How Cryptocurrency Has Introduced New Careers In Technology

How Cryptocurrency Has Introduced New Careers In Technology

The blockchain sector didn’t exist until around 10 years ago. With the advent of this new suite of technologies, a raft of new cryptocurrency jobs has come onto the market, offering exciting opportunities for those qualified.

Bitcoin was only launched in 2009, with the nascent blockchain sector seeing its first businesses the next year (including the launch of the ill-fated MtGox). Today, the range of opportunities for cryptocurrency careers is large and growing, including entirely new roles that never existed before.

Job trends in cryptocurrency

In the early days, cryptocurrency initiatives were informal, started by grassroots enthusiasts, with few if any job requirements other than a willingness to experiment. Even aptitude was optional.

A lot has changed since then. Today, the crypto jobs space is competitive, and the best vacancies are offered by highly professional and respectable organisations. In keeping with the decentralized nature of these protocols, remote work is a common feature of cryptocurrency jobs, with many companies’ workforces being dispersed around the globe.

The range of careers has also broadened, with entry level crypto jobs for everything from smart contract programming to marketing. At the top end, crypto data analyst and research jobs offer comfortable six-figure average salaries.

What cryptocurrency jobs are available?

Searching the opportunities on any major jobs portal will throw up a broad number of crypto jobs. Many of these will require specialist and in-depth knowledge of blockchain, while others require only skills that can be transferred from other sectors – though a willingness to learn about new tech is always important. Some of the best and most widely-advertised cryptocurrency careers opportunities include:

  • Blockchain developers, who either work on the core blockchain protocols themselves, or build apps on top of them.
  • Crypto research jobs, including cryptographers – who have become more important than ever due to the role that robust cryptography plays in the security of these networks.
  • Frontend and UX designers, who help to bridge the gap between the blockchain and the end user.
  • Data scientist and cryptocurrency analyst jobs. These involve pulling data from the blockchain and processing it to gain insight from the wealth of information on offer.
  • Cryptocurrency writer jobs and other marketing opportunities, including community outreach initiatives.

Which companies are hiring cryptocurrency professionals?

Browsing recruitment portals or the websites of major blockchain companies will immediately indicate the number of opportunities there are in this space. Most large projects are constantly on the lookout for skilled employees, thought there are lots of entry-level crypto jobs around too.

We are still at a point where demand outstrips supply for the most sought-after roles, so if you are appropriately qualified, you stand a good chance of starting out in what could prove a fun and rewarding career in crypto.

❓ What are the job trends in the crypto/blockchain sector?

Blockchain jobs have become more regulated and professionalised, so you can expect a relatively normal corporate structure, contracts, and working practices – though many allow remote working.

❓ What jobs are available?

There is a huge range of blockchain jobs, from UX/frontend roles through to smart contract developers and blockchain architects, as well as data scientist roles.

❓ What companies are hiring professionals?

Many large blockchain companies are looking for experts, due to the overall shortage of talent. There are also roles available with smaller organisations.