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Software Engineer, Cryptocurrency Tools

Software Engineer, Cryptocurrency Tools

Employer: DFINITY USA Research, LLC (DBA: DFINITY)

Position Duties:

Responsible for designing, developing, and supporting decentralized software solutions within the cryptocurrency space, including the DFINITY Internet Computer Protocol (ICP)

Design and implement creative financial products and services in decentralized computing, digital assets, and utility tokens

Develop new functionalities for crypto products, like wallet services and integrating financial systems with blockchain currencies

Enhance infrastructure and tooling for market making and advanced trading in decentralized exchange ecosystems

Contribute to maintaining proprietary software (CDK) that interfaces with the Internet Computer blockchain network using Rust programming

Assist in the release process for the CDK and regularly publish its software updates on supported operating systems

Create features that developers can utilize to develop applications on the Internet Computer blockchain

Engage in engineering design discussions to shape the architecture of new features

Perform pull request reviews and maintain high coding standards in repositories

Prototype and develop sample applications, as well as create detailed documentation

Implement features in various code bases by collaborating with cross-functional teams to ensure timely project delivery

Requirements: Master’s degree in Financial Engineering or related field, with minimum two (2) years of experience in:

Bash, Python, VSCode, Vim, Emacs, C, C++, Linux, Docker, CI/CD infrastructure, Integrated Development Environments, algorithm development, quantitative analysis, prototyping and building example apps, improving code maintainability, building test automation, and open-source development

Rate of Pay: $175,700 per year

Job Location: 365 Main St, #229F, San Francisco, CA 94105 (Remote work from anywhere in the US also available)

Apply to: Ryan Newman, Director of Recruiting, 365 Main St, #229F, San Francisco, CA 94105, (415) 237-0249, DFINITYrecruit@gmail.com

About DFINITY and the Internet Computer:
DFINITY launched the Internet Computer Protocol in May 2021, providing a fast and infinitely scalable general-purpose blockchain for Web3 applications and services.

DFINITY, led by entrepreneur Dominic Williams, has gathered a skilled team to build and enhance the 'world computer' capable of hosting various Web3 projects and platforms.

All applicants will be considered for employment regardless of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status.
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San Francisco, USA
Senior Blockchain Engineer, PAW

Senior Blockchain Engineer, PAW

**Rewritten **

Coinhako is a leading platform based in Singapore that provides access to digital assets such as Bitcoin. Established in 2014, Coinhako has gained a reputation for being a secure and trustworthy digital asset wallet service provider and trading platform in the APAC region. Our team is deeply dedicated to advancing the crypto economy in the APAC area. Through the introduction of our innovative range of products and services, Coinhako aims to empower individuals and businesses to take ownership and control over managing their assets in the emerging digital finance landscape.

We are seeking a skilled Senior Blockchain Engineer to join our Payments & Wallet team, known as PAW 🐾. The ideal candidate should be a blockchain technology expert, responsible for developing and enhancing our DApps. Working closely with cross-functional teams, you will ensure seamless integration with the rest of Coinhako systems.

Responsibilities Include:

Leading the design and development of advanced smart contracts on various blockchain platforms, focusing on performance optimization, security, and industry best practices.

Managing and upholding custody solutions for digital assets with high-level security and compliance in storing cryptocurrencies, tokens, and digital records.

Researching, analyzing, and conducting detailed studies on new opportunities in the blockchain ecosystem.

Collaborating with other teams to develop APIs enabling smooth interaction with blockchain data and functions.

Enhancing engineering standards, tooling, and processes.


Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or relevant field.

Minimum 5 years of experience in building software systems, particularly decentralized applications for platforms like Ethereum and Hyperledger.

Proficiency in Go, Solidity, or similar languages.

Ability to navigate ambiguity and collaborate effectively with team members.

Organized, proactive, and capable of self-management.

Knowledge of cryptography and security principles in blockchain is advantageous.

