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Quality Assurance Analyst

Quality Assurance Analyst

About the Company: Binance is a prominent global blockchain ecosystem and provider of cryptocurrency infrastructure that offers a range of financial products, including the largest digital asset exchange in the world. The company is dedicated to advancing the adoption of cryptocurrencies and enhancing financial freedom.

If you are seeking a dynamic, purposeful organization where opportunities for advancement and learning are abundant, Binance is the ideal place for you.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Assist in creating and implementing the QA framework.

Conduct QA testing on various compliance operations work streams to ensure compliance with policies and requirements.

Independently address and resolve any disputed QA findings.

Collaborate with local and offshore compliance teams.

Generate and maintain Management Information (MI) reports as per business needs and contribute to producing accurate MI.

Develop training resources to address trends in errors and conduct training sessions when necessary.

Aid in ensuring process consistency across different jurisdictions.

Possess proficiency in compliance applications and tools like World-Check, Chainalysis, and Elliptic.

Solid understanding of local laws, regulations, standards applicable to selected entities, and upcoming regulations related to virtual currency policies is a bonus.

Capable of identifying unusual activities or AML flags, performing risk assessments, periodic reviews, and enhanced due diligence.

Engage in internal and external training programs focused on AML/CFT and other relevant subjects aligned with daily job requirements.

Perform any general administration and supportive tasks pertaining to the functions mentioned, in line with the Company's business needs.

Required Qualifications:

Minimum of two years of relevant experience in Transaction Monitoring, Sanctions, KYC, or Investigations, with a sound knowledge of applicable rules and regulations.

Exceptional attention to detail.

Fluency in English and proficiency in a second language would be beneficial.

Prior experience in AML Quality Assurance is advantageous.

Demonstrated ability in effective writing.

Strong organizational and communication skills.

Working at Binance:

Engage with the top blockchain ecosystem worldwide, offering vast career advancement prospects.

Collaborate with a diverse pool of exceptional talent in a learning-centric environment fostering continuous growth opportunities.

Take on challenging and innovative projects in a fast-paced environment.

Operate within a truly global setup with international teams and a flat organizational hierarchy.

Competitive compensation package and benefits.

Enjoy flexible working hours, remote-first approach, and a casual work environment.

Discover how employees at Binance embody the organization's core values, creating a united culture that fosters collaboration, excellence, and continual development.

Embark on the Web3 revolution by applying today!

Binance is an equal opportunity employer dedicated to fostering diversity in the workforce as intrinsic to our success.

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Full time
Parque Industrial Global Park Querétaro, Mexico
Senior Java Engineer

Senior Java Engineer

Overview: Binance, a prominent global blockchain ecosystem and cryptocurrency infrastructure provider, offers a broad range of financial services including the largest digital asset exchange in the world. The primary goal of the company is to advance the adoption of cryptocurrencies and enhance financial freedom.

At Binance, you will have the chance to work in a fast-paced and purpose-driven organization that fosters continuous learning and growth opportunities.

Role Description: We are seeking a skilled Java Developer (Mid to Senior level) to join our KYC team. The selected candidate will be involved in a new project right from its inception, contributing to all aspects of the software development life cycle such as requirements analysis, design, coding, testing, and deployment.


Develop and deploy financial products

Create large-scale software systems that impact the daily lives of millions of users

Implement open API features for key financial products

Collaborate closely with product managers to design and implement product enhancements

Conduct performance optimization, troubleshoot online incidents, and refactor systems

Write high-quality, easily maintainable code following industry best practices


A degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or equivalent practical experience

Minimum 6 years of practical experience with JVM and the Java ecosystem

Ability to perform under pressure and rapidly acquire new knowledge

Strong interpersonal skills for effective team communication

Working Environment at Binance:

Join a renowned blockchain ecosystem offering fantastic career progression opportunities

Collaborate with a diverse team, learning and growing in a dynamic environment

Engage in stimulating and challenging projects within a global organization with a flat hierarchy

Competitive remuneration and perks, along with flexible work hours and a remote-first approach

Casual work attire to promote a comfortable work setting

Learn more about the core values that drive Binancians in fostering a culture of collaboration, excellence, and advancement.

