What’s new with LaborX Release v2.2.0?

What’s new with LaborX Release v2.2.0?

The latest set of updates for LaborX focuses on a site-wide redesign, with key pages being optimised to improve the UX, as well as minor bug fixes. Below you’ll find a rundown of the biggest changes.


The first thing users will notice is that the site as a whole has been overhauled, with all pages being updated with a new layout to give a cleaner, fresher look

The Settings, Freelancer Profile, and Customer Profile pages have received particular attention (you can switch between Freelancer and Customer using the Profile menu). We’ve added several new modals, with Welcome and User Blocked boxes where applicable. Following a user ban, all gigs and jobs are now automatically unpublished to avoid any confusion.

Full-time roles and freelance roles are now part of the same module to streamline the UX, though they can still be searched separately. Additionally, we’ve redesigned the Login and Sign Up pages, and made it more straightforward to reset forgotten passwords.

Further improvements and bug fixes

Alongside these major changes, we’ve made various smaller improvements. Removing unused scripts has made the site leaner and less demanding. Additionally, there is now a $5 minimum for all contracts, preventing customers from uploading scam tasks.

Finally, we’ve addressed some issues that were occurring around analytics, and now allow users to include numbers as well as letters in the freelancer profession description (for example, ‘3D artist’).

That’s all for now! Let us know what you think of the updates, or if you have any further feedback.