How to Improve Your Gig’s Ranking and Land More Offers

How to Improve Your Gig’s Ranking and Land More Offers

The LaborX Gig ranking system explained.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if your Gig was always on top of the list and potential customers were fighting to book you? As a matter of fact, there are a few things you can do to improve your chances. The LaborX ranking system includes a set of factors, and in this piece, we explain how it works.

Work on Your Profile First

Personal profiles with completed info are ranked higher. Do not fall into the trap of filling everything in later – chances are, you will forget about it and miss the opportunity to move up the list. After all, it only takes a few minutes to add a variety of skills, specializations, and some other details.

If you are not sure about your hourly rate – check the market average. While overcharging is obviously a bad move, undercharging may look suspicious. Typically, after freelancing for a while, you figure out the number naturally.

Do not look down on assets that aren’t too trendy – the more payment methods you accept, the better. You can always exchange them afterward.

The ultimate goal is not to leave any blank spaces. Even if you cannot boast an industry-specific education or relevant work experience, mention the ones that you do have. Adding a portfolio, although not mandatory, will significantly improve your chances of impressing a potential employer.

Introduce Your Gig Properly

Keep the title short and sweet, while explaining your Gig in detail. You don’t need to be a phenomenal writer – all you have to do is use clean language and stay relatable. And make sure to come up with a well-chosen cover image, as it will help with getting extra attention.

Decide whether you stick to the hourly rate or set the price for the entire Gig. A flat rate typically fits experienced freelancers who are quick, efficient, and complete tasks faster than the average employee. Clients often prefer flat rates as they give them clarity about the entire budget. However, long-term projects work better with hourly rates and allow for greater flexibility.

How The Ranking System Works

A Gig’s rating is based on a few categories, and the final sum is their average. Each of the categories, in turn, has its own criteria. Once a freelancer meets (or doesn’t meet) the criteria, they receive (or lose) points.

The points are being distributed among all the participants, with 400 being the maximum number one can get. With that said, calculating the exact amount of points is not something you should be focused on, since nothing is fixed.

The best use of this ranking system is to figure out current pain points and how to work on them.

Now, let’s move on to the categories.

Reputation (up to 110 points)

Currently, a freelancer’s reputation is calculated based on a variety of factors, including the following:

  • Profile completeness
  • Reviews
  • Deals made

After you fill in your profile and start working, encourage your employers to leave you reviews. Happy customers are always eager to spread the word, while unhappy ones can lose you a couple of points, too. On top of that, each successfully completed Gig grants you points but canceled works and lost disputes will lead to penalties.

Here’s a pro tip: make sure you've discussed all the task’s details and what the result of the work should look like. Try to consider possible difficulties and uncertainties in advance.

Last visit (up to 100 points)

Some freelancers create Gigs and never log into their accounts again. Consequently, a potential employer fails to get in touch with them. That’s why we also rank Gigs based on the time of the freelancer’s last visit.

The longer you stay offline, the fewer points you eventually get. So log in daily not to miss new jobs posted by customers and get a higher Gig position.

Conversion (up to 40 points)

The more views and replies your Gig collects, the better the rating. Clean and straightforward titles and well-chosen images can help you get those few extra clicks.

Premium membership (up to 60 points)

Freelancers with Premium accounts are getting 50 extra points. By the way, Premium gets you a handful of other benefits, and you should definitely consider joining in. Find out more about Premium here.

New member’s luck (up to 50 points)

New members posting their Gigs have better opportunities for higher rankings. This way, they get a chance to make sense of the platform while their Gigs are getting noticed.

The Bottom Line

If you do not see your Gig among the first search results, it’s about time you review your profile and the Gig itself. Most likely, the information you provided is not catchy or relevant enough. Complete your profile, re-write your offer, change a picture, log in daily to check the new jobs, or give a Premium account a try. Consistency is the key to success.


How to move my Gig up the list?

You can do a few things to move your Gig offer up the list.

  • Work on your reputation – complete the profile and do not leave any blank spaces.
  • Describe your Gig in detail, add a few extra payment methods, and make sure to check for typos.
  • Ask your past clients for reviews and set a goal of getting as many clients as possible.

No need to rush it: as long as you’re being active, your reputation will gradually improve with time.

Last but not least, make sure to visit your profile often. We track the time of the last visit and award extra points to those freelancers who show up regularly.

Does Premium membership affect my Gig rating?

It does. We give extra points to freelancers who obtained Premium accounts. As a result, your Gigs will be ranked higher.

Why are my Gigs no longer at the top?

If you have registered recently and, with time, noticed that your Gigs are no longer at the top, chances are that you ran out of beginner’s luck. New members who post their Gigs are being ranked higher for a while.

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