Introducing a new chat service and redesigned gig scenario

Introducing a new chat service and redesigned gig scenario

This release reveals a new approach to the Gigs flow, introduces chat functionality, and a series of interface improvements.

Aside from putting together a solid base of job offers and gathering a community of high-skilled talents, the LaborX team has been perfecting our platform’s usability. The goal is to make LaborX as straightforward and convenient as possible.

The new release introduces our highly anticipated chat functionality and an entirely redesigned gig scenario, as well as a series of interface improvements.

New chat service

All gig-related conversations are moving to the full-featured chat window. Now, when a customer reaches out to a freelancer who has posted an ad, their discussion starts directly in the chat room. This feature makes discussions about details much simpler thanks to the file and image transfer functionality, as well as the ability to send links, receive system notifications, and manage deals.

Moreover, we’ve added the deal’s timeline field and equipped the chat with an extended deal management menu that allows you to send and accept offers, pay talents, create offers, etc.

Should you pursue several deals with one user, you would have a separate chat for each of them.

All gig-related conversations moved to the full-featured chat window

Additionally, the chat allows anyone to report users, so we can promptly look into the case and intervene where necessary. If you wish to cancel and delete the conversation, you can do so by simply canceling the gig.

Once the contract is completed and feedback is sent, the chat room moves to the ‘Archived’ tab.

Improvements related to Gig features

We believe that the interface should be concise and straightforward, yet appealing to the eye. That’s why we started redesigning key pages of the platform. With this update, users will be able to enjoy the new version of all the gig-related pages, as well as feedback, reporting, hiring, payment, and other sections.

A new sharp look of the My gigs page

With this in mind, we reworked our gig contract flow to help our users find the best matches. Now, a customer will send an application to the talent when they are interested in booking the gig. The talent then determines the deadline, budget, and cryptocurrency for the deal. Once all of the details of the offer are clear, the customer is free to decline or accept the talent’s offer.

Gig cards became more informative

On top of that, we’ve reworked filters for the gig browsing page and made gig cards more informative & able to search relevant profiles for the next opportunity. Also, we’ve added an option to add comments when starting a dispute, and enabled Google meta tags for jobs and vacancies. Last but not least, LaborX started supporting the Goerli blockchain.


Your feedback is important. Should you have any tips or requests regarding the platform’s usability, reach out to us and we will be sure to look into it. In the meantime, enjoy the new improvements and good luck with finding your next dream job or rare talent. Stay tuned for our next major update on the Jobs section and more.

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