Introducing ‘Gigs’ - New Feature Added To LaborX!

Introducing ‘Gigs’ - New Feature Added To LaborX!

In response to demand for freelancers advertising specific tasks, LaborX now supports Fiverr-style gigs.

LaborX is a blockchain-based freelance jobs platform with crypto payments that enables freelancers and customers to advertise jobs and skills, organise work together, and formalise their terms in smart contract-powered digital agreements.

Since we launched, we’ve also seen clear demand for more minimalist, off-the-peg services. Where freelancers offer defined, focused pieces of work, with a fixed price, customers can simply apply direct and save both time and effort negotiating details. It’s a highly efficient way of providing services, popularised by traditional platforms like Fiverr.

LaborX now offers exactly this functionality! Freelancers can create a task according to their skills, set the price, and let the customers browse the listings and contact them.

We believe this will be a very welcome addition to LaborX and look forward to seeing our users create adverts and gain new work.

Lightweight digital contracts

Because these gigs don’t require so many details to arrange, we’ve been able to implement an updated, lightweight contract for them. The new contract only requires a signature from the customer. This is particularly welcome at a time when gas prices are at an all-time high, and risk eroding the value of smaller payments.

Fee changes
Additionally, we’ve made some changes to platform fees. LaborX charges 1% from the customer when a contract is signed, and 5% from the freelancer when funds are released.

For Premium Account holders, fees are waived completely: LaborX charges zero commission!

This is a great deal, allowing freelancers to earn more and customers to save money on every single job.

Log into LaborX, advertise your services on the Gigs pages, and let us know what you think of our new feature!