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Senior Blockchain Engineer, PAW

Senior Blockchain Engineer, PAW

**Rewritten **

Coinhako is a leading platform based in Singapore that provides access to digital assets such as Bitcoin. Established in 2014, Coinhako has gained a reputation for being a secure and trustworthy digital asset wallet service provider and trading platform in the APAC region. Our team is deeply dedicated to advancing the crypto economy in the APAC area. Through the introduction of our innovative range of products and services, Coinhako aims to empower individuals and businesses to take ownership and control over managing their assets in the emerging digital finance landscape.

We are seeking a skilled Senior Blockchain Engineer to join our Payments & Wallet team, known as PAW 🐾. The ideal candidate should be a blockchain technology expert, responsible for developing and enhancing our DApps. Working closely with cross-functional teams, you will ensure seamless integration with the rest of Coinhako systems.

Responsibilities Include:

Leading the design and development of advanced smart contracts on various blockchain platforms, focusing on performance optimization, security, and industry best practices.

Managing and upholding custody solutions for digital assets with high-level security and compliance in storing cryptocurrencies, tokens, and digital records.

Researching, analyzing, and conducting detailed studies on new opportunities in the blockchain ecosystem.

Collaborating with other teams to develop APIs enabling smooth interaction with blockchain data and functions.

Enhancing engineering standards, tooling, and processes.


Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or relevant field.

Minimum 5 years of experience in building software systems, particularly decentralized applications for platforms like Ethereum and Hyperledger.

Proficiency in Go, Solidity, or similar languages.

Ability to navigate ambiguity and collaborate effectively with team members.

Organized, proactive, and capable of self-management.

Knowledge of cryptography and security principles in blockchain is advantageous.

Perks Offered:

Supportive and welcoming start-up culture.

Central work location in the CBD.

Ample annual leave along with national holidays.

Comprehensive medical coverage, including GP, Specialist, and TCM services.

Self-care perks and engaging fitness workshops/webinars.

Lively office environment with a well-stocked pantry.

Pet-friendly workspace, with an adorable companion in the office.

Learn more about Coinhako and explore career opportunities with us!
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Rust + Typescript Engineer

Rust + Typescript Engineer

Revamp your tech career with work at Blockchain Innovator

Be part of a renowned pioneer in core blockchain infrastructure technology - a globally recognized leader that fosters and engineers cutting-edge solutions in the blockchain industry. Established by Dr. Gavin Wood, the mind behind Ethereum’s EVM and Solidity language, Parity stands at the forefront of blockchain innovation.

With offices strategically located in Berlin, London, and Lisbon, Parity leads the blockchain realm by building client solutions for Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Zcash. Spearheading a revolutionary blockchain concept with Polkadot and Substrate framework, Parity crafts open-source tools that underpin the decentralized Web3, collaborating with developers and organizations to leverage this transformative tech stack.

Join our diverse, remote-first global team dedicated to delivering and evolving open-source solutions. Dive into the Web3 ecosystem with a focus on projects that drive the fabric of next-gen blockchain technology towards new horizons.

Who thrives in our team culture?

Driven individuals committed to Parity's mission, seeking to innovate and make an impactful difference

Enthusiastic about tackling cutting-edge, intricate projects

Self-starters who excel independently and integrate seamlessly in team dynamics

Own accountability and humility at work

Adaptable to dynamic environments in the ever-evolving Web3 landscape

Continuously upskill and stay informed on Parity and broader blockchain developments

About our dynamic team:

Align yourself with the Product Engineering sector, contributing to the evolution of tooling and applications for Substrate based blockchains like Polkadot. Dive deep into code development, mainly using Rust and TypeScript, to enhance developer experiences within blockchain environments.

