Introducing Time Farm

Introducing Time Farm

Start using the app now to earn points by logging in regularly and completing simple tasks!

Over the last few weeks, the Chrono team has been developing a fun and exciting new app. Time Farm enables users to earn points by logging in and completing basic tasks of various kinds.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be building out Time Farm to serve a broader purpose. For now, this proof-of-concept version should be enough to get started earning points, and show our community what we’ve been working on.

Time Farm is a Telegram app, so you don’t need to download any new software. You can access it directly from Telegram and begin claiming points straight away!

Get started with Time Farm

While there’s lots still to come, we wanted to reward our early adopters, so for the first ten days you’ll earn double points!

How To Earn

At the outset, there are two main ways to earn. New points are available every four hours. To receive these, all you have to do is open the app and claim them. 14,400 points are available every four hours, or a total of 86,400 per day. (Quick-thinking community members will realise that’s one point per second.)

The other way is to complete the simple tasks that are displayed in the app. These vary in nature, but are typically quick and straightforward to carry out. As soon as a task is finished, you’ll immediately receive additional points, over and above the ones available every four hours.

Try it out and start earning points today!

Time Farm Referral Scheme

As well as the regular points you can earn, we have implemented an affiliate scheme. Use your unique referral link to invite friends, and receive a share of the points they earn!

The referral programme uses a multi-level system, so you’ll not only receive points for your direct referrals, but for the users they invite to the platform, and so on, down to the fifth level of referrals.

Get your affiliate link and start referring friends now!

For every direct referral you make, you’ll earn 20% of that user’s points. Second-generation referrals earn you 10%, then 5%, 2.5%, and 1.25% of your fifth-generation referrals. This can be a very powerful way to earn a lot of points, since referring the right person can lead to a huge amount of downstream rewards.

Lots More To Come

We believe that Time Farm has huge potential, and that the app is set to become a big part of the Chrono ecosystem as we integrate more features.

That’s all for now, but stay tuned, because we have big plans for Time Farm! You’ll probably already realise what kind of functionality we hope to build out, but hopefully we’ll have a few surprises for our community too.

And don’t forget – for the first ten days, you get double points, so sign up for the app and get started as soon as possible to harvest those bonus rewards!