What’s New In LaborX Release v.2.2.3?

What’s New In LaborX Release v.2.2.3?

We have another update from LaborX, this time focusing on the wallet page and related functionality. Here’s a brief rundown of the latest changes.

New Features

We’ve given LaborX’s wallet a fairly major overhaul. You’ll see that in particular, the interactions for Depositing and Withdrawing, Swapping tokens, and renaming your wallet have all been redesigned, making everything clearer and easier to use.

Another feature we’re excited about is the ability to set up a new Ethereum node and submit transactions to the network via this rather than via the standard LaborX node. While this won’t be relevant to many users, some will doubtless appreciate the flexibility.

Further improvements and bug fixes

A couple of minor changes we’ve made are adding new checkbox controls to the preferred currency selection, and limiting the maximum number of skills it’s possible to add.

Lastly, we’ve addressed some bugs on the Profile and Profile Settings pages, and fixed some issues with our analytics.

That’s all for this time, but stay tuned for the next batch of updates and news from LaborX!