Manufacture Rust-infused tools/libraries to streamline substrate-based blockchain operations

Engage with versatile projects in a collaborative setting

Enhance high-level APIs with TypeScript through concepts like the Substrate front-end information platform

Revamp live Polkadot chain data visualization

Your profile matches if you:

Navigate autonomously within a distributed team setup, champion exceptional communication

Display interest in blockchain tech, specifically in Substrate/Polkadot spheres

Embrace the Rust language fervently, enhancing community engagement

Possess expertise in TypeScript and open-source realm, with room for nurtured growth

Demonstrate a strong grasp of networking essentials including HTTP mechanisms and APIs' construction

Reside preferably within a 2-hour proximity to UTC+0, Open to extraordinary candidates in different time zones

Why choose us for a tech career:

Competitive compensation packages and possible token benefits

Remote-first working modality encouraging self-initiation and flexible schedules

Exposure to the sharpest tech minds, enriching Web3 expertise hands-on until mastery

Networking opportunities within an inclusive ecosystem

Team retreats and engaging events

Comprehensive benefits including healthcare, family leave, PTO benefits, and more for team members in certain regions like Germany, Portugal, and the U.K.

Dive into the boundless possibilities of tech innovation with us at Parity, showcasing relentless ambition to shape the blockchain future! Feel empowered by diversity in our collaborative workspace where everyone is valued and included.

Explore our world-changing tech opportunities and get ready to elevate your career trajectory!
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Senior Software Engineer, Rust (Cross Chain)

Senior Software Engineer, Rust (Cross Chain)

About Us

Chainlink Labs is the main developer behind Chainlink, the decentralized platform that powers the verifiable web. Known as the industry standard for accessing real-world data, off-chain computation, and secure cross-chain interoperability, Chainlink enables verifiable applications in various sectors like banking, DeFi, global trade, and gaming. Through collaborations with major financial institutions and Web3 teams, Chainlink Labs plays a vital role in advancing blockchain technology.

The Engineering Team

Join the innovative engineering team at Chainlink Labs dedicated to enhancing decentralized applications in the industry. Leveraging the Chainlink Network’s dominant market share, essential real-world problems are solved by enabling smart contracts to interact securely with off-chain data and computation. Seeking passionate individuals who collaborate effectively to tackle complex challenges and contribute to the advancement of blockchain technology and decentralized finance.

About The Role

In this role as a software engineer focusing on Chainlink, you will work alongside a skilled team of technical experts to develop groundbreaking decentralized infrastructure. Your tasks will involve creating robust software that revolutionizes the functionality of smart contracts and contributing to building a standardized cross-chain service for developers. By expanding your impact to non-EVM chains and designing new features, you'll play a crucial part in bringing the Cross Chain Interoperability Protocol to life.

Your Impact:

Enhancing CCIP for Non-EVM Chains.

Designing and implementing new features for CCIP product.

Addressing security concerns and failures through testing and fixes.

Developing automation for smart contract deployment.

Implementing Network Health Monitoring for observability and metrics gathering.


Proficiency in languages like Rust and Go.

Strong problem-solving skills and blockchain solution development abilities.

Background in public blockchains or distributed systems is desirable.

Preferred Requirements:

Experience in test-driven development and testing frameworks.

Proficiency in developing web applications, backend APIs, distributed systems, or container orchestration.

Hands-on experience with blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, Cosmos, Bitcoin, or Solana, and L2 platforms like Polygon ZKEvm, ZKSync Era, etc.

Familiarity with Solidity is advantageous.

Our Stack:

Rust, Golang, TypeScript, Solidity, Postgres, Terraform, AWS

All positions at Chainlink Labs are global and remote-based requiring some overlap with Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Commitment to Equal Opportunity

Chainlink Labs upholds equal opportunity employment practices and compliance with regulations. For accommodations during the recruitment process due to disability or special needs, please reach out.

Global Data Privacy Notice for Job Candidates and Applicants

Information collected during the application process is governed by our Privacy Policy. Your submission implies consent to data processing.
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Buenos Aires, Argentina +8
Smart Contract Engineer (Solidity)

Smart Contract Engineer (Solidity)

Team Overview:

Join our close-knit team within the DeFi sector of OKX, where we focus on pioneering on-chain solutions to enhance the OKX experience for our users. We specialize in bolstering DeFi protocols, crafting inventive DeFi remedies, and identifying growth possibilities in the DeFi realm. Our ongoing projects encompass exciting innovations like lending/borrowing optimization tools and AA wallets. We are on the lookout for dynamic individuals who possess a forward-thinking and creative approach, a genuine enthusiasm for DeFi, and the capability to overcome challenges with effective resolutions. If you are passionate about DeFi and eager to exhibit your skills in a dynamic and imaginative setting, we invite you to be part of our team. Let's work together to shape a better tomorrow.

