LaborX: what’s in our latest release?

LaborX: what’s in our latest release?

With our major launch for LaborX just around the corner, we’re making one final smaller, intermediate release before the big day.

The latest release sees the following updates and improvements:

1. Public Freelancer profile
Now anyone can browse and view your user profile, allowing them to search for the best person for the job.

2. New Profile pages
Alongside that, we’ve built out the Profile pages, enabling users to add and edit more information about their Portfolio, Experience, Skills and Contact information. All of this, with the exception of your contact details, will be displayed on your public Profile page. You will also see your Reputation score (points are credited for completing your Profile), as well as reviews. At present, you cannot leave a review for another user – we’re working on this and it will be available soon.

3. Social Login
You can now access your account using Google, Facebook and LinkedIn, making logging in easier than ever.

4. Withdrawals
We’ve added support for withdrawals, so you can now transfer any balance for cryptocurrencies you hold with LaborX (currently ETH, TIME, USDT, USDC and AUDT) to an external wallet.

5. SEO improvements
Our community suggested that we improve our SEO as part of our marketing efforts. We’ve started doing that by increasing the long-form content we publish, and including key questions with each article, as recommended.

6. Minor improvements
Lastly, we’ve made various bug fixes, updated numerous small features and made improvements to our mobile version.

Thanks for all your support and feedback. That’s all for now – but stay tuned for the big release!