Join us in spearheading the Web3 revolution!

Binance stands committed to fostering an inclusive workplace, believing that diversity is integral to our prosperity.

Applicants are requested to review and agree to our Candidate Privacy Notice before submitting job applications.
Full time
Developer Ecosystem Product Director

Developer Ecosystem Product Director

Join us in our mission to make digital assets accessible and secure globally.

Established in 2014, Ledger is a prominent player in the digital assets and Web3 realm. Ledger Nanos secures over 20% of the world's crypto assets. With headquarters in Paris and Vierzon, and additional offices in the UK, US, Switzerland, and Singapore, Ledger boasts a team of 900+ professionals. They develop diverse products and services to facilitate secure transactions, storage, exchange, growth, and management of crypto assets. Notably, the Ledger hardware wallets line has already seen over 6 million units sold across 200 countries.

At Ledger, our core values encompass Pragmatism, Audacity, Commitment, Trust, and Transparency. Experience firsthand how our employees influence our operations.

As the Developer Ecosystem Product Director, your role involves bridging the gap between the crypto/blockchain ecosystem and Ledger, reporting directly to the VP Product. You will collaborate with a robust team of product managers and engineers spread across France and the UK, as well as collaborate closely with business teams to achieve shared objectives effectively.

Your responsibilities include product ownership, determining the support for various blockchains, coins, tokens, and features. Moreover, you will handle supply, distribution, and engagement efforts to ensure uptake and integration of our technology within the ecosystem.

Your Responsibilities:

Gain insight into industry trends and competitive scenarios.

Cultivate and maintain partnerships with key ecosystem players like blockchains, wallets, and dApps.

Collaborate with engineering, product, marketing, legal, and leadership teams to identify and capitalize on ecosystem opportunities propelling our growth strategy forward.

Uncover and evaluate development prospects in target markets; connect with relevant projects for cooperation or investment possibilities.

Ink agreements with partners to extend our platform's support.

Desired Qualifications:

Proficiency in crypto wallet, blockchain, crypto, DeFi, and NFT sectors.

Demonstrated experience of 8 to 10 years in leading Product Management roles.

Aptitude for strategically positioning our technology within the ecosystem after grasping its intricate details.

Ability to recognize emerging crypto projects.

Oversight of ecosystem support roadmap.

Fuse ecosystem insights within internal Ledger teams such as Engineering, Business, and Marketing to enhance strategic decision-making.

Generate internal and external technology trend analyses, innovation insights, and potential investment targets.

Competently manage Dev Ecosystem organization personnel (Developers Products Managers and Developer Relations).

Fluent in English, French proficiency a bonus.

Strong verbal and written business communication for effective presentations.

Technical background complemented by profound knowledge of the crypto ecosystem.

Proven history of successful deal negotiations and partnership building.

Skilled in fostering relationships with tech, product, and business leaders.

Benefits Overview:

Equity involvement through stock options for sharing success as the company grows. 

Hybrid work flexibility policy.

Social event opportunities like annual company outings and regular social gatherings.

Comprehensive health coverage including medical, dental, and vision care.

Personal development resources, coaching, and fitness assistance.

Five weeks of annual paid leave, accompanied by national holidays and RTT days.

Provided high-performance office tools such as Apple products.

Transport reimbursement by Ledger.

Employee discount on all Ledger products.
Full time
Paris, France
Operations Specialist (Fan Token & Web3 Wallet)

Operations Specialist (Fan Token & Web3 Wallet)

Overview Binance is a prominent global blockchain ecosystem and cryptocurrency infrastructure provider, known for its extensive range of financial products, including the largest digital-asset exchange globally. The core objective is to promote the adoption of cryptocurrencies and enhance financial freedom.

