Jobs that pay in Bitcoin

Jobs that pay in Bitcoin

Online jobs that pay in bitcoin are a fantastic way to source work from anywhere in the world, building a career or supplementing your existing income with no more than a laptop and an internet connection. (updated 03.10.2022)

With widespread internet infrastructure and broadband connectivity, accessing many online services is straightforward. We think nothing of video chatting with friends or family on the other side of the world, buying almost anything we want from Amazon and other e-commerce sites, or streaming media on Netflix.

But some areas of life haven’t kept pace with the change. Employment and financial services still tend to follow the old paradigm. It can be difficult to find good freelance jobs online, and time-consuming and expensive to get paid. Jobs that pay in cryptocurrency offer a way to address some of the major problems of working in the online gig economy, and working for bitcoin gives you options over and above using the legacy banking system.

Getting paid in bitcoin is safe and easy

One of the main reasons more freelancers and remote workers don’t opt to get paid in cryptocurrency is the perceived difficulty and complexity of managing crypto wallets and transactions. The early days of crypto were full of scams and hacks that have proven off-putting to potential new users, who are otherwise curious about exploring these technologies. While online security should always be your concern, especially if you want to get paid in bitcoin, the space has evolved rapidly and there are now many exchanges and wallet services that store crypto securely, and that are fully regulated. All of this avoids most of the difficulty and uncertainty entailed in getting set up with crypto, making it easy both to get paid bitcoin and – for those who recognise the benefits of accessing freelancers who want to be paid in bitcoin – making crypto transactions safely too. Most popular wallets and exchanges present balances and transactions in dollar-equivalent amounts (or your local currency), so it’s easy to see how much money is coming in. Additionally, some services enable instant conversion to dollars and other currencies for incoming transactions, so you don’t have to worry about crypto’s volatility while still gaining all the benefit

The benefits of bitcoin payments

If you’re one of the majority of people who work for a conventional company, you might wonder what the advantages are of getting paid in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. After all, when you work for a company based in your home country – likely attending an office or other workplace every day – there’s no need to use alternative payment systems.

As soon as you work in the gig economy, however, the value of working for bitcoin becomes more obvious. There are a series of compelling reasons why you might search for jobs that pay in cryptocurrency.

  • Access all areas. The current banking system makes it (unnecessarily) hard to transfer funds from one country to another. Sometimes it is literally impossible, particularly if one person is unbanked or underbanked – a more common situation than is typically appreciated, even in major economies like the US. Bitcoin is open and borderless. It enables anyone to send money anywhere in the world. It’s just as easy transferring cash to another country or continent as it is sending it to a friend in the same town. That means you don’t have to worry about payments when you’re working across borders. In fact, working for bitcoin opens a truly global labour marketplace to you. You can search for jobs anywhere. It doesn’t matter whether they’re within commuting distance or even in the same country as you!
  • Fast, low-cost transfers. Not only is Bitcoin borderless, but it’s extremely fast and efficient to use compared to conventional bank transfers or money transmitter services. Transactions are almost instant – you can see your money is on the way as soon as the transaction has been submitted to the network, and you will typically be able to spend it within a few minutes. Meanwhile, flat fees and terrible exchange rates mean you can lose a large chunk of your pay to the banks if you use normal channels – especially if you’re sending and receiving relatively small amounts.
  • Save and invest. It’s easy to store funds in cryptocurrency using various stablecoins, pegged to the dollar, euro or other major currencies. You can also hold funds as bitcoin. If you know what you’re doing, this can be a source of additional revenue or a means of investing for the long term – though of course, like investing in any asset, it also carries risks.

Six websites for bitcoin freelance jobs

There are lots of websites that pay in bitcoin, though a couple of fairly major ones have recently shut down. Freelance jobs can take all forms, from software development to communications, graphic design and other roles. You can find online jobs that pay in bitcoin, as well as other popular cryptocurrencies including ether (ETH) and Dai. If you work for specific blockchain projects, you may be offered pay in the native platform token.

One caveat to bear in mind when looking for jobs that pay in bitcoin is to do your due diligence. When you’re working across borders in the gig economy, there are fewer protections than if you were employed by a company in your own country. A good freelancer platform will mitigate this to a certain extent, though some will unfairly disadvantage freelancers over employers.

Additionally, cryptocurrency transactions cannot be reversed, so make sure you check the legitimacy of any recipient and their address. If you send funds to the wrong person, they cannot be recovered. Make sure that any jobs board provides escrow, to protect your payments, and ideally some kind of dispute resolution process, in case you happen to encounter an unscrupulous employer. (Scams and non-payments give jobs websites a bad reputation, so it’s in their interests to filter out the bad actors and address any problems that do occur.)

With that in mind, here are six websites that provide opportunities to work for bitcoin.

1. LaborX

LaborX is a newcomer to the space that takes a completely decentralised approach to connecting employers and service providers. The platform is built on Ethereum and uses smart contracts to govern every major aspect of the workflow. For example, users can discuss their requirements and then confirm these in a digital work agreement. Escrow ensures that funds are available at agreed milestones, or when a job is completed. Meanwhile the UX is smooth (including social login) and it’s easy to create a profile, organise work and payment terms – no knowledge of Ethereum, blockchain or smart contracts is required.