Perks Offered:

Supportive and welcoming start-up culture.

Central work location in the CBD.

Ample annual leave along with national holidays.

Comprehensive medical coverage, including GP, Specialist, and TCM services.

Self-care perks and engaging fitness workshops/webinars.

Lively office environment with a well-stocked pantry.

Pet-friendly workspace, with an adorable companion in the office.

Learn more about Coinhako and explore career opportunities with us!
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Senior Applied Cryptographer

Senior Applied Cryptographer

We are a well-funded startup focused on developing the Monad blockchain, a smart contract platform designed for broader adoption of decentralized apps. The platform boasts superior throughput, achieving 10,000 transactions per second, and maintains compatibility with Ethereum smart contracts.

Established by veterans of Jump Trading, our team tackles complex challenges in distributed systems engineering and low-latency optimization, pioneering innovative open source solutions for a high-performance, reliable system.

Following a successful $19 million seed funding round from prominent backers like Dragonfly Capital and Placeholder Capital, we seek talented engineers eager to solve impactful problems in a dynamic environment.

Role Overview

We are seeking a Senior Applied Cryptographer to lead the design and implementation of key blockchain components. This role requires expertise in cryptographic protocols, including signature schemes, distributed key generation, and zero-knowledge proofs, to enhance the platform's security and scalability.

Ideal Candidate Profile

Self-driven and resourceful

Team player with strong communication skills

Adaptable and capable of thriving in a fast-paced setting

Knowledgeable about software architecture

Focused on optimizing system performance

Enthusiastic about constructing fault-tolerant distributed systems


Advanced degree in applied cryptography

Minimum of 5 years applied cryptography experience in academia or industry

Proficiency in contemporary cryptographic techniques like zero-knowledge proofs, MPC, and signature schemes

Solid programming skills in Python or C++

Desired Experience (Bonus)

Published research papers

Contributions to open source projects

Prior startup involvement


Develop essential cryptographic components for the blockchain, such as signature schemes and zero-knowledge proofs

Stay updated on cryptographic advancements to introduce cutting-edge solutions

Why Join Us

Collaborate on challenging projects with significant impact

Learn from a dedicated, select team

Competitive salary and equity offerings

Influence the company culture and drive innovation from the start

Contribute in a flat, results-focused environment

Drive cost-effective decentralized computation, enabling new dapps that enhance users' lives

Compensation and Benefits

Minimum annual salary of $200,000

Benefits package includes unlimited paid time off, insurance coverage, home office equipment stipend, wellness/fitness stipend, and 10 company holidays.
Full time
Mechanism Designer

Mechanism Designer

About Us:

We are a dedicated team of creators and investigators with a goal to enable businesses and developers worldwide in utilizing and constructing decentralized systems.

Our team excels in various realms such as Ethereum and Starknet protocol development, layer-2 solutions, cryptographic research, decentralized finance (DeFi), security audits, formal verification, real-time monitoring, smart contract creation, dapps establishment, and enterprise engineering.

Engaging in tackling complex challenges within the blockchain industry, we actively collaborate with prominent entities like Ethereum Foundation, Starknet Foundation, Gnosis Chain, Flashbots, Forta Protocol, Lido, EigenLayer, Open Zeppelin, RISCZero, Aleph Zero, and more.

Currently, we comprise nearly 200 members working remotely from over 45 countries around the world.

Candidate Profile:

The ideal candidate should exhibit a profound comprehension of algorithmic game theory and its application to prove the robustness of protocols through mechanism design. Additionally, familiarity with the behavior of game theory under the distributed system's asynchrony and irrationality is highly valued. While a fundamental understanding of L1 and L2 designs, systemic risks, and consensus algorithms is necessary, a solid grasp is preferred.

We seek individuals who can effectively collaborate in a distributed research team, clearly articulate their research ideas, and present their findings in a formal manner. Candidates who are comfortable expressing their viewpoints and seeking clarity on unfamiliar concepts are encouraged.