Job Duties

Plan, create, test, and refine smart contracts on platforms like Ethereum or other established blockchain networks.

Delve into thorough research on diverse DeFi protocols, finalize integration documents, and cooperate with team members to facilitate project launches.

Stay updated on emerging technologies and trends in Web3, engage in product strategizing, and support product rollouts.


Hold a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or a related field, or possess equivalent practical experience.

Minimum of 1 year involved in smart contract development, adept in Solidity, and familiar with contract development frameworks like Hardhat, Foundry, among others.

Possess a comprehensive understanding of blockchain technology, encompassing Ethereum, Bitcoin, Solana, and L2 networks.

Acquainted with Assembly and skilled in Gas optimization.

Excellent problem-solving skills, analytical mindset, effective communication, and teamwork proficiency.

Demonstrate a keen interest in blockchain technology and exhibit the readiness to continuously educate oneself on the latest technologies, protocols, and relevant domains.

Preferred Qualifications

Background knowledge in finance, as well as experience in designing or developing DeFi protocols.

Familiarity with contract security and insights into common blockchain attacks.

Deep exploration of diverse DeFi protocols, understanding their functionalities and economic frameworks, such as Uniswap, AAVE, Compound, Synthetix, and others.

Proficiency in English and prior experience working in decentralized projects within international teams or English-speaking environments.

Familiarity with additional contract development languages like Rust, Move, as well as scripting languages such as Python or JS.
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Binance Accelerator Program - Blockchain / Smart Contract Security

Binance Accelerator Program - Blockchain / Smart Contract Security

About the Company:

Binance is a prominent figure in the global blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem, offering a wide range of financial services, notably the largest digital asset exchange. With a primary goal of promoting the adoption of cryptocurrencies and facilitating financial freedom, Binance strives to provide a supportive and challenging environment for individuals seeking growth and development opportunities within the organization.

Role Overview:

This unique position presents an exciting chance to make a significant impact in the blockchain industry and community. Collaborating closely with a talented team at Binance, you will play a crucial role in ensuring security measures across various projects and systems. The role involves working on cutting-edge technology related to cryptocurrencies and interacting with different teams, providing a comprehensive view of the crypto landscape.


Analyze newly identified vulnerabilities in smart contracts to detect exploitation patterns for proactive prevention strategies.

Conduct detailed security audits on smart contracts and blockchains, producing comprehensive audit reports.

Develop innovative tools for automated scanning and monitoring of smart contracts and blockchains.

Utilize scanning tools to identify vulnerabilities in online contracts and issue timely risk notifications.

Perform thorough post-incident analyses of hacking events, including tracing funds and analyzing root causes.

Identify on-chain risks, track emerging attack trends, and possess a strong understanding of on-chain security threats.

Demonstrate expertise in EVM-compatible blockchains, layer 2 solutions, and DeFi design patterns.


Enrolled in or possess a degree in Computer Science or a related field.

Proficient in Smart Contract programming languages like Solidity.

Basic knowledge of Smart Contract security vulnerabilities.

Familiarity with blockchain principles and tools.

Understanding of common smart contract hacks and attack mechanisms.

Experience with smart contract testing, transaction analysis, and development tools.

Proficiency in Python or similar object-oriented programming languages.

Fundamental knowledge of code analysis and debugging.

Desirable Skills:

Enthusiasm for cryptocurrency, DeFi, smart contracts, and blockchain.

Basic knowledge of fuzz testing and static analysis.

Experience in detecting, exploiting, and mitigating security vulnerabilities.

Previous involvement in smart contract development and bug bounty programs.

Skills in Front-end development, data mining, and data analysis.

Strong interest in Binance with a diligent work ethic and positive attitude towards work.

Working at Binance:

Join a leading blockchain ecosystem with abundant career growth opportunities.

Collaborate with a diverse and talented team in a culture that fosters continuous learning and growth.

Engage in challenging, fast-paced projects.

Work in an internationally diverse environment with a flat organizational structure.

Competitive salary and attractive benefits package.

Flexible work hours, remote work, and casual dress code.