2. Crypto Jobs

The foremost site for jobs that pay in cryptocurrency, Crypto Jobs is a large site with a well-established reputation in the space. At the time of writing, the platform is advertising almost 1,800 jobs, with a potential audience of 15,000 subscribers – not counting those who stumble upon it in more casual searches for work.

You can search by job location, including a special tab for ‘remote’, as well by role – there’s everything from tech and developer jobs to sales and marketing, customer support and design.

For employers, posting a job is free, though a paid ($199) upgrade will get your vacancies greater visibility. Testimonials suggest that won’t always be necessary, since there can be fierce competition for the best jobs.

The only real catch with Crypto Jobs is just that: the competition. Since it’s a very large and popular site, job seekers will be up against many, many other applicants and may find it hard to stand out in the crowd – especially if you want to compete on more than price. And employers may find they are deluged with unsuitable applications.

3. Cryptogrind

Another favourite in the blockchain space, Cryptogrind has a slicker look than most crypto jobs boards and allows users to post or apply for jobs for free. You can search by job category, which are slightly broader than other sites – for example, there’s a ‘Programming and tech’ umbrella for all technical and developer jobs, and categories you won’t find elsewhere, like ‘Fun’ and ‘Gifts’.

Another important feature not shared by most of the competition is multi-signature escrow for funds, adding an extra layer of security to the platform and giving users confidence that their payment won’t go astray. It’s fast and straightforward to get started, and you can login with Facebook for additional convenience.

Cryptogrind may not be quite as popular as some other sites for jobs that pay in cryptocurrency, but it’s worth checking out if you’re looking for work. There’s also a referral scheme if you want to explore ways of making more cash in the process.

4. CoinTelegraph Jobs

While it may be best known as a crypto news site, CoinTelegraph has started posting job opportunities in the blockchain industry. There won’t be the volume of vacancies you’ll find on major freelancer platforms, but it’s a welcome addition to the space. Additionally, since this falls under the CoinTelegraph brand, there’s incentive not simply to post any and every opportunity; the ones that do make the cut are good roles in the industry and well worth having. (Against that, it’s probably not the place to pick up small jobs, casual work or roles for inexperienced applicants – they’re not looking to be a regular freelancer marketplace.)

There’s a simple search function with job and location – nothing fancy, but enough to get the job done, especially as there aren’t thousands of vacancies here. You’ll find opportunities with some of the best-known firms and organisations in the crypto world, including CoinTelegraph itself, when they’re hiring. For some of the top jobs that pay in bitcoin, this one is well worth a try.

5. BlockLancer

BlockLancer is a little bit different to other crypto freelancer platforms. It’s dedicated to the Ethereum ecosystem, so it’s more specific than other sites for jobs that pay in cryptocurrency – it’s ETH or nothing, here.

The big difference, though, is that this is a site for individuals to sell their skills – kind of like Fiverr – not a jobs marketplace. So anyone looking for a task they need done can come and browse who can provide what they need, rather than things happening the other way around, with freelancers browsing available jobs. Staying true to the ethos of crypto, freelancers won’t need to post real-life information, so you can remain anonymous if you prefer.

Again, it’s not the largest of sites, but there are plenty of freelancers and skills represented here. If you’re looking for a smart contract developer, it’s a good place to start, but there are four broad categories and it’s definitely not confined to technical roles.

6. Forums

Another option for bitcoin freelance jobs is to take a more grassroots approach and go straight to the crypto community and the initiatives they are spearheading. This was far easier and a better way of scoring a good crypto job in past years, when the sector was more informal, but you can still find plenty of paying opportunities if you hunt around now. Forums often have their own areas for posting freelance gigs and, of course, these pay in crypto.

Bitcointalk, the oldest and still largest crypto forum, has a marketplace sub-board for goods, services and much else besides – though be careful, since it’s almost completely unmoderated and there are plenty of bad actors left to scam and defraud users. There’s also r/Jobs4Bitcoins, which also has a large audience. In both cases, users can post both job opportunities and that they are available for hire.

Beyond that, you can try all the different altcoin forums and other general crypto forums for jobs, which can range from small tasks up to fairly major projects. In many cases, though, you’ll need to prove your reputation and that you are, or intend to be, a long-term member of the community, rather than someone just out for a quick buck who will immediately dump all the crypto they earn and move on.

To keep everyone honest, there is a decentralised reputation system, where both service providers and employers can provide feedback that goes onto a permanent, transparent record, stored on the blockchain – so the system cannot be gamed, as other freelancer platforms can be, by users deleting their accounts and starting again from scratch, often faking reviews to overstate their competence. Lastly, a dispute resolution service ensures that where obligations are not met, disagreements can be resolved effectively. Because LaborX is built on Ethereum, it’s a good choice if you like ETH for jobs that pay in crypto.