Key Responsibilities:

In the role of a Mechanism Designer, your research engagements may encompass topics like:

Transaction fee mechanisms.

Prover coordination and sequencer design, decentralization, incentivization.

Block-building rights auctioning.

Finality levels and associated risks.

Staking variations: vanilla staking, restaking, liquid staking, and associated systemic risks.

L2 governance, PoS vs PoG, etc.

Desired Skills:

Proven track record in algorithmic game theory with a preference for published work in the domain.

Capability to identify and propose solutions for mechanism design issues.

Understanding of distributed protocol design, including recognizing trade-offs when implemented on blockchains.

Familiarity with Ethereum operation and design principles.

Knowledge of L2 design specifics.

Ability to communicate thoughts effectively.

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Twitter: Nethermind Twitter

Discord: Nethermind Discord

LinkedIn: Nethermind LinkedIn
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Consensus Research Engineer

Consensus Research Engineer


We are a dedicated team focused on empowering enterprises and developers globally to utilize and innovate on decentralized systems. Our wide-ranging expertise spans Ethereum and Starknet protocol engineering, cryptography research, decentralized finance (DeFi), security auditing, protocol research, smart contract development, and more. Collaborating with prominent entities like Ethereum Foundation, Starknet Foundation, and others, we are working remotely from various countries with nearly 200 team members.

Role Summary

As a Consensus Research Engineer, you will be responsible for addressing intricate challenges by designing and implementing tailored consensus algorithms. This role involves analyzing existing algorithms for aspects like throughput, finality, and security. The position presents a unique opportunity to engage in cutting-edge research within consensus mechanisms, particularly in the realm of blockchain technology.


Craft and execute customized consensus algorithms to meet specific needs.

Analyze existing consensus algorithms thoroughly, examining performance metrics such as throughput, finality, and security.

Collaborate across teams to integrate and optimize consensus mechanisms in blockchain systems.

Keep abreast of the latest advancements and research in consensus algorithms and distributed computing.


Proficiency in consensus algorithms, particularly within blockchain technology.

Experience in designing and deploying consensus algorithms or related distributed systems.

Strong grasp of distributed computing challenges and solutions.

Excellent analytical skills to evaluate complex systems critically.

Effective communication skills to convey technical concepts to diverse audiences.

Background in developing distributed systems.


Equity opportunities.

Fully remote work setting.

Flexible working hours for a better work-life balance.
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Distributed Systems Dev Lead (Nubia)

Distributed Systems Dev Lead (Nubia)

About Us We are a dedicated team of innovators and researchers determined to empower organizations and developers globally to utilize and advance decentralized systems. Our areas of expertise span across Ethereum and Starknet protocol engineering, decentralized finance (DeFi), security auditing, formal verification, smart contract development, and more. Collaboration is key, and we often partner with leading entities such as Ethereum Foundation, Starknet Foundation, and others. Currently, our diverse team consists of around 200 remote professionals from over 45 different countries.

Job Summary

In alignment with the rapid growth of the Starknet network, Nethermind is seeking individuals who possess a quality-driven mindset and the ability to enhance developer tools within the dynamic blockchain industry. As a contributor, your role will be vital in ensuring the smooth operation and development of network components.

Key Responsibilities:

Lead and supervise a software development team working on client-facing applications in the blockchain sector.

Collaborate with key stakeholders to align product vision with company objectives.

Advocate for best coding practices to ensure reliability and scalability.

Drive innovation and foster a creative environment within the team.

Mentor and nurture team members, fostering individual growth.

Optimize development processes for enhanced efficiency.

Stay updated on emerging industry technologies and trends to uphold a competitive edge.

Required Skills:

Proven track record in leading intricate software projects.

Understanding of solid software architecture principles.

Proficiency in implementing efficient algorithms and intricate data structures.

