LaborX: what’s in our latest release?

LaborX: what’s in our latest release?

The latest version of LaborX sees several significant updates: chat, reviews and feedback, cashback for Premium customers, dispute service.

The latest version of LaborX sees several significant updates, with some great new features added, as well as various minor improvements.

Chat service

The platform now features a built-in chat service that automatically creates a new conversation when a customer and freelancer agree to work together. This not only allows the two parties to communicate effectively as they discuss, amend and finally sign the contract. It also provides a full record of interactions for each job, which will be used in the event of a dispute. Should this occur, an arbitrator will be added to the chat and the history will become available to them, to help reach a mutually acceptable resolution.

Reviews and feedback

We continue to build out LaborX’s reputation system, which will enable users to work together with confidence. From this update, you will be able to rate your experience with a freelancer or customer on a scale of one to five, as well as leaving written feedback. Along with data from the blockchain, this will form a permanent record of users’ reliability and trustworthiness.

Cashback for Premium customers

We have introduced a new perk for Premium users. After a job has been completed and the contract ended, customers will receive 1% of the total contract amount back to their wallets as cashback. This encourages employers to use the service and carry work through to a satisfactory conclusion.

Workflow improvements

We have made various improvements such as minor updates to the user interface, to make working with LaborX smoother and simpler.

Dispute service

Finally, we have launched the first iteration of the Dispute service. It’s now possible to initiate a dispute with another party in the event of a disagreement about the quality or scope of work completed for a contract.

That’s all for now! Please let us know how you get on using LaborX’s new features, plus any other feedback you have about the platform.