7. CoinGigs

CoinGigs is another slick site that allows customers to post jobs, select the freelancer they want, and pay in Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash. There are a vast number of different categories and subcategories to explore, allowing users to post gigs or search freelancers in a highly granular way. There’s an 8% commission fee per completed task, which is quite competitive in the freelancer space, and funds are escrowed to protect both parties. One quirk of the platform is its emphasis on Bitcoin Cash, a relatively obscure currency compared with BTC.

8. PompCryptoJobs

PompCryptoJobs was launched at the beginning of 2021 by Morgan Creek’s Anthony Pompliano, a vocal bitcoin supporter. While it’s not as large as he originally hoped (targeting 10,000 jobs listed by the end of the first year), the jobs that are there are high-quality opportunities in the crypto industry. It’s not just a place to find freelance jobs that pay in crypto, though you will find a number with that option; the idea was to connect blockchain businesses with talent. You’ll see major names like Kraken and Galaxy Digital there. Unfortunately, you’ll need to register and log in if you want to find out more – you can’t browse and check out the opportunities, unlike similar sites.

9. Bitfortip

Bitfortip is an intriguing alternative to conventional crypto freelancer sites. The site allows anyone to post questions or things they need, which can be highly practical (like explaining a specific aspect of the crypto industry, or where to find and buy a specific item) or something more whimsical (what is this piece of music, or can you find a video of a particular event).

Users post answers and suggestions, and if the person who posted the question likes them, they’ll make a tip in one of a number of supported cryptos. A tip must be offered and the poster’s account must be funded, or the question won’t be published. You may not earn much this way, but it’s a fun way to monetise your knowledge and kill some time.

How to find a blockchain company that pays in bitcoin

There are plenty of other platforms that offer jobs that pay in cryptocurrency, and it’s often a good idea to look for the smaller sites where competition for work isn’t so intense. You may also find more niche opportunities if you have particular skills you want to put to good use.

There is another approach to working for bitcoin, though, and that’s deliberately searching out a company that specialises in blockchain technology – and, ideally, has a good proportion of remote employees. This way, you may pick up a longer-term job that pays in crypto.

The process in this case will be more like a conventional job search. LinkedIn is a good place to start: you’ll find lots of opportunities there and can filter your search by location, type of job, and so on. Of course, when all the jobs are listed and easy to search, you may again find that competition is fierce. With a little more legwork, you may find more easily-won opportunities.

The main principle in all cases is putting your money where your mouth is. If you are active in the blockchain and crypto world, if you have a presence on forums and have already worked with other projects, then you will have built up a portfolio and a reputation. That can be hugely valuable, since you’re then in a position to pick up bitcoin freelance jobs or more permanent work through word-of-mouth advertising. Naturally, a track record like that isn’t created overnight, so if you haven’t already started, it’s never too early. Put yourself out there, create software, publish articles, offer your services and provide value to the community and crypto projects. This is the kind of industry in which people tend to self-select: if you’re known as someone who gets things done, you’re more likely to become the go-to choice.

Working for bitcoin: a wealth of opportunity

Jobs that pay in cryptocurrency come in all forms. At one end of the scale, it can be just like any other job in the gig economy: you’ll pick up work of one kind of another, with the only difference being the work pays in bitcoin.

Since these are jobs that pay in bitcoin, though, there’s a greater likelihood of finding work in the crypto and blockchain sector specifically. That might be technical in nature – software development, for example – or it may be communications or marketing that nonetheless requires knowledge of blockchain technology in one way or another. Either way, it will certainly be an asset if you know your way around the various different platforms, technologies and major ideas in the space.

Finally, there are opportunities to find permanent full-time or part-time work, or long-term gigs, with various blockchain companies. These may be some of the best opportunities, since they offer the benefits of (relatively) stable employment, remote work and crypto payments. The process of securing a job like this will be more like a conventional job search, and you’ll probably need to jump through more hoops because the roles will be with established companies rather than casual opportunities in the gig economy.

Whatever route you choose, working for bitcoin online can be a rewarding way to supplement your existing income or forge a completely new career in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

❓ What sites offer online jobs that pay in bitcoin?

You can check on major freelancer sites like Crypto Jobs and Cryptogrind, as well as smaller marketplaces, crypto forums and different project websites. You’ll also find plenty of opportunities with blockchain companies on LinkedIn, some of which will offer remote work paid in crypto.

❓ How do I get a job in the blockchain industry that pays in crypto?

A track record is the most important thing, so if you don’t have a portfolio of existing work and a reputation in the space, start building one now. Check out LinkedIn for relevant jobs, and use your networks for word-of-mouth opportunities. Advertise that you're available on different sites and forums, detailing your skills.

❓ What are the benefits of working for bitcoin?

Working for crypto opens up a global jobs marketplace, where you can search for work from anywhere in the world. Transactions are fast, low-cost and secure, and if you know what you are doing it can be a good way to save and invest for the future too.

❓ What should I look for in a crypto freelancer jobs site?

Aside from making sure the site has the right kind of jobs for you, look for safeguards such as escrow and dispute resolution processes, in case there’s a problem. Some sites will offer digital contracts that specify and pay out at key milestones.