LaborX launches referral contest!

LaborX launches referral contest!

Participants who refer the most new users will receive prizes of TIME tokens.

UPD: The referral contest has now ended. Find the results here.

We want as many people to benefit from using LaborX as possible. So, to celebrate the coming launch of the platform, we’re holding a competition – with a total of 1300 TIME tokens in prizes!

The rules are simple. Users should invite their friends and other new users via their unique referral link. You can use any means you want – social media, email signatures, forum sigs, etc. The more people you invite, the better!

For the top 20 referrers, we’ll award prizes in the form of TIME tokens. A live table with ongoing results will be displayed on the LaborX website in the Referral area.

Please note that any accounts identified as cheating to increase their referral registration figures will be banned from the competition.

The competition will end on 15 MAY 2020, after which the prizes will be distributed to the 20 top referrers:

  • Winner: 300 TIME
  • 2 place: 200 TIME
  • 3 place: 150 TIME
  • 4-5 place: 100 TIME
  • 6-10 place: 50 TIME
  • 11-20 places: 20 TIME

Good luck!