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One of the world's most accomplished blockchain companies With experience pioneering Ethereum and clients on Bitcoin and Zcash, Parity and the Web3 Foundation have launched Polkadot, a next-generation blockchain.
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Software Engineer (Zombienet) - Full-time

Full time
About Us

Parity is a leading core blockchain infrastructure company globally, with a strong track record of developing cutting-edge technologies in the blockchain industry. Founded by Dr. Gavin Wood, a prominent figure in the blockchain space, Parity is known for its contributions to Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Zcash, as well as its groundbreaking work on Polkadot and Substrate protocols. The company focuses on creating open-source technologies to drive the development of a decentralized web, also known as Web3.

Our Team

Our team is dedicated to working on a new version of a Rust-based tool that enables intricate network scenarios and interactions. Collaboration with various teams within Parity is common practice, particularly with the NodeSDK and Parachains Core teams. While expertise in Rust is key for this role, familiarity with maintaining JavaScript/TypeScript tools and understanding of infrastructure technologies like k8s will be advantageous.

Position Overview

Develop, test, and release the new Zombienet-sdk version.

Produce documentation and training materials for the new release.

Migrate existing workload from TypeScript to the new SDK.

Support in maintaining the TypeScript (v1) tool.

Engage with the developer community to explore new use cases.

Enhance performance and observability aspects.

Candidate Requirements

Minimum 3 years of experience as a Software Engineer.

Proficiency in Rust or a keen interest in learning it.

Strong capabilities and enthusiasm for JavaScript/TypeScript.

Ability to devise technical solutions and application architecture.

Practical experience with Observability tools.

Collaborative mindset within an open-source setting, receptive to constructive feedback.


Competitive compensation packages following market trends.

Remote-first work environment with flexible scheduling.

Dedicated team members passionate about their projects.

Access to top talent for learning and skill development in the Web3 space.

Integration into a broader network for career growth opportunities.

Company and team retreats.

Provided work equipment.

Potential relocation opportunities to Germany or Portugal with visa support.

For employees in Germany, Portugal, and the UK, additional benefits include healthcare coverage, parental leave, ample annual leave entitlement, and local team events. Parity is committed to fostering diversity and inclusivity in its global workforce, ensuring all employees feel valued and respected.

Senior DevOps Engineer/SRE - Full-time

Full time
About Us

We are a leading core blockchain infrastructure company with a strong track record of innovation in the blockchain sector, founded by industry veterans with expertise in Ethereum and other prominent technologies. Our mission is to power the decentralized web, known as Web3, by providing open-source technologies and frameworks for developers and organizations.

Our Team

Our DevOps team, within the Infrastructure & Data department, consists of dedicated professionals working remotely or from offices in select locations. We are a diverse and collaborative team of over 20 individuals.

Position Overview

Leadership and Innovation: Lead and drive multiple projects, focusing on automation and infrastructure deployment. You will take ownership of technical components and services, ensuring continuous delivery pipelines are well-maintained.

Technical Excellence: Demonstrate exceptional proficiency by supporting developers in building Polkadot/Kusama runtimes, starting with the Polkadot node client and the Polkadot-SDK framework in Rust. Conduct thorough code reviews to maintain high code quality.

Mentorship and Coaching: Coach and mentor junior engineers to facilitate their professional growth. Share your expertise through forums and conferences to enhance technical knowledge within the organization and the wider community.

Ecosystem Collaboration: Engage with stakeholders both internally and externally, contributing to technical developments within the ecosystem. Play a pivotal role in shaping the Polkadot 2.0 roadmap and contributing to various initiatives.

Operational Excellence: Contribute to the reliability of the Polkadot network through managing test networks and enhancing observability. Operate mainnet nodes for critical parachains, gathering operational data for monitoring and incident response.

Infrastructure Solutions: Innovate and realize infrastructure solutions to enhance operations in Polkadot. Drive the alignment of your objectives with organizational goals for successful delivery.

Visibility and Impact: Maintain transparency through regular communication and updates, showcasing your technical contributions and achievements within the organization.


Proficiency in Linux, with experience in networking, virtualization, and security

Familiarity with containerization, including Docker and Kubernetes

Experience in configuration management tools like Ansible and cloud orchestration frameworks such as Terraform

Skilled in designing and maintaining CI/CD pipelines

Knowledge of at least one programming language, preferably Python or Rust

Understanding of blockchain technology and deployment processes

Prior experience with incident response and reliability engineering

Ability to work autonomously in a partially remote team, with strong communication and prioritization skills

Benefits of Working With Us

Competitive compensation packages based on industry standards

Remote-first work environment with flexible hours

Access to top talent in the Web3 space for continuous learning and development

Professional networking and career opportunities within the broader ecosystem

Team and company retreats for team-building and networking

Supportive benefits including healthcare, parental leave, paid time off, and local team events

We are committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace where all individuals feel welcome and valued.