Application Process: If you are inspired by Binance's values and mission, seize the opportunity to be part of the Web3 revolution by applying today. Binance is committed to championing diversity and equal opportunities in the workplace. Applicants are required to read and agree to the Candidate Privacy Notice before submitting their applications.
Full time
Singapore +2
Blockchain / Smart Contract Security Engineer

Blockchain / Smart Contract Security Engineer

Join a prominent global blockchain ecosystem and cryptocurrency infrastructure provider that hosts the largest digital-asset exchange. At this organization, our primary goal is to drive cryptocurrency adoption and enhance financial freedom.

If you seek an environment brimming with purpose and limitless opportunities for learning and growth, Binance is the ideal workplace for you.

This unique role offers you the chance to make meaningful contributions within the blockchain industry. Collaborate closely with a team of skilled professionals at Binance at the forefront of cryptocurrency, ensuring security across multiple projects and systems. Engage with various teams beyond security, gaining a profound insight into the realm of crypto.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Conduct thorough analyses of newly disclosed vulnerabilities in smart contracts to identify root causes for proactive detection and prevention.

Perform security audits on smart contracts and blockchains, producing detailed audit reports.

Design automated tools for scanning and monitoring smart contracts and blockchains.

Leveraging scanning tools to identify vulnerabilities in online contracts and issue timely risk alerts.

Conduct post-mortem analyses on hacking incidents, delve into their causes, processes, and fund tracing.

Proactively detect on-chain risks and track emerging attack patterns, possessing a sound grasp of on-chain security risks.

Exhibit a strong understanding of EVM-compatible blockchains, layer 2 solutions, and DeFi design patterns.


Pursuing or possessing a bachelor's degree (or higher) in Computer Science or related fields.

Proficiency in Smart Contract programming languages like Solidity.

Foundation in common Smart Contract security vulnerabilities.

Sound knowledge of blockchain, smart contract principles, and Blockchain explorers.

Familiarity with various types of smart contract hacks and attack vectors.

Understanding of smart contract development testing, transaction analysis, and related tools.

Experienced in tools like VSCode, Git, or other version control applications.

Proficiency in Python or similar object-oriented programming languages.

Fundamental grasp of code analysis and program debugging.

Additional Desired Skills:

Enthusiasm for cryptocurrency, DeFi, smart contracts, and blockchain.

Basic knowledge of fuzz testing, static analysis, and security vulnerabilities detection and prevention.

Experience in smart contract development tools like Foundry, Hardhat, and participation in bug bounty programs.

Working at Binance:

Opportunities for career growth in the leading blockchain ecosystem.

Collaborate with a diverse team in a conducive environment for continuous learning and development.

Engage in challenging and dynamic projects.

Access to a global network of international teams with a flat organizational structure.

Competitive compensation and benefits.

Flexibility in working hours, remote work options, and a relaxed work atmosphere.

Embark on the Web3 revolution by exploring a role at Binance today, where diversity in our workforce is pivotal to our success.

By applying to this role, you acknowledge and accept our Candidate Privacy Notice.

Take a step towards crafting your future with a team driven by our core values of collaboration, excellence, and growth at Binance!
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Singapore +2
Protocol Engineer

Protocol Engineer

About Connext:

Connext is a protocol that facilitates secure and decentralized communication between different domains, with a focus on L2-L2 communication. It offers a low-cost and low-latency solution for user-facing interactions across blockchains through canonical bridges. By utilizing third-party service providers known as routers, Connext allows for instant bridging while ensuring trustless completion of interactions. Routers are rewarded with fees for their services. Connext was founded in 2018 by Arjun Bhuptani and Layne Haber.

About the Team:

The Connext team is a distributed and remote-first team with English as the primary language. We are seeking self-motivated individuals who thrive in a fast-paced startup environment. While specific time zones are not required, many team members reside and work in the US/European timezones.


Develop, deploy, and maintain secure smart contracts.

Lead security assessments, threat modeling, internal audits, bug bounty programs, and contribute to our security posture.

Contribute to the roadmap, technical architecture, and prioritization.

Assist in design documentation, specifications, and code reviews.

Review and accept code contributions from open-source developers and community members.

Stay up to date with open-source products for potential infrastructure leverage.

Collaborate with the engineering team to design patterns that ensure scalability and security for a large user base.


Extensive experience with Solidity and Typescript.

Proficient in writing and deploying smart contracts in highly adversarial environments.