Roles and Responsibilities

Oversee and manage the functionality of existing fan token features to boost crypto adoption and fan token awareness.

Design and implement campaigns aimed at optimizing user growth metrics, covering acquisition, retention, and conversions.

Lead the strategy for Web3 wallet, Web 3, Defi, and inscriptions products to bolster business objectives.

Collaborate with internal teams to assess data outcomes, derive actionable insights, and suggest strategies for product enhancement.

Work closely with the product team to monitor market trends and campaign performance, translating findings into data-driven recommendations for future improvements.

Liaise with various departments within the organization to elevate user experience by eliminating friction points and suggesting innovative solutions for a seamless customer journey.


Possess a bachelor’s degree and at least 2 years of relevant operational management experience in fintech or crypto sectors.

Deep understanding and passion for the evolving realms of crypto, blockchain, and technology industries, with a specific focus on defi and inscriptions.

Familiarity with sports partnerships and sponsorships, along with proficiency in English and Mandarin languages.

Thorough knowledge of Binance’s product suite and a robust business development acumen.

Ability to work autonomously, exhibit a willingness to learn, and display proactive initiative.

Previous experience in remote work or startups is advantageous.

Working at Binance

Join a leading blockchain ecosystem offering vast career growth opportunities.

Collaborate with a diverse team of exceptional talents in a learning-oriented environment.

Engage in dynamic, challenging projects in a global setup with a flat organizational structure.

Competitive salary package and benefits provided.

Flexible working hours, remote-first setup, and relaxed dress code.

To discover how Binancians embody the core values fostering collaboration, excellence, and growth, visit the Binance Culture page.

If you are excited about the Web3 revolution, apply now and be part of the transformation!

Binance is committed to fostering an inclusive workplace environment that values diversity as a key driver of success.

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Full time
Asia +1
Binance Accelerator Program - PA Intern (Fiat)

Binance Accelerator Program - PA Intern (Fiat)

Binance, a prominent global blockchain and cryptocurrency infrastructure provider, offers a range of financial products, including the largest digital-asset exchange globally. Our primary goal is to promote the adoption of cryptocurrencies and enhance the accessibility of financial transactions.

If you seek a dynamic, purpose-oriented workplace with abundant opportunities for learning and growth, Binance is the ideal place for you.

The Binance Accelerator Program is a brief stint specifically tailored for Early Career Talent to gain hands-on involvement in the rapidly evolving Web3 domain.

Participants will gain insights into the operations of Binance, a trailblazing blockchain ecosystem.

In addition to your role responsibilities, the program will emphasize networking and skill development, allowing you to establish professional connections and acquire transferable skills valuable for advancing your career.

Eligibility Criteria

This program is open to current University students and recent Graduates willing to commit to a minimum of a 6-month tenure, with availability for a minimum of 3 weekdays per week.

Key Responsibilities

Facilitate effective team communication by organizing meetings, setting agendas, and disseminating pertinent information.

Maintain positive relationships with stakeholders by providing timely updates and addressing their queries or concerns.

Document project status reports clearly and consistently for the project team and executive leadership.

Implement industry and internal PMO best practices, methodologies, and standards when executing projects.

Ensure data integrity within the system through regular audits and collaboration with project managers on data maintenance.

Adapt to changes in job responsibilities as required.


Currently pursuing a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Marketing, Business, Finance, or a related field.

Advanced proficiency in Microsoft Office applications such as Excel, Project, and Visio.

Demonstrates a strong work ethic, attention to detail, exceptional writing skills, and the ability to communicate and collaborate efficiently across diverse business units.

Proficiency in both English and Mandarin would be advantageous.

Joining Binance offers the opportunity to be part of the premier blockchain ecosystem globally, with continuous career advancement prospects. You will collaborate with diverse, top-tier professionals within an environment that fosters continual learning and development opportunities.

Experience a fast-paced work environment handling challenging and unique projects under a truly global organization structure, with competitive compensation and benefits. Enjoy flexible working hours, remote work options, and casual attire.