Strong programming abilities; preference for Go or Rust.

Practical experience in different development methodologies.

Familiarity with DevOps principles and CI/CD environments.

Robust background in computer science.

Passion for blockchain technology and its operations.

Preferred Qualifications:

Knowledge in distributed networks such as P2P systems.

Expertise in performance optimization and memory management.

Experience with Blockchain, EVM, Transaction Pool, JSON RPC.

Familiarity with NoSQL key-value databases like RocksDB.

Understanding of cryptography principles.

Projects Executed by the Team:

Development of Starknet client from the ground up.

Integration of P2P layer for Starknet protocol.

Implementation of efficient data stores and caching solutions.

Benefits Include:

Fully remote position.

Flexible working hours.

Equity opportunity.

If interested, kindly go through our open positions on our website. Kindly note that your personal information will be handled in accordance with the UK GDPR. Feel free to contact legalnotices@nethermind.io for any privacy-related queries or to withdraw your consent.

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Product Owner

Product Owner

About Us:

We are a dedicated group of builders and researchers with a goal to enable enterprises and developers globally to leverage and create on decentralized systems. Our team's expertise spans various areas including Ethereum and Starknet protocol engineering, cryptography research, DeFi, security auditing, protocol research, smart contract development, and more. Collaboration with leading entities like Ethereum Foundation, Starknet Foundation, and other prominent organizations is a regular part of our endeavors. With a remote team of nearly 200 individuals from over 45 countries, we are focused on tackling complex issues in the blockchain industry.

Role Overview:

As a pivotal member of our team, the Product Owner will work closely with Product Managers to translate the product vision into actionable roadmaps. Your responsibilities will include defining product feature priorities, eliciting and documenting requirements, collaborating with different teams, and ensuring the delivery of top-notch solutions in line with customer needs and business objectives.

Key Responsibilities:

Work with Product Managers to convert the product vision into feature roadmaps.

Prioritize features based on market trends, feedback, and ecosystem objectives.

Collect, document, and prioritize product requirements in coordination with stakeholders.

Develop and maintain user stories, acceptance criteria, and relevant documentation.

Collaborate with internal teams and external stakeholders to align on product goals.

Engage in testing strategies and ensure product quality with QA teams.

Participate in user acceptance testing for continuous enhancement.

Keep updated on industry trends and identify areas for product enhancement.

Utilize market insights for innovation and product improvement.

Actively promote the product through marketing channels and engage with users to gather feedback.

Required Skills:

Demonstrated excellent communication skills in English.

Ability to comprehend technical aspects related to the product domain.

Strong analytical, design, and reporting abilities.

Leadership qualities to effectively engage with multiple stakeholders and users.

Creativity, inventiveness, and good project management skills.

Preferred Qualifications:

Previous experience in software or service product development.

Understanding of Ethereum, blockchains, and Layer 2 technology.


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Product Manager

Product Manager

Mission Overview

Join our dedicated team focused on enabling businesses and developers globally to leverage and innovate on decentralized platforms.

We are skilled in a range of areas including Ethereum and Starknet protocol development, layer-2 solutions, cryptography, DeFi, security assessments, protocol and real-time monitoring, smart contract creation, dapps, and enterprise applications.

Collaborating extensively within the blockchain community with key partners like Ethereum Foundation, Starknet Foundation, Gnosis Chain, and more, we actively tackle the most complex challenges in the space.

Currently, our remote team comprises nearly 200 professionals from over 45 countries.

Do you fit the bill?

Creating impactful products and meeting user needs present significant challenges. If you possess a keen insight into user-centric product development, and possess a flair for innovation, we invite you to drive the next wave of our product offerings at Nethermind.