Operations Associate

London, UK +2
London, UK +2
Full time
Location: Europe/UK

Parity is dedicated to fostering the growth of the Polkadot and Substrate ecosystem to empower developers and advance towards a decentralized web. We prioritize building a web that values individual freedom and data privacy while enabling the creation of superior services. Our goal is to establish a world based on honest interactions, shifting away from traditional trust-based systems.

We are a cutting-edge blockchain infrastructure company that has led in the development of advanced technologies in the blockchain industry. Being a remote-first organization with a global team, Parity is committed to developing open-source technologies like Polkadot, Substrate, and Kusama for innovative use by developers and organizations.

Position Overview:

At Parity, the Operations division plays a pivotal role in driving the mission of cultivating the most dynamic and innovative community shaping the future decentralized web through Polkadot. This role supports all teams within Parity as a key service provider in executing essential operations to facilitate the mission's success. This is a full-time, permanent position.

As an Operations Associate reporting to the Operations Manager and collaborating closely with the Travel & Events Lead, you will be primarily responsible for overseeing internal processes to ensure seamless operations and alignment among stakeholders. We are seeking a proactive, team-oriented, and well-organized individual with a diverse skill set. Your role will involve assisting the team in a variety of strategic projects, showcasing your ability to adapt to different roles and tasks effectively. This role necessitates experience, dedication, and a hands-on approach to problem-solving, making a significant contribution to our dynamic and evolving environment.

Role Responsibilities:

Track and facilitate the completion of key deliverables and follow up on outstanding items related to Operations team projects, such as on/offboarding.

Provide administrative and logistical support, including managing invoices, orders, and workplace processes.

Coordinate and organize team travel and event planning, encompassing team events, retreats, conferences, celebrations, and other organizational events.

Aid in documentation, including developing team and department workspaces, writing forum posts about ongoing initiatives, and managing information archives.

Foster cross-department collaboration and act as a liaison with the Operations team.

Assist in subscription management, streamline tools and inventory, implement processes, and oversee procurement.

Plan and execute multi-day team retreats for teams of various sizes, handling requirements alignment, venue bookings, accommodation, catering, travel coordination, and on-site event management.

Conduct event research, design proposals for potential locations and content, and assist in the planning and execution of various internal events.

Occasional travel within Europe may be required for this role.

Candidate Requirements:

3+ years of experience in administrative/operational assistant roles.

Proactive and solutions-driven individual motivated to tackle challenges and provide high-level support.

Strong organizational and planning skills.

Proficient in using Apple OS, Gmail, Docs, and Spreadsheets.

Excellent communication skills in English.

Solid project management skills, inclusive of tools like Asana, Notion, Hubspot, or similar platforms, demonstrating the ability to manage multiple projects concurrently.

Familiarity with Web3 concepts, particularly Polkadot.

Previous experience in a rapidly growing tech startup environment with an interest in Web3 and its principles.

Based in Europe or the UK.

Additional Preferences:

Formal project management qualifications.

Previous experience in project work or communications.

Software Engineer (Parachain Core) - Full-time

Full time
About Us

Parity is a leading core blockchain infrastructure company renowned for its innovative technologies in the blockchain sector. Founded by Dr. Gavin Wood, former CTO of Ethereum, Parity has developed cutting-edge technologies for Ethereum, Bitcoin, Zcash, Polkadot, and Substrate. The company is committed to advancing Web3 technologies and supporting developers in utilizing the Web3 tech stack.

Our Collective

Our team at Parity is composed of individuals who are passionate about contributing to our mission. They thrive on challenging and pioneering projects, work autonomously yet collaboratively, and embrace responsibility with a humble approach. Constantly learning and adapting to the evolving Web3 landscape, our team embodies the ethos of continuous education and open-source collaboration.

The Team Overview

The Parachains Core team is dedicated to creating and maintaining the core technology of the Polkadot blockchain. Focused on implementing parachain consensus, the team aims to enhance the security, scalability, and decentralization of blockchain networks through open-source contributions and idea-sharing on Github.

Role Summary

The position entails designing, implementing, and managing foundational protocols critical to the security, scalability, and adoption of Polkadot. Responsibilities include debugging complex issues in distributed systems, developing test suites for microservices architectures, enhancing the performance and stability of the Polkadot node, and contributing to new protocols like Offchain XCMP and Approval Voting Rewards.

Ideal Candidate

We seek a Software Engineer with over 3 years of experience in implementing and maintaining distributed systems, along with expertise in performance engineering and optimizations. The ideal candidate is well-versed in software engineering best practices, thrives in an open-source environment receptive to feedback, excels in problem-solving, demonstrates ownership and accountability, and drives projects to completion through clear milestones.

