What’s New In LaborX Release 1.9.0?

What’s New In LaborX Release 1.9.0?

The latest update adds support for the TRON blockchain, as well as numerous significant improvements to the user experience.

LaborX’s most recent update, v.1.9.0, includes several significant upgrades and a number of important fixes, giving users more choices and a smoother process for completing work. Here’s what you’ll find in this release.

Key Upgrades

The two biggest changes this time around are support for Tron and the addition of Google Cloud Storage:

TRON blockchain integration

We’ve added support for a fourth blockchain. Users are now able to create contracts and receive payments on TRON, as well as Ethereum mainnet, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain. Like Polygon and BSC, TRON offers significantly lower fees than Ethereum, while having a large, active community and support for popular stablecoins.

The user experience for creating a contract is just the same as for the other blockchains you can select on LaborX, and offers all of the same functionality.

Google Cloud Storage

Users can now save work files in a Google storage area associated with LaborX, making the process of sharing documents for completed tasks seamless and secure, and avoiding the need to use personal accounts or send files off-platform.


Further updates improve the UX in a number of ways, helping make the platform more convenient and secure to use:

New Profile Page

We’ve overhauled the Profile page, giving a clear, at-a-glance overview of all the details users will need when considering working with you.

Notification Page Redesign

Similarly, the Notifications page has received some attention, streamlining the user experience and ensuring that freelancers and employers only receive the updates most useful to them.

2FA Input Update

In addition to other improvements to application security, we’ve simplified the process of providing codes for two-factor authentication, reducing the friction entailed in using this option.

Google Analytics Events

We’ve extended the capabilities of the platform for monitoring Facebook campaigns and providing more useful insights.

Further Fixes

This version includes a set of minor bug fixes, including:

  • Issues with Google PageSpeed Insights
  • Problems with currency selection when a contract is signed
  • Errors in the estimation of gas fees required for withdrawals

We hope our users will appreciate these updates and enjoy the new functionality they offer!

That’s all for this time,

The LaborX team