Key Responsibilities

Develop overarching product strategies aligned with organizational objectives

Craft and execute initiatives to enhance value within crypto ecosystems

Utilize customer insights to shape improvements and identify new product opportunities

Produce comprehensive product specifications informed by customer feedback and market analysis

Collaborate effectively with design, engineering, and cross-functional teams to deliver successful products

Engage with the community to introduce new products, receive feedback, and build user relationships

Implement promotional strategies via marketing channels and participate in industry events

Design pricing structures and promotional tactics to boost sales and launch new products

Key Skills

Strong communication skills with fluent English proficiency

Ability to grasp technical aspects relevant to the product's domain

Proficient in analytical thinking, design capabilities, and reporting

Leadership qualities to engage with diverse stakeholders and clients effectively

Creative and innovative mindset

Proficient in project management

Desirable Skills

Prior experience in software or service product development

Understanding of Ethereum, blockchain technology, and Layer 2 solutions

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Lead Product Manager

Lead Product Manager

Circle, a financial technology company, is a key player in the emerging world of digital currency. Our cutting-edge infrastructure, including USDC, a blockchain-based dollar, is enabling businesses, institutions, and developers to tap into the potential of the evolving money and technology landscape. We are dedicated to fostering transparency and stability in our operations and expanding into robust jurisdictions worldwide. At Circle, speed, efficiency, and a commitment to our company values drive our success. Our employees thrive in a remote work environment that values collaboration and embraces diverse perspectives.

As a Product Manager at Circle, your role will be to develop new API products that empower developers to create crypto-powered applications. We aim to bring the benefits of blockchain technology to billions of users by simplifying the development process for developers. In this role, you will be responsible for managing product development using our core protocols, which include permissioned and permissionless products. Examples of product categories include Programmable Wallets, Smart Contract Platform, and Gas Abstraction. This position requires an in-depth understanding of frontier Web3 technologies and the ability to collaborate externally with ecosystem developers. You will also be involved in defining the developer experience and working with internal stakeholders to bring these products to market.

Key Responsibilities:

Collaborate with ecosystem developers to understand their needs and translate them into a product roadmap (external collaboration is highly valued in this role).

Own the vision, feature set, and roadmap for developer products—from concept to launch.

Stay up to date with the latest developments in blockchain technologies, including account abstraction, smart contracts, and intents.

Define an exceptional developer experience for both experienced and novice developers.

Coordinate with internal stakeholders such as legal, compliance, treasury, and marketing to successfully launch products.

To excel in this role, you must embody our four core values:

Multistakeholder: Demonstrate dedication and commitment to customers, shareholders, employees, and local communities.

Mindful: Approach work with respect, active listening, and attention to detail.

Driven by Excellence: Relentlessly pursue excellence in pursuit of our mission and customer success.

High Integrity: Communicate openly and honestly, upholding high moral and ethical standards.


Lead Product Manager:

Minimum 7 years of product management or entrepreneurship experience, with 2+ years in the crypto industry focusing on developer infrastructure tools or protocols.

Bachelor's degree in Computer Sciences, engineering, or related field.

Hands-on experience as a software developer or building products for developers.

Broad understanding and active engagement with blockchain technologies, including reading EIPs and working with dapps.

Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.

Detail-oriented and strong analytical skills.

Ability to effectively collaborate with remote teams across different time zones.

Principal Product Manager:

All qualifications of a Lead Product Manager position plus:

Over 10 years of product management experience, including successful product portfolio evolution and generating meaningful revenue.

Experience owning product strategy for complex commercial products, preferably in the crypto industry.

Proven ability to identify and mitigate risks associated with owned products.

Strong mentorship skills, with demonstrated experience coaching other product managers.

Ability to influence partners and executives to achieve results.

Additional Information:

This position may be eligible for day-one PERM sponsorship for qualified candidates.

Compensation ranges and packages are determined based on various factors, including relevant experience, qualifications, and company needs.

Circle is an equal opportunity employer that values diversity.

Circle's benefits include medical, dental, vision, and 401(k) plans, as well as equity incentives.

