana Wallet provides solutions to a growing Web3 ecosystem on Solana. Our app fully supports NFTs and metadata, SPL tokens, token swaps, liquid staking, two-factor authentication, DeFi, GameFi, encrypted cloud storage, Solana Pay, and more. 
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Developer Advocate

Toronto, Canada
Toronto, Canada
Full time
Job description
About This Role
You will have an opportunity to shape and lead the FilSwan Developer Advocate program in this role. You'll be creating and maintaining a suite of mixed-media tools and guides crafted for growing the community of developers. Through highly technical written and spoken content, you will drive the growth of not just your brand but also the FilSwan brand.
Build and grow FilSwan's developer community
Work with FilSwan's engineering team to create contents that help and inspires web3 developers to adapt FilSwan's products.
Organize and facilitate events with the focus on expanding developer reach and engagement
Contribute to the library of How To’s and Developer Guides
Create and publish technical content (blog posts, troubleshooting/FAQ, case studies, and videos) that will get developers excited about the potential of FilSwan as a developer tool
Engage with the community via the most popular online mediums, e.g., Github, StackOverflow, Telegram, Discord, etc.
Be an active and authentic participant in the blockchain and Ethereum developer communities wherever they gather.
Provide end-user feedback to Chainlink's Product Management and Engineering teams based on what you’re seeing and hearing in the community
Three years experience in the software industry working as a developer, evangelist, developer advocate
Passion for the blockchain space
Exposure to Golang, JavaScript, Rust, or Solidity or a keen interest in learning new languages
Strong engineering skills; experience in building web or mobile applications
Strong technical writing skills; ability to communicate complex ideas and concepts
Social and hustling skills; a desire to get out and meet people
Solid public speaking experience with a comfort level around coding in front of a live audience
Passion for inspiring and educating fellow developers
Experience in a developer evangelist/advocate role
Ability to work in a startup environment
Willingness to travel and work irregular hours when required
Community experience, including organizing meetups, hackathons, workshops, etc
Understanding the blockchain ecosystem
Please also include your favorite game in your cover letter
Passion for building a developer community around the world and desire to invest your energy to make them better
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Need Smart contract auditor

Malta, USA
Malta, USA
Part time
We need a experienced smart contract auditor who can work for us on commission based. 
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