Familiarize yourself with how Binancians embody the fundamental values of the organization, driving a cohesive culture that promotes collaboration, excellence, and growth.

Kickstart your journey in the Web3 revolution by applying now!

Binance is dedicated to maintaining an inclusive workplace. We firmly believe that a diverse workforce is pivotal to our success.

Upon submitting a job application, you acknowledge that you have reviewed and consent to our Candidate Privacy Notice.
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Asia +1
Binance Accelerator Program - Backend Engineer (KYC team)

Binance Accelerator Program - Backend Engineer (KYC team)

Company Overview

Binance is a prominent player in the global blockchain ecosystem and cryptocurrency infrastructure sector, offering a range of financial services including the largest digital-asset exchange platform. With a core focus on driving cryptocurrency adoption and empowering financial freedom, Binance is on a mission to create a more inclusive digital economy.

If you seek a dynamic and purpose-driven work environment that encourages continuous learning and personal growth, Binance presents itself as the ideal workplace for you.

About Binance Accelerator Program

The Binance Accelerator Program is a condensed 3 to 6-month initiative tailored for individuals looking to immerse themselves within the rapidly evolving Web3 landscape. This program provides participants with firsthand exposure to the inner workings of Binance, the leading blockchain ecosystem globally. In addition to on-the-job experience, emphasis is placed on networking and skill development to enhance your professional profile and advance your career. Participants will be brought on board through a junior fixed-term contract arrangement.


Applicants should hold a Bachelor's or Master's degree.

Key Responsibilities

Engage in the development and upkeep of core company products

Oversee the organization and enforcement of the interface documentation for business modules

Utilize troubleshooting skills to resolve issues raised by the QA team

Aid the Customer Service team in addressing customer concerns and identifying areas for system enhancement


Educational background in a computer-related field at the Bachelor’s or Master’s level

Proficient grasp of Java fundamentals, including basic frameworks such as multithreading and networking

Comfort with the Spring Microservice framework and a comprehension of its operational processes

Familiarity with SQL databases like MySQL and common middleware like Redis, RabbitMQ, and Kafka

Strong logical thinking, team collaboration, and quick learning aptitude

Effective communication abilities with fluency in English

Previous involvement in open source projects is desirable

Benefits of Working at Binance

Join a pioneer in the blockchain ecosystem, providing substantial career growth avenues

Collaborate with a diverse range of top-tier professionals amidst a culture of continuous learning and development opportunities

Engage with challenging, fast-paced projects

Experience a truly global workplace characterized by diverse teams and a flat hierarchy

Competitive compensation package and perks

Enjoy flexible work hours, primarily remote work setup, and a laid-back dress code

Join the ranks of Binancians who embody the organization's core values fostering a culture of collaboration, excellence, and progress.

Embark on the Web3 revolution by applying now.

Binance upholds equal employment opportunities and champions workforce diversity as a fundamental pillar of its success.

By sending in your job application, you confirm your understanding and acceptance of our Candidate Privacy Notice.
Full time
Software Engineer, Cryptocurrency Tools

Software Engineer, Cryptocurrency Tools

Employer: DFINITY USA Research, LLC (DBA: DFINITY)

Position Duties:

Responsible for designing, developing, and supporting decentralized software solutions within the cryptocurrency space, including the DFINITY Internet Computer Protocol (ICP)

Design and implement creative financial products and services in decentralized computing, digital assets, and utility tokens

Develop new functionalities for crypto products, like wallet services and integrating financial systems with blockchain currencies

Enhance infrastructure and tooling for market making and advanced trading in decentralized exchange ecosystems

Contribute to maintaining proprietary software (CDK) that interfaces with the Internet Computer blockchain network using Rust programming

Assist in the release process for the CDK and regularly publish its software updates on supported operating systems

Create features that developers can utilize to develop applications on the Internet Computer blockchain

Engage in engineering design discussions to shape the architecture of new features

Perform pull request reviews and maintain high coding standards in repositories

Prototype and develop sample applications, as well as create detailed documentation

