LaborX: what’s in our latest release?

LaborX: what’s in our latest release?

This update focuses on improvements to the platform’s user experience, helping guide freelancers and employers through the process of finding and organising work together.

We’ve made a number of changes to LaborX release 1.3.2, aimed at making it easier for users to get set up, browse jobs and sign their first digital work agreement.

First signature bonus

When a freelancer is chosen for a job, they now receive a bonus of $5 in ETH to their account so they can pay the transaction fees to sign the contract. When the freelancer has signed the contract, the employer receives $2.50 in ETH to pay for their signature. (Because the freelancer’s signature is the first time the agreement is recorded to the blockchain, the smart contract contains more information and the cost is higher.)

Both users receive a message in the Notification Center when the contract is signed. The signature bonus is issued once per account, with an initial limit of 30 accounts. This may be raised in the future.

Skills Notification

After authorisation, users will receive a notification that they should add skills to their new profile. This stage can be skipped, but another popup will be displayed if a freelancer applies for a job and has no listed skills.

My Jobs update

The My Jobs section of the platform has been redesigned, with a series of new cards to make it easier to track the progress or status of different jobs.

Video section

We’ve also redesigned the website to include a new section, with an explainer video to show how LaborX works.

Browse Jobs – Skills Page

We have added pages for the list of jobs that require a specific skill. Each page looks like the Browse Jobs page, but jobs are filtered by skills.

Bug fixes

Finally, we have made a series of bug fixes and minor improvements.

Please let us know what you think of the latest update, send your feedback about what features you’d like to see implemented next, and tell us about any bugs you find. Happy freelancing!