Working with Us

We offer competitive remuneration packages, including tokens where legally feasible, within a remote-first environment with flexible work hours. Team members benefit from engaging with impactful projects, access to industry experts for continuous learning, and participation in team and company-wide retreats. Other perks include healthcare, parental leave, ample PTO, and local team events for employees based in Germany, Portugal, and the UK.

Parity is committed to fostering diversity and inclusivity within our team while providing career growth and networking opportunities to all employees.

DevSecOps Lead

Cetatea Vaticanului, Europe
Cetatea Vaticanului, Europe
Full time
About the team:

The DevSecOps team is responsible for enhancing the security of our networks, operating systems, containers, pipelines, and code. As part of the Security team, we aim to protect and fortify our blockchain and products against cyber threats.

About the position:

Providing security guidance to Infra Engineering and IT teams and supporting them to maintain security levels using a risk-based approach

Automation of security controls, hardening of developer and IaC processes, supply chain security, and monitoring/auditing

Implementing network, VM, and container image hardening, system hardening, addressing cloud misconfigurations, and endpoint security

Conducting and coordinating penetration testing activities on our infrastructure

Selecting tools and methods to enhance the company's security posture, preferably using open-source tools

Developing company-wide security standards, guidelines, and automation tools

Mentoring team members on security, IT, and infrastructure engineering practices

About you:

Ability to lead and develop a team of DevSecOps professionals

Experience in collaborating with various teams to address security challenges and requirements

Proficient in working with a Linux-based tech stack and familiar with tools like Kubernetes, Terraform, Ansible, and Git platforms

Knowledge of cloud platforms such as Google Cloud, as well as blockchain technology and related tools

About working for us:

Competitive compensation packages, including tokens where legally feasible

Remote-first work environment with flexible hours

Teammates passionate about their work and projects

Access to industry experts in Web3 for skill development

Participation in team and company-wide retreats

Provision of work laptop

Technical Project Manager

Full time
As stewards of the Polkadot and Substrate ecosystem, Parity is dedicated to creating a decentralized web that values individual freedom and data privacy while empowering developers to innovate. The mission at Parity is to establish a truth-based environment for interactions within the web.

Parity prides itself as a leading core blockchain infrastructure company that has developed pioneering technologies within the blockchain sector. The diverse, global, remote-first team at Parity is actively involved in developing open-source technologies such as Polkadot, Substrate, and Kusama for the benefit of developers and organizations worldwide.

As a member of the collective at Parity, you will be passionate about contributing to the company's mission, thrive on working with groundbreaking and challenging projects, excel both independently and collaboratively, exhibit high accountability and low ego, embrace adaptation in the dynamic Web3 space, and consistently expand your knowledge within Parity and the broader ecosystem.

The Polkadot Runtime team, responsible for the business logic of Polkadot and associated tools, covers a wide range of responsibilities spanning system architecture, applications, messaging formats, and more.

Parity is seeking a TPM who possesses a diverse skill set, including identifying user pain points, developing detailed roadmaps, collaborating with core developers on solutions, and liaising with leadership to define valuable Engineering objectives.

Ideal candidates will have experience with multifaceted, stakeholder-involved projects, strong communication skills, a background in engineering to comprehend technical architecture, the ability to translate complex ideas into actionable steps, and some programming capability would be advantageous.

Joining the team at Parity offers competitive compensation packages, a remote-first and flexible work environment, participation in impactful projects, exposure to leading minds in the Web3 space for ongoing learning and skill development, career advancement opportunities within the ecosystem, team and company retreats, provision of a work laptop, and the option for relocation to Germany or Portugal with visa support.

Employees at Parity also benefit from additional perks such as healthcare, parental leave, generous paid time off, local team events, an annual budget for learning and development, and opportunities for language classes. Parity emphasizes equal opportunity and embraces diversity to ensure every team member feels included and valued within the collective.

Director of Product Engineering

Full time

Parity is a leading blockchain infrastructure company with a rich history in developing cutting-edge technologies. Founded by Dr. Gavin Wood, the co-founder and former CTO of Ethereum, Parity is known for its innovative work in the blockchain space.

Operating with a globally distributed team, Parity has created clients for Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Zcash, and introduced groundbreaking blockchain protocols like Polkadot and Substrate. The company focuses on advancing Web3 technologies to empower developers and organizations in building a decentralized web.

We are seeking individuals who are:

Enthusiastic about contributing to Parity's mission

Passionate about working on innovative and challenging projects

Self-starters who can work independently but also collaborate effectively

Willing to take ownership and work with humility 

Comfortable in dynamic environments and adaptable to the evolving Web3 landscape

Committed to continuous learning and growth within Parity and the broader ecosystem

About the team:

We are looking for an experienced leader to head the Product Engineering organization at Parity. In this role, you will oversee multi-disciplinary teams such as Frontend and Integration, Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), Data, Smart Contract, and Ecosystem Engagement. Collaboration across Parity and the Polkadot ecosystem will be essential to shape product roadmaps, address ecosystem needs and promote technology adoption.

