How to pitch your services as Gigs on LaborX

How to pitch your services as Gigs on LaborX

LaborX doesn’t just provide a way for freelancers to display their CVs and customers to upload jobs for them to browse. You can also offer your skills directly to employers in a specific, clearly-defined package with a fixed price – giving them an off-the-peg option for many common tasks they might need.

This simplifies the process of organising work, avoids the need for detailed negotiation about a job, and allows the use of a straightforward contract with lower blockchain fees.

Gigs are extremely easy to set up and advertise, so without further delay, here’s how to start!

Creating a Gig

First of all, log into LaborX and make sure your profile is set to ‘Freelancer’. Then click ‘Post Gig’.

Describe your service

Add a short Description, for example, ‘I will create a smart contract for your project’, select your category, and upload a Banner image. These will be displayed in the Gig list alongside other freelancers’ Gigs, so make them count! Add a longer description of the service you want to offer in the box provided below that.

What skills do you have?

Choose from the list of Categories to describe the relevant skills you’ll be using for this Gig. Customers want to know you have what it takes to get the job done!

Hourly rate or fixed price?

Now it's time to set your price. You can choose to set an hourly rate, or a total amount for payment. This allows for fixed-price gigs where the customer knows exactly how much they will be paying from the outset.

Show them what you can do!

Lastly, you can upload up to five additional images to showcase previous examples of your work to customers. Don’t hold back!

Save and publish

Once you're ready, it's time to hit 'Publish' to showcase your Gig to the world!

Rise to the top

If you receive good feedback and your Reputation score is higher than other freelancers in the same Gig section, you’ll appear higher up in the list for that category! This will guarantee you receive extra attention and increase your chances of winning new clients.

Share and wait for customers

To advertise your Gig around the web, click on it and copy the URL, or use the Social Media buttons on the bottom of the page to share it directly to popular platforms.

Video Tutorial

Check out our video tutorial below of how to post your first Gig from start to finish:

Thanks for reading this guide on creating Gigs! You can stay up-to-date with news and developments on LaborX by checking out our blog.