LaborX: Full-Time Jobs Update

LaborX: Full-Time Jobs Update

LaborX’s latest update overhauls our new Full-Time Jobs module, which is designed to give both freelancers and employers more options, and expand the process of finding work and talent acquisition in the Web3 sector.

LaborX already enables customers to connect with talent, either through Gigs – fixed-price services offered by freelancers – or through custom Jobs listings by employers. The new module rounds out the platform’s utility by acting as a jobs board for full-time opportunities. This allows freelancers to showcase their skills and experience to thousands of employers, and to branch out to apply for permanent positions if they want.

Customers, meanwhile, can browse a pool of over 100,000 global freelancers, and engage them for full-time or long-term positions. Thanks to LaborX’s existing infrastructure, hiring is straightforward and talent acquisition can be fast-tracked, bypassing the delays inherent in the traditional recruitment process. Moreover, there is no cost for this service, despite competitors typically charging upwards of $100 per candidate acquired – and frequently much more.

Full-Time Jobs Module: Key Updates

Since launching this service in beta, we have made a number of improvements to the user experience and the way the module is integrated within LaborX.

The creation of full-time jobs has been overhauled and optimised, making it faster, more straightforward and more user-friendly. We’ve also changed the way information is presented on each full-time vacancy page, summarising the most important details in one place.

When users apply for a full-time role, they can either upload the CV they have previously included in their profile, or drag-and-drop a different one, enabling them to tailor their applications for each position.

We have improved the process of sorting applicants for employers. As with our regular Jobs module, employers can see all current applicants in a separate tab for that vacancy, and can view each applicant’s cover letter for the job. With one click you can check their CV, go to the chat, or simply decline the candidate.

All communication between employer and applicant for full-time jobs has been moved to the same chat that we already use for Gigs and Jobs discussions, keeping all of your messages in the same place.

These changes make it easier than ever for both talents and employers to find the information they need, connect with each other, and discuss full-time opportunities – enabling LaborX to cover the full spectrum of Web3 employment needs and career development.