Responsibilities include:

Managing and leading teams of over 50 individuals

Guiding the Frontend & Integration team in API development and partner integration projects

Defining product needs with the Ecosystem Engagement team

Overseeing the Smart Contract team handling blockchain usage

Running services and building automation with the SRE team

Analyzing blockchain data and deriving business value with the Data team

Engaging with the community to gather feedback for product development

Communicating externally to showcase technology and advocate for the roadmap

Collaborating on the roadmap and team productivity improvement

Desired qualifications:

Extensive experience in managing managerial roles

Ability to lead in complex and uncertain environments

Strong technical background in Web2 and/or Web3, preferably with infrastructure/security knowledge

Familiarity with Typescript and Rust, with coding skills being a plus

Demonstrated product intuition and effective communication

Benefits of working with us:

Competitive compensation packages with token options

Remote-first work culture with flexibility

Opportunity to learn from industry experts and engage with innovative projects

Career and networking opportunities within the ecosystem

Team-building retreats and company-wide events

Provided work laptop and potential for relocation

Employees in Germany, Portugal, and the U.K. also receive benefits such as healthcare, parental leave, generous PTO, local events, learning and development budget, and language classes.

Parity is committed to fostering diversity and inclusivity within our team and embraces individuals from varied backgrounds.

Note: The job posting does not align with your interests? Explore other available positions on our career page.

Core Developer - Polkadot Runtime

Full time
As caretakers of the Polkadot and Substrate ecosystem, Parity is dedicated to building the foundation for a more advanced web. We advocate for a decentralized web that values individual freedom and safeguards data, empowering developers to create innovative services. Our ultimate goal is to establish a world based on honest interactions rather than blind trust.

Parity is a leading blockchain infrastructure company, leveraging our extensive expertise to pioneer and construct advanced technologies within the blockchain sector.

We are a globally distributed team that embraces a remote-first approach, collaborating on open-source technologies for developers and organizations to employ and expand upon. Our Web3 technology stack includes Polkadot, Substrate, and Kusama.
We seek individuals who:
Are highly motivated to contribute to Parity's mission and be part of a greater goal

Thrive on working on groundbreaking and intricate projects

Are autonomous workers who take initiative while also collaborating effectively

Embrace maximum accountability and exhibit minimal ego in the workplace

Adapt well in chaotic situations and embrace the evolving Web3 landscape

Engage in continuous learning about Parity and the broader ecosystem

About the Team

The Polkadot Runtime team is responsible for the business logic of Polkadot, as well as the accompanying tools. This scope ranges from low-level design involving FRAME macros to messaging formats like XCM, as well as applications such as bridges and system architecture.

About the Position

We are seeking new engineers to join our team, specifically for work on XCM and system testing frameworks. In these positions, your responsibilities will include:

Designing and implementing cutting-edge protocols to be used within the Polkadot protocol and by teams building applications on it

Tackling complex, multi-chain challenges

Developing end-to-end test suites to evaluate multi-chain applications

About You

Successful candidates should:

Be skilled in working independently and solving problems autonomously

Collaborate effectively in an open-source culture and excel in peer review, both as a reviewer and a reviewee

Possess a solid understanding of system design and proficiency in working with complex systems

Take ownership of their work and bear responsibility for outcomes, recognizing that project completion entails more than just delivering the initial version of the code; actively seek feedback and incorporate it into their work

Demonstrate strong communication skills, with the ability to present their work concisely and accurately through mediums like blog posts and conferences

About Working for Us

We provide:

Competitive remuneration packages determined through iterative market research, which may include tokens (where legally permitted)

A work environment that offers flexibility in hours and prioritizes self-initiation, enabling a future of work

Teammates who genuinely display excitement and eagerness about their projects and their potential impact

Access to brilliant minds in the industry, facilitating learning about Web3 and continuous personal development

Participation in the larger ecosystem, offering career growth opportunities and networking avenues

Team and company-wide retreats

Work laptop

The opportunity to relocate to Germany or Portugal with visa sponsorship

Employees based in Germany, Portugal, and the U.K. can also enjoy additional benefits including healthcare, parental leave, 28 days of paid time off per year, local team events, a yearly learning and development budget, and access to language classes.

Parity is an equal opportunity employer. We value diversity within our global team and strive to foster an inclusive atmosphere where everyone feels welcome and included.

Please review our Applicant Notice for information on how we handle and protect your data.

If this position is not the right fit for you, please take a look at our other open roles.