Implement features in various code bases by collaborating with cross-functional teams to ensure timely project delivery

Requirements: Master’s degree in Financial Engineering or related field, with minimum two (2) years of experience in:

Bash, Python, VSCode, Vim, Emacs, C, C++, Linux, Docker, CI/CD infrastructure, Integrated Development Environments, algorithm development, quantitative analysis, prototyping and building example apps, improving code maintainability, building test automation, and open-source development

Rate of Pay: $175,700 per year

Job Location: 365 Main St, #229F, San Francisco, CA 94105 (Remote work from anywhere in the US also available)

Apply to: Ryan Newman, Director of Recruiting, 365 Main St, #229F, San Francisco, CA 94105, (415) 237-0249, DFINITYrecruit@gmail.com

About DFINITY and the Internet Computer:
DFINITY launched the Internet Computer Protocol in May 2021, providing a fast and infinitely scalable general-purpose blockchain for Web3 applications and services.

DFINITY, led by entrepreneur Dominic Williams, has gathered a skilled team to build and enhance the 'world computer' capable of hosting various Web3 projects and platforms.

All applicants will be considered for employment regardless of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status.
Full time
San Francisco, USA
KYB Analyst

KYB Analyst

About the Company:

Binance is a key player in the global blockchain ecosystem and offers a range of financial products, including the largest digital asset exchange worldwide. Their goal is to promote the adoption of cryptocurrency and empower financial freedom.

If you are seeking a dynamic and purposeful environment with endless opportunities for growth and learning, Binance could be the ideal workplace for you.


Prioritize and manage your workload effectively, promptly escalating any critical risks or issues to the management team

Review and validate client onboarding applications within specified service level agreements

Foster strong relationships with Relationship Partner Teams and directly with clients to collect necessary documentation for KYC due diligence

Proficiently use compliance applications like Refinitiv World-Check & Jumio

Serve as a checker to ensure thorough customer due diligence processes

Conduct risk assessments, periodic reviews, and enhanced due diligence

Monitor and document any unusual activities or potential AML flags

Engage in AML/CFT and other relevant training programs

Handle administrative tasks related to client onboarding and compliance requirements

Verify constitutional documents of corporate clients and related parties

Conduct regulatory searches related to public listing, licensing status, and regulations

Screen against WorldCheck for PEP, TF, Adverse Media, and ML risks

Translate corporate documents to English

Prepare escalation forms detailing client risk, red flags, and mitigation strategies for senior management and MLRO

Provide feedback on system improvements and necessary upgrades

Implement necessary procedures and identify procedural gaps in the onboarding process

Detect counterfeit or suspicious documentation and ensure accurate data entry


Minimum of 3 years in a corporate onboarding role with in-depth knowledge of compliance rules and regulations

Proficient in English, European language proficiency is advantageous

Familiarity with various client types and EEA jurisdictions

Experience in AML policy review, control gap identification, and familiarity with Virtual Asset Service Providers

Ability to handle high-risk KYB cases and financial institution reviews

Preferably holds ACAMS/CAMS/CCAS/ICA certifications or similar qualifications

Strong time management, organizational, and relationship-building skills

Able to adapt in a fast-paced and evolving environment

Well-versed in local laws, regulations, and standards applicable to regulated entities

Knowledge of upcoming regulations pertaining to virtual currency

Working at Binance:

Join a leading blockchain ecosystem with ample opportunities for career growth

Collaborate with a diverse, talented team in a continuous learning environment

Engage in challenging and exciting projects

Work in a global setting with a flat organizational structure

Competitive compensation and benefits package

Flexible working hours, remote-first approach, and casual work environment

Apply now to become part of the Web3 revolution with Binance, an organization committed to fostering a cohesive culture that encourages collaboration, excellence, and advancement. Binance is dedicated to upholding equal employment opportunities and values a diverse workforce as essential to their success. Submit your application today and adhere to their Candidate Privacy Notice.
Full time
Europe +1
Blockchain Security Product Manager, Web3 Platform

