Introducing Full-time Jobs On LaborX!

Introducing Full-time Jobs On LaborX!

The LaborX team is pleased to announce the launch of a new module that enables users to organise full-time roles on the platform. This feature extends the functionality already offered by the existing Jobs and Gigs modules, and offers new opportunities for job seekers and recruiters.

LaborX Growth

The past year has shown strong growth for LaborX, as the monthly figures below demonstrate. As of 12 April 2022, there were a total of 61,617 users (including 56,381 freelancers and 6,969 customers – some users have both roles) and 18,067 gigs uploaded to the platform.

This growth has confirmed LaborX’s value proposition and highlighted the opportunity to add new features. While we continue to develop the freelance module, we are also building out a full-time jobs module, which is now available in beta.

Adding support for full-time jobs was a natural progression for LaborX. As the number of freelance jobs posted on the platform has increased, we noticed that a significant number were being advertised as full-time positions. Since we plan to make LaborX the ultimate crypto jobs platform, it makes sense to cater to this demand directly and cover all possible forms of work.

Beta Functionality

Initially, the full-time module will offer the following functionality:

  • Recruiters can publish job vacancies, receive applications, and contact suitable candidates.
  • Applicants can fill in a profile, upload their CV, browse opportunities, and contact recruiters with their information.

Payments are not currently supported, so in its beta version the service will act primarily as a jobs board. The current focus is still on roles within the blockchain and crypto sector, which has proven a major growth area.


A steep rise in the number of freelancers and employers using LaborX has validated the need for a decentralised recruitment platform that caters to a wide range of different users’ requirements. The new full-time module is a response to demand that we have established already exists, and will provide attractive functionality for many recruiters and job seekers.

Let us know what you think of the new module, and any further features you would like to see on LaborX!