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Quality Assurance Engineer (QA)

Full time
Company Overview

Decentraland fosters a cutting-edge virtual world that seamlessly merges imagination with technology, supported by the Unity engine. The platform showcases a vast environment packed with diverse user-generated content, offering avatars a realm to explore filled with games, puzzles, scenes, and artworks crafted by a vibrant creator community.

Position Overview

We are searching for a dedicated QA tester to join our QA Team at the Decentraland Foundation. Working closely with the QA Manager and product teams, you will ensure our offerings are bug-free and provide users with a seamless and dependable experience in the virtual metaverse. The ideal candidate should have a genuine interest in gaming, blockchain, and technology, with a curious and adaptable mindset as well as a keen eye for detail.


Collaborate with Developers and QA Manager to ensure quality across the platform testing lifecycle.

Perform cross-browser and cross-device testing on the DCL platform.

Develop test plans and schedules and execute test cases regularly.

Document and escalate issues alongside product teams.

Engage in product team meetings, stand-ups, and demos.

Collaborate with the Support team to address live issues.

Serve as the key knowledge source for QA processes.

Required Skills

Minimum of 3 years of QA experience, preferably in gaming and/or blockchain.

Proficient in creating and executing Test Plans and Test Cases.

Working knowledge of GitHub.

Strong familiarity with Windows and Mac operating systems.

Excellent attention to detail, time management, and organizational skills.

Effective communicator and proactive team player.

Essential understanding of Web3, blockchain, and game/product development.

Fluency in both written and verbal English communication.

Desirable Skills

Experience with Unity.

Knowledge of TypeScript and C#.

Prior exposure to Decentraland.

Proficiency in automation tools and API testing.

Familiarity with the Shape Up development process.


Remote team with flexible working hours.

Generous 29 annual PTO days.

Long-term incentive of MANA tokens vested over a 4-year period.

Additional tokens based on annual performance reviews.

Stipend to cover work-related expenses.

Brand new remote work equipment provided.

Parental leave policy.

Language lessons support.

Platform Developer

Full time
Decentraland offers a groundbreaking decentralized virtual world on the Ethereum blockchain, managed and owned by users. The platform is rapidly expanding with daily user-generated content and immersive experiences. Users can explore a metaverse where they can attend events, exhibitions, and more through their avatars.


We are looking for a skilled full-stack engineer with a focus on backend development to join our remote team. The role involves creating web applications, services, and infrastructure for building the metaverse. The ideal candidate should be proactive, take ownership of tasks, and be keen on innovation.

Key Responsibilities

Develop new features and find solutions to complex challenges

Enhance existing products for better scalability, efficiency, and security

Collaborate with teams to achieve platform goals

Address issues and devise creative solutions

Technology Stack

TypeScript (server & browser)

Node.js for servers

React, Redux

Open API

AWS for hosting

GitHub Actions & Workflows for deployment

Gitlab and Pulumi for infrastructure setup

Metabase, Prometheus, and Grafana for monitoring

CloudWatch for CDN, hosting, security, analytics

Required Skills

Proficient in building scalable backend services with REST and WebSocket APIs

Strong background in React and TypeScript/JavaScript

Experience with Service-to-Service communication and security measures

Ability to refactor and scale existing products

Track record in software development and maintenance

Alignment with core values: passion for creation, forward-thinking, value delivery, accountability, and a positive journey

Desired Skills

Knowledge of blockchain technologies

Familiarity with decentralized tech

Contribution to Open Source projects

Proficiency in infrastructure management

Experience working remotely across multiple time zones

Exposure to WebRTC

Perks & Benefits

Remote team with flexible work hours

29 annual paid time off days

Long-term bonuses in MANA tokens over 4 years

Additional tokens based on annual performance

Stipend for work-related expenses

New equipment provision for remote work

Parental leave

Language learning opportunities

Senior Unity Engineer

Full time

About the Company:

Decentraland offers a revolutionary virtual environment merging imagination and cutting-edge technology. Powered by the Unity engine, the platform immerses users in a boundless, constantly evolving realm with a myriad of user-generated content. Avatars navigate through a rich tapestry of games, puzzles, artwork, and more, cultivated by a dynamic creator community.

Beyond just gaming, Decentraland hosts live events like music festivals, conferences, and art exhibits, establishing a vibrant metaverse. What began as a blockchain-based real estate concept has blossomed into a limitless world of possibilities where innovation thrives. Join us and be part of the next chapter in virtual world evolution.

What We Seek:

We are an active contributor to the Decentraland ecosystem and are on the lookout for a Senior Unity Engineer to enhance the client experience within the Metaverse. The ideal candidate should be passionate about curating exceptional experiences for the community, possess a versatile skill set, and boast significant gaming industry expertise.


Lead the development of large, intricate features in collaboration with the team to maintain top-tier quality.

Conceptualize, construct, and sustain efficient, reusable, and dependable code for optimal performance of the world client.

Coordinate with the creative team to align project planning and technical execution with the overall vision.

Participate in the development process by suggesting enhancements, elevating code quality throughout production.

Mentor fellow developers on best practices following development guidelines, engaging in peer reviews and pair programming.

Required Skills:

Extensive professional gaming industry exposure.

Demonstrated proficiency in the Unity engine.

Proficient in C# object-oriented programming.

Skillful at profiling and optimizing game and render performance.

Familiarity with source control tools like Git, Perforce, or Mercurial.

Desirable Skills:

Knowledge of web technologies such as TypeScript, WebAssembly, WebRTC, or WebGL.

Familiarity with other 3D engines like Unreal, CryEngine, Godot, or custom engines.

Competency in low-level programming languages like C, C++, or Rust.

Experience in manipulating game assets like meshes, animations, materials.

Proficiency in rendering pipelines and shaders.

Experience in contributing to continuous integration pipelines.

Background in multiplayer game development.


Remote team with flexible working hours.

29 days of annual paid time off.

Long-term incentive in MANA tokens vested over 4 years.

Additional tokens based on annual performance reviews.

Stipend policy for work-related expenses.

Provision of new remote work equipment.

Parental leave benefits.

Access to language lessons.