Strong background in building and maintaining secure software with reliable products.

Hands-on experience in security and auditing in areas such as public blockchains, consensus protocols, distributed systems, cryptography, compilers, or related technologies.

Past experience in web3 security preferred.

A thirst for continual learning and a growth mindset.

Interest in interoperability and understanding of Connext's value proposition.

What We Offer:

The opportunity to have a meaningful impact on a rapidly growing startup.

Collaborate with passionate colleagues in a diverse and dynamic team.

Flexibility to work remotely from anywhere.

Competitive salary and ownership opportunities.

Regular team off-sites to bring everyone together twice a year.

Connext is proud to be an equal opportunity employer and is dedicated to creating an inclusive environment. We celebrate the diverse strengths and contributions individuals bring to the team. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment regardless of race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, pregnancy, disability, age, veteran status, or other characteristics.
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Lisbon, Portugal
Engineering Manager, Data Streams

Engineering Manager, Data Streams

About Us

Chainlink Labs is the primary developer of Chainlink, a decentralized computing platform that powers the verifiable web. We collaborate with major financial institutions and top Web3 teams to create applications for banking, DeFi, global trade, and gaming.

The Engineering Team

At Chainlink Labs, our engineering team plays a crucial role in advancing decentralized applications and the Chainlink Network, which has a dominant market share in the oracle space. We are seeking talented and driven individuals who enjoy working collaboratively to solve complex challenges and make an impact in the world of blockchain technology and decentralized finance.

About the Role

As a software engineering manager on the Data Streams team, you will lead a team of up to eight engineers in building low latency data products that enhance decentralized finance. You will work closely with various functions at Chainlink, ensuring the release of reliable and high-performance products across multiple blockchains and users. Reporting to the senior engineering manager of Data Products, you will play a critical role in securing the reliability of our networks and incentivizing good behavior.

Your Impact

Leading and supporting up to eight engineers, focusing on their growth and enabling them to make a significant impact

Using your deep understanding of both product and engineering to ensure the development of data products that meet the security, reliability, and performance requirements of decentralized finance

Overseeing the end-to-end development of data products, including tooling, monitoring, alerting, and orchestrating decentralized oracle networks

Collaborating closely with product, leadership, and go-to-market teams to create winning products that unlock new capabilities for our users

Working with non-technical stakeholders to align on scope and delivery timelines, and ensure the team is meeting business goals

Adapting quickly to an evolving ecosystem and maintaining focus on work

Establishing effective team processes, project management, and team health to drive high productivity and morale

Recruiting talented engineers to elevate the team and company


Minimum of 5 years of software engineering experience, including at least 2 years in a leadership or managerial role

Strong experience in delivering and supporting critical online services that are highly available and reliable

Foster a servant leadership mindset and possess the ability to inspire and motivate others

Experience working on globally-distributed teams and taking ownership of tasks

Track record of leading the successful delivery of multiple impactful products, meeting high quality standards and timelines

Ability to effectively collaborate with technical and non-technical stakeholders to align on scope and delivery expectations

Experience navigating ambiguous and changing product requirements and successfully delivering winning products

Preferred Requirements

Familiarity with financial data sets and experience working with or producing high-quality finance/fintech data from multiple sources

Knowledge of complex financial products

Technical expertise in designing and scaling data infrastructure and distributed systems architecture

Strong operational skills and the ability to balance speed and quality pragmatically

Experienced in developing secure smart contracts that hold significant value

Experience collaborating with teams across different time zones

Active participant in the blockchain ecosystem as a user

Proficiency in solidity, golang, SQL

All roles with Chainlink Labs are globally remote-based. We prefer candidates who can overlap working hours with Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Commitment to Equal Opportunity

Chainlink Labs is an equal opportunity employer. We value diversity and comply with applicable laws, regulations, and ordinances. If you require any accommodations or assistance due to a disability or special needs during the application process, please contact us.