We have a flexible vacation policy, 10 days of paid sick leave per year, and 11 paid holidays in the U.S.

Circle participates in the E-Verify Program in specific locations where required by law.
Full time
Lead Product Manager

Lead Product Manager

Circle is a financial technology company that operates in the emerging field of digital currency. Our innovative technology enables the frictionless transfer of value across borders, in a fast and cost-effective manner. By embracing this new internet layer of money, we aim to unlock opportunities for global economic growth and financial inclusion. Our products, such as USDC and CCTP, empower businesses, institutions, and developers to leverage these advancements in money and technology.

What you'll be a part of:

As Circle grows, we are expanding into various regions and are committed to transparency and stability. Our employees abide by our core values: Multistakeholder, Mindfulness, Driven by Excellence, and High Integrity. We foster a remote work environment that encourages new ideas and treats everyone as a valuable contributor.

What you'll be responsible for:

Circle is seeking a Product Manager to lead the development of new API products that facilitate the creation of cryptocurrency-powered applications. Your goal will be to make it seamless for developers to bring blockchain advantages to a wide user base.

The Product Manager is accountable for driving the creation of products utilizing our underlying infrastructure, which includes permissioned and permissionless offerings. Examples include Programmable Wallets, a Smart Contract Platform, and Gas Abstraction. This role focuses on supporting both web3 native ecosystem developers and web2 enterprises, necessitating deep knowledge of cutting-edge Web3 technologies.

What you'll work on:

Collaborating with ecosystem developers to understand their needs and convert them into actionable roadmaps for Circle's support (external collaboration is expected for this role).

Shaping the vision, feature set, and roadmap for developer products, from ideation to market launch. These products will incorporate both off-chain and on-chain protocols.

Staying up-to-date with the latest developments at the forefront of blockchain technologies, including account abstraction, smart contracts, and intents.

Defining an outstanding developer experience for both experienced and novice smart contract developers.

Working closely with internal stakeholders in legal, compliance, treasury, and marketing to bring these products to market.

You will aspire to our four core values:

Multistakeholder - You prioritize the well-being of our customers, shareholders, employees, and local communities.

Mindful - You approach communication and collaboration with respect, active listening, and attention to detail.

Driven by Excellence - You continually pursue excellence, reject mediocrity, and are passionate about achieving customer success.

High Integrity - You embrace open and honest communication, adhering to high moral and ethical standards while rejecting manipulation and dishonesty.

What you'll bring to Circle:

Lead Product Manager

Minimum 7 years of product management or entrepreneurship experience, with at least 2 years in the crypto industry focusing on developer infrastructure tools or protocols.

Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or related field. Additionally, experience as a software developer or building products for developers is preferred.

Strong understanding of blockchain technologies, including active usage of dapps, engagement with communities, and familiarity with EIPs.

Excellent verbal and written communication skills, with experience interfacing with customers, developers, and open-source communities.

Detail-oriented, highly analytical, and comfortable working with data.

Ability to effectively collaborate with remote teams spanning multiple time zones, utilizing tools such as Slack, Apple MacOS, and GSuite.

Principal Product Manager

All requirements of a Lead Product Manager, plus:

Minimum 10 years of product management experience, with a track record of successful product portfolios generating substantial revenue.

Proven ownership of product strategy for complex commercial products, preferably within the crypto industry.

Mentoring experience of other product managers and ability to influence partners and executives for optimal results.

Additional Information:

This is eligible for day-one PERM sponsorship for qualified candidates.

Compensation will be determined based on relevant experience, skill set, and qualifications.

Compensation ranges might vary for candidates in different locations.

Comprehensive benefits, including equity, medical, dental, vision, 401(k), and discretionary vacation policy, sick leave, and holidays.

Circle is an equal opportunity employer, actively embracing diversity and refraining from discrimination based on race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.

Circle participates in the E-Verify Program in applicable locations, as required by law.

Full time