How do you get a cryptocurrency job?

How do you get a cryptocurrency job?

Jobs in cryptocurrency can offer a series of attractive benefits, from the chance to help build the economy of the future to more tangible, financial rewards.

The cryptocurrency space is growing fast, with more and more opportunities appearing on crypto jobs boards every day.

While the ICO boom saw an influx of money and a surge in the number of newly-formed blockchain companies, the following two years has seen the space mature. Many crowdfunded companies foundered, but some of these initiatives – joined by an increasing number of ‘traditional’ companies and institutional players – pushed the technology and its adoption forwards.

Reasons to join a crypto company

This is a fast-paced and exciting sector, which offers the chance to be on the cutting edge of a completely new social and economic movement. The COVID-19 pandemic has confirmed the fragility of the existing financial system, and the case for both cryptocurrencies and decentralised technologies more broadly.

Other reasons to get involved include the fact that remuneration is typically higher than in comparable jobs, often offering a 20-25% pay bump, due to the specialist nature of the work and the additional responsibility that dealing with these technologies can entail. Jobs are often remote, and often paid in crypto – of course.

How do you get a crypto job?

There are several ways to secure a good job in crypto, but most positions will require a degree of experience – especially technical roles. You’ll need to demonstrate you’re a self-starter who doesn’t need micromanaging.

Ideally, you’ll have a portfolio of work and a track record of success behind you. If you’re well-known in the space, word of mouth might well be enough to prompt interest from companies looking to fill a vacancy. Otherwise, LinkedIn is a good bet.

For less formal roles, especially gig economy jobs and ad hoc tasks that pay in crypto, it’s worth checking out the major jobs boards, as well as several freelancer portals that cater to those who want to work in (and for) crypto.

A step-by-step guide to your first job in crypto

Applying for a job in crypto can be much like looking for a job in any other sector. However, you’ll likely be required to demonstrate specific and relevant experience, so it’s important to be able to show that you know your way around the crypto world.

  1. Research the current opportunities on major blockchain jobs sites.
  2. Decide which opportunities suit your skillset and are most attractive to you.
  3. Update your CV and create a portfolio of relevant crypto projects you have worked on in the past. If you do not yet have experience in the blockchain sector, now is the time to research your areas of interest and create some calling cards – whether that means smart contract code, YouTube content, design assets or other examples of your work.
  4. Register for or your chosen crypto jobs site.
  5. Fill in your Profile, including your experience and links to your portfolio and relevant experience.
  6. Make sure you include any endorsements and feedback from previous employment.
  7. Browse for jobs and start applying!

Who is hiring for cryptocurrency jobs?

The opportunities span the range of informal initiatives to the biggest names in the space. Major players like Coinbase and Binance are always looking to hire, but there are lots of startups where you might be able to get a foot in the door – potentially with tokens or equity as an incentive.

It’s worth stating that the blockchain space is growing up and becoming more professional by the month, with legal and regulatory clarification as well as the demands of the market prompting companies to do things by the book. Putting together a proper CV and spending quality time on any applications you make will likely help your case a lot.

How do cryptocurrency companies hire?

Many well-known companies will advertise vacancies on their sites, as well as on platforms like LinkedIn. Attractive roles are likely to get hundreds of applications, so if you plan to be one of them, make sure yours is a cut above the rest. Jobs in crypto are fiercely competitive.

You should also cultivate your personal brand. A blog or website showcasing your work gives companies an easy way to see your skills and interests, and it puts your name out there in the crypto world. The more people know who you are, and respect what you do, the better your odds of picking up work in the crypto space.

❓ Why should you get a crypto/blockchain job?

Blockchain can be an exciting career, working with cutting-edge technology – and the pay is above average too.

❓ Who is hiring?

Many large companies are hiring, with big names like Coinbase and Binance always looking for talent. There are also lots of small fintech startups looking for experts or to fill entry-level vacancies.

❓How do you get a crypto job?

Most large companies will now advertise on LinkedIn or other major jobs portals, but you can find more ad hoc work by looking at specialist crypto jobs boards or forums.