Blockchain Security Product Manager, Web3 Platform

Who We Are

We are a forward-thinking organization that envisions the transformation of the future through technology. Established in 2017, we are at the forefront of reshaping global systems with our advanced digital asset exchange, Web3 portal, and blockchain ecosystems. Our objective is to redefine the financial landscape by offering a wide array of innovative products, solutions, and trading tools. Trusted by a vast user base across 180 countries, we empower individuals to explore the world of Web3. Our commitment to innovation drives us to create a financial environment supported by blockchain and decentralized finance.

With a diverse workforce of over 3,000 employees worldwide, we prioritize diversity, inclusion, and social responsibility. We encourage involvement in public welfare activities, fostering a culture of creativity and long-term value creation within the industry.

About the Opportunity

We are seeking an experienced Product Manager specializing in crypto security to join our dynamic Web3 team at OKX. The ideal candidate should possess a strong understanding of blockchain principles and knowledge of crypto fraud scenarios in the industry. This role involves developing tailored products for various transaction interactions in our Web3 wallet based on blockchain insights.

What You’ll Be Doing

Develop the product vision, strategy, and roadmap for our Web3 security platform

Collaborate with cross-functional teams to define and prioritize product features

Conduct market research and competitive analysis to drive innovation

Quickly grasp new blockchain protocols to analyze and mitigate fraud risks effectively

What We Look For In You

Solid product management skills

Excellent communication and interpersonal abilities

Proficiency in blockchain protocols

Ability to think analytically about blockchain fraud scenarios

Nice to Haves

Experience in blockchain security engineering or product design for user fund protection

Background in security or risk system design

Perks & Benefits

Competitive compensation package

Learning and development programs

Team building activities and company events

Wellness and meal allowances

Comprehensive healthcare coverage for employees and their dependents

Exciting opportunities to be discussed during the selection process
Full time
Hong Kong
Senior Java Engineer - KYC

Senior Java Engineer - KYC

Binance, a global blockchain ecosystem and cryptocurrency infrastructure provider, is renowned for offering a diverse range of financial services, including the largest digital-asset exchange globally. Our goal is to drive the adoption of cryptocurrency and enhance financial freedom.

If you seek a dynamic work environment with endless opportunities for growth and learning, Binance is the ideal place for you.

We are seeking a skilled Java Developer (Mid to Senior) to join our expanding KYC team. The selected candidate will participate in a greenfield project, encompassing all aspects of software development such as requirement analysis, design, coding, testing, and deployment.


Develop and deploy crypto-related products

Enhance underlying infrastructure/architecture

Conduct performance optimization, troubleshoot online incidents, and refactor systems

Mentor junior engineers, facilitate knowledge sharing, etc.


Bachelor's/Master's degree in computer science, engineering, or relevant industry background

6+ years of hands-on experience in JVM and Java eco-system

Ability to handle stress, fast-paced learning, and excellent cross-team communication skills

Desirable Skills

Prior experience within the banking and financial sector

Demonstrated problem-solving and analytical proficiency

Exposure to designing large-scale systems

Performance optimization expertise in JVM, SQL, RPC, etc.

Familiarity with financial products like lending, margin, futures, etc.

Experience in financial risk control domains

Working at Binance

Join the world's leading blockchain ecosystem with ample chances for career advancement

Collaborate with diverse, exceptional talents in a learning-centric environment

Engage in challenging and fast-paced projects

Contribute to a truly global organization with international teams and flat organizational structure

Attractive salary package and benefits

Enjoy flexible work hours, remote-first culture, and a casual work atmosphere

To learn more about Binance's culture and core values, visit our page without any links attached.

Embark on the Web3 revolution by applying today!

Binance maintains a commitment to being an equal opportunity employer, valuing diversity as a core element of our success.

BY applying for a job with us, you acknowledge that you have reviewed and consented to our Candidate Privacy Notice.
Full time
Singapore +1