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Content Creator Manager

Job Description

Seedify, a leading incubator and launchpad in the Web3 Gaming, metaverse, and NFT space, is seeking a talented individual to join our team. As part of our mission to foster growth and innovation in the crypto Gaming/Metaverse/NFT industry, we are looking for a skilled professional to develop and implement influencer marketing strategies and campaigns. Your role will involve managing relationships with current key opinion leaders (KOLs), identifying new influencers, creating engaging content, researching industry trends, and collaborating with the team to devise unique influencer campaigns.


Create and execute effective influencer marketing strategies and creative campaigns

Maintain relationships with current key opinion leaders (KOLs)

Analyze and evaluate the impact of influencers on social media platforms

Identify and establish connections with influential personalities and thought leaders

Actively search for and engage with new influencers for potential partnerships

Generate compelling content ideas and curate engaging content

Research and monitor industry experts, competitors, target audience, and users

Brainstorm innovative approaches for influencer campaigns


Bachelor's degree in Marketing or related field

Strong experience in web3/crypto industry is essential

Proven track record in outreach campaign strategies

Demonstrated success in collaborating with influencers

Ability to identify and distinguish genuine and organic influencers

Advanced knowledge of social media marketing industry trends and best practices

Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Exceptional organizational and time management abilities

Outstanding project management skills

Superb interpersonal and relationship-building capabilities

Strong networking abilities
Full time

A well-known influencer with developed social networks to advertise Web3 game.

Payment depends on your social media reach and target audience. We need Influencers with a total reach of at least 50 thousand users. Payment is made accordingly per post/video. If you have any questions, please contact me.
Part time