Global Data Privacy Notice for Job Candidates and Applicants

By applying for a position at Chainlink Labs, you consent to the use and processing of your personal data as outlined in our Privacy Policy. All information collected and processed as part of your job application will be handled in accordance with this policy.
Full time
Toronto, Canada +9
Director, Smart Contract Development (Solidity)

Director, Smart Contract Development (Solidity)

About the team: We are a close-knit team within the DeFi sector of OKX, focused on developing innovative on-chain solutions to enhance the OKX experience for our customers. Our expertise lies in supporting DeFi protocols, creating innovative DeFi solutions, and identifying opportunities for growth in the DeFi ecosystem. Our team is currently working on exciting projects like lending/borrowing optimizers and AA wallets. We are seeking individuals who possess a positive and innovative mindset, a genuine passion for DeFi, and the ability to tackle challenges and find effective solutions. If you are enthusiastic about DeFi and eager to showcase your talent in a vibrant and creative environment, we invite you to join us in creating a brighter future.

Roles & Responsibilities:

Design, develop, test, and optimize smart contracts on Ethereum and other leading blockchain platforms.

Incorporate best practices and prioritize security considerations in blockchain technology implementation.

Collaborate with the team to develop scalable solutions for blockchain technology.

Contribute to product planning and create technical roadmaps.

Resolve development issues, diagnose faults, and perform necessary repairs.


Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or a related field, or equivalent work experience.

Minimum of 3 years of experience in smart contract development, proficiency with Solidity or similar languages.

Deep understanding of blockchain technology, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, Solana, and L2 networks.

Prior experience in AA wallet development (preferred).

Familiarity with blockchain technology development tools and frameworks, such as Truffle, Hardhat, Web3.js.

Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, with a collaborative team spirit.
Full time
Senior Software Engineer, Smart Contracts

Senior Software Engineer, Smart Contracts

About Us

Chainlink Labs is the leading developer of Chainlink, a decentralized computing platform that powers the verifiable web. Chainlink is the industry-standard platform for accessing real-world data, performing offchain computation, and achieving secure cross-chain interoperability across any blockchain. Chainlink Labs collaborates with major financial institutions, including Swift, DTCC, and ANZ, as well as top Web3 teams such as Aave, Compound, GMX, Maker, and Synthetix. Chainlink Labs has been recognized as one of Newsweek’s 100 Most Loved Workplaces in both the United States and the United Kingdom.

The Engineering Team

The engineering team at Chainlink Labs revolutionizes decentralized applications in the industry. With over 70% market share in the oracle space, the Chainlink Network enables smart contracts to securely interact with off-chain data/computation, solving real-world problems.

We are looking for talented and driven software engineers who thrive in collaborative environments to tackle complex challenges, make a product impact, and grow as builders. Join us to shape the future of blockchain technology and decentralized finance.

Your Impact

As a software engineer at Chainlink, you will work alongside an experienced technical team of senior engineers, distributed systems computing experts, and security experts committed to building groundbreaking decentralized infrastructure. Your role will involve developing highly scalable, secure, and reliable software that will redefine how smart contracts function. You will have the opportunity to master cutting-edge research on distributed systems, cryptography, blockchains, game theory, consensus algorithms, and decentralized applications. You will take ownership of your projects, expand your knowledge, and contribute to building the decentralized infrastructure of tomorrow.


To be successful in this role, you should have:

Minimum of 5 years of professional software development experience (Technical Leads are encouraged to apply)

Minimum of 1 year of professional smart contract development, testing, and debugging experience (Solidity preferred)

Proficiency in Golang or any other strongly-typed programming language (preferred)

Bachelor's degree or higher in computer science, software engineering, or a related technical field

Experience building web applications/services and backend APIs

Knowledge of systems design concepts

Experience with blockchain and other Web 3.0 technologies

Understanding of common Web 3.0 attack vectors and ability to identify vulnerabilities in contracts and write secure code

Comfort and/or experience working remotely as part of a distributed team

Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English

Please note that all positions at Chainlink Labs are global and remote-based. We prefer applicants who can overlap working hours with Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Commitment to Equal Opportunity

Chainlink Labs is an equal opportunity employer. We highly encourage qualified applicants from all backgrounds to apply in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. If you require any assistance or accommodation during the application process due to a disability or special need, please reach out to us through our contact form.

Global Data Privacy Notice for Job Candidates and Applicants

By submitting your application, you are agreeing to our Privacy Policy, which governs the collection and processing of information provided in your Chainlink Labs Careers profile and any job applications you submit.
Full time
São